What Industry would you like to see next?

Another idea would be like a CAT plant that produces bulldozers or other large equipment where flat cars could be loaded with out going products.
Yeah. I second that.
And how about crane/trailers that can take trailers and other lengths of container?
well this is just one place they asked. on their FB the majority was the lumber and paper plants
A modern day port or harbor might be cool. There could be a few docks, (one for high/wide loads, one for containers, one for paper/products/whatever, a bulk port,coal, etc.), and a few nearby industries, all linked with street running and trackage in tight urban spaces. It would also be a good place to run South Bay engines.
what about a logging industry empy log cars being loaded at one then being taken to anather were unloaded for woodchips

Late to the game, but in the highly populated area I live in we have to truck our trash to the last landfill in the county, once that is full they're going to send it out to the desert someplace, the most efficient method is rail. The facilities would be a recycling center, including scrap metals, trash to energy, trash transfer and so on. It could include a large crusher/shredder for metal, various cranes and loaders, rotating kilns for drying, etc. Train loads scrap metal to steel mills, other metal recyclers, bundled paper to mills, trash to landfills. etc.

Maybe this is one that would be better to build myself, but would be nice to have various components to model or even imagineer our own industries. Just sayin'
Transfer to silo then to rail, something along the lines of there intermodal industry.