What Industry would you like to see next?

I'm thinking of an oil refinery/chemical plant harbor module. In southeast Texas, we have a major oil refinery / chemical plants over at Texas City, TX. Below here is a general track map of the Oil Refineries and Chemical Plants in Texas City.

EMD loco construction facility!!!! It'd be awesome to have something animated to have cranes assembling SD70s and stuff inside..... Also, NS Juanita would be the greatest thing ever made for Trainz.
Some stockyards would be pretty nice as well as meat packing plants (Chicago was famous for them)

Nice map Metro. :) Glad to see you again here.

I also would like to see more Oil refinery stuff as well.
I think a potash mine and processing plant would be an interesting project.
Below is a picture of the Rocanville facility in Saskatchewan, Canada.


The great things are is that potash plants are in Canada, the United States, Australia and Asia.
They involve fairly substantial rail yards with on sight switchers and hundred car unit trains.


Thanks for asking.
Passenger stuff. It's never been well represented in Trainz, at least from the US. The commuter set that was recently released is great and I would love to see more from fallenvflags, regionals, Amtrak and fictional. Some nice passenger centered routes like Euphod's old RPT would be fun to have moving forward.
A steel mill would DEFINITELY be cool. It actually would be a lot better than an auto plant since a large steel mill can't easily be kitbashed yet.
Steel mill is a great idea. Also coal power plant, logging, ethanol plant. All sound good to me. Really have not read a bad idea yet.
How about a 40s to 60s RR Ice House with automated ice block loading into reefers. Would also need various shippers on the route.

Although not an industry (but packed with action) modern MOW equipment going about ripping up and replacing rail lines etc.