What Industry would you like to see next?

How about the textile industry? Believe it or not, 94-96% of all carpet manufactured in the world is manufactured here in northern Georgia.
As awesome as alot of these suggestions are, I think Im gonna toss in for Steel Industry as well. There are I think about 3? Assets? That even begin to cover a Coking Plant for instance, and they're woefully out of date and were always incomplete. I think a Coking Plant would be a good place to start too because it gives your Diamond River Module a destination, and one that has pretty much never been effectively done in Trainz before (How many Power plants have we seen?).

I thought about some kind of Transload Facility, particularly Ocean (For coal anyway, since we export more coal then Use ourselves now), but I think a series of Coal Driven Industries, leading up to them as a set or something, would be an incredible undertaking.

After that all I could suggest in this line though is to do some research on whatever industry you end up doing (Not saying you don't or haven't, just want to encourage it), and really nail whatever you guys decide to do XD.

Good Luck, and looking forward to whatever ya'll do,

Maybe something that makes pipes too? Or any open load really, as I feel they are the most interesting because you can actually see the cargo.
I'm going to add another vote for steel mill. It is an industry with almost endless possibilities.

I'll go with a scaled down steel mill of the rolling mill variety.

Slabs in, coil cars out.

Give us a reason to run all those gons, flats and coil steel cars.

My vote would be for either the Coal fired power plant (since at least half of the trains around where I live are now coal), and then I'll hop on the Steel bandwagon, lol.

In my opinion, almost anything you guys do would be awesome.

In fact, a MIN can be programed to load and unload any commodity you may have in the asset list. Same for cars with few exceptions. The key here is to be able to see the commodities at the dock, or a pile of coal growing or diminishing as you load/unload. For now I am able to do this with containers, coal, general goods, logs and others. But again we should have industries that show materially what goes out and comes in, just as we see when loaded in cars.
Actually, since coal industry is on the table, something where rolling loading AND a larger upper limit to the total availability of commodity would be nice. I run longer NS bethgon coal trains and it's either, use a MIN requiring stopping every few cars to load while having a large surplus of coal, or a rolling industry where I have to stop about every 6ish cars to let the industry replenish (IE default Auran coal mine). This concept would be welcome on ALL industries that support rolling loads/unloads.
Not quite there. It would have to be able to keep up with 120,000 units per car at a perpetually infinite total of # cars driving 5+mph. A roll through MIN would be perfect as its max caps exceeds the requirement.
It seems steel mills are getting a large popular vote, so I'll throw this in the ring.

Nucor Steel, Seattle Plant. Much of the scrap comes in via barges and is loaded in gondolas and taken to the mill about a half mile away. It is a rather small operation compared to the mammoth mills back east. I have never seen the mill operation on the land side, but I have spotted plenty of scrap barges at the dock and always at night.

The Mill:

The Dock:


Someplace I have some photos of the dock area if there is any interest.
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Ship building. Deliveries of steel for the vessels and coal for power. General cargo. Would be very large.

As much as I would dearly love to see a Seattle Industry come into existence, Nucor's whole game is Scrap metal. If JR Picked Scrap Metal as their next industry, Cool, I'll only encourage it. If they picked Nucor to Model, I'd be over the Moon (Kind of, does make one wonder how I would deal with Payware Assets as being part of a Prototype Based Route later if I ever chose to distribute for any reason. Recreate? Leave a Hole with a Note? Decisions.... #firstworldproblems lol).

After that, I would add that Nucor seems to go through quite alot of Scrap quite quickly. IDK that they're a 24/7 operation (I imagine the furnaces/Smelters, w/e they call em, stay on generally, being fed or not), but they do have 2 Dedicated GE 44 Tonners on site for switching as well as a small fleet of very old battered Gondolas for their exclusive use. Not sure where the scrap barges come from, I would imagine Anywhere between Oregon and Alaska as I Have to assume California at least would have its own ways of dealing with scrap, but /shrug.

That all said, I think most here were thinking along the lines of "What comes after Diamond Mine and all its coal?". To which I think many would make the assumption New Steel Production/Forging from Iron, Coal, and whatever else goes into Modern Steel these days.

Like I said, tons of great suggestions in here.... Only chiming in to clarify some about Nucor. Whatever you guys pick I eagerly await.


The majority of the scrap received dock side comes from Canada, a small amount from other places, i.e. Alaska and I assume when these sources dry up we have taken barge loads of scrap from Schnitzer Steel (the old General Metals and not sure of the spelling of Schnitzer) in Tacoma to Seattle. This was as of the end of 2013 when I retired.

How about the Rainier Pulp and Paper (Rayonier) Company in the Northwest? 1940-1960 era. A complete industry with their steam locomotives.
I agree with the Steel Mill option. All the routes I have seen are using the same DLS steel mill assets, since these type of assets are very limited. A modern mill with some visible loading animations of produced products would be fantastic. I also like to see the static assets that are also a commodity, whatever industry is chosen. The second choice would be a modern Oil Refinery.

Edit: I also would like to a modern Amtrak passenger route, Amtrak stations, yards, cars for commuters and long distance, sleeper cars, diner cars. Seems to be a lot of Amtrak loco's around, but passenger cars are very limited.

Above all, I would love to see a new load/unload Industry track that is easier to use, more user friendly and more user controlled. Currently, it will list every dang commodity in existence. It would be nice to click a box for only the commodities you want to see listed for the subject industry. Also, it would be really nice to easily be able to click on the Industry track after building around it to make commodity changes, without having to move surrounding assets away to access the Industry track.
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What about unit grain trains to a river side elevator that would allow for the loading of grain barges?