Trainz Plus and TRS22 "SP1" Update


Trainz Plus - enjoy Trainz from just 20 cents a da
We're happy to announce the next update for Trainz is now available for all TRS22 and Trainz Plus users.

To update, ensure you choose Trainz Plus stream or TRS22 stream based upon the version you're patching. (i.e. if the launcher says TRS22, use TRS22 stream).

This update includes new compression for content making downloads twice as quick (since files are now half the size), and new content management tools with the new Content Package palette in S20.

With the new support for adding more packages to MPS routes, we've also added the five "built-in" routes as dependencies for the MPS route KSC2 - Full Edition 1.

This means both TRS22 and TP users can now access over 12,000 items in that route (and Trainz Plus users can create their own custom content packages too).

If you haven't seen the progress on KSC2, there have been a couple of hundred new baseboards added, so jump online and check it out.

The full details of what is included in the update can be found here.

Thanks once again to all our testers who helped us identify any issues during the beta. Given the variety of content available in Trainz your help is much appreciated!
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Installed with no problems! running fine. Will do some more testing, but looks to run fine. Audio is better as well.
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Installed with a lot of issues.

There are 8 items with built-in, missing dependencies, when I check for the missing dependencies in content manager they all end up with the status as built-in,
no fault no unknown asset!

<kuid2:661281:67532:1> TRS22 - Additional Content Package
<kuid2:661281:67534:1> TRS22 - Additional Content Package 2
<kuid:661281:67536> TRS22 - MPS Package

These are the main faulty, the 5 other starts as missing dependencies of the former, and end up as faultfree status as build-in
Seems better in overall performance and smoothness but still jerky on the Milwakee Road - Avery/Drexel. And still no 4K support.
(Mac OS Monterey 12.6)
No luck here. Tried twice and failed twice.

And for those of you with slow internet: this is a 9.7G file to download!
Installed both to Trainz Plus and a brand new install of TRS22 build 117655 which patched to 119451 without a problem. The default environment settings on KCS 2 are hosed but can be fixed by resetting them. Looks like a Hollywood Orange and Teal LUT.
The DBR took its time doing its thing, so I let it run overnight. This morning I had 88 faulty assets, but they weren't. When I viewed errors and warnings they disappeared, and my install is clean again. I'm now installing the updated Industrial Switching and TRS19 - Shortline Railroad.

Once everything is installed, I will do some driving and building but right now it's all Content Manager stuff until then.
It took four updates to go from 1189660 to 119450, about 80 MB in total. Smooth updates, no glitches. The DB repair at the end took about 10 minutes. Took one of my test routes with dozens of locos and hundreds of train-cars for a spin and the existing session continued from the last time with no problems.
Looking good!
I am at version 117669 on Trainz plus but I have checked and no updates are available ? Can anyone tell me what I should have or be on ? Thanks.
Thanks Malc,
Does that mean I lose all content I have in the current ts22 ? or can I just point the Trainz setting install to the current (pre update version) after the updates? Its getting very confusing now for me as I am getting old !
That doesn't work Dan I have tried that before even coming on here. my patch stream was set for Trainz plus and checked for the updates.
In the launcher Change the patch stream to Trainz Plus

Should just update your 117669 to 119450 currently its working on Trainz Plus Beta and Trainz Plus Streams just done one Plus install and one Plus Beta install here without any problem, other the the Plus install needing the 9gb download, Beta didn't as nearly up to date anyway. So both Plus and Plus Beta are on 119450.