The great future of Zeldaboy14 Production Works (ZPW)


Owner of ZPW.
Now, just to clarify, even though ZPW was a division of RCW, does not mean that if the RCW goes (like in this case), ZPW goes. Zeldaboy14 Production Works is still open, and for those who think dragonharh's content is gone, well rethink that because he's given me exclusive permission to host all of his models on my site.

EDIT: Forgot to add, if anyone plans to use my content in T:ANE, please note that right now, if content is faulty it is not truly my fault (unless of the dreaded screenshots thing) and I do not know how well my content (especially content on the old, reliable content page) holds up in T:ANE until I (possibly) get the final release in Febuary.
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