I've been getting a lot of AI failures in TANE SP4 lately.


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Various commands not executing and/or commands not clearing the schedule ribbon thus causing the schedule to stop working. Could I have too many Drivers running at once during a session?

Troublesome commands include:

1. Wait For Trigger (by a certain train)
2. Instant Unload
3. Instant Load

Also failures to Drive To/Via certain trackmarks and failures to throw levers to correct settings while navigating.

Is there a limit to the number of active drivers in a session for RELIABLE operation of the AI feature? I have exactly 40 drivers with active schedules in the troublesome session right now. The route is rediculously small with only 330 boards on the map. I'm thinking about a fresh install of TANE again, only about three weeks since last reinstall, since that has always fixed AI for me in the past. AI seems to break down over time with increasing edits in Surveyor.

Will switching to 2019 or 2022 ensure a much more stable session under AI control with a myriad of drivers at the same time? Has AI improved overall with 2019 and later?

Follow-up this morning. Maybe having 40 active schedules isn't the issue. I did some experimenting. The Wait for Trigger command was not working for one particular engine (NYC Hudson) to trigger it. It does work for another engine (N&W Y6B) to trigger it. So, now only one excursion train pulled by the Y6B gets helper service from the local railroad to go up into higher ground. The other excursion train, the Hudson, now has to supply its own helper engines because "the Motorola radio in the cab evidentally is broken and the conductor can't call up the helper from its pocket". I had a simliar problem with the PostMessage command back in 2012. Only one excursion train could use it to call up the helper but for any other excursion trains following, this command would break down. You see, to get helper service, there has to be a line of communication between two drivers or two trains on schedules.

I have a flatbed truck that has to back into Lowe's to drop off a lumber load. I had to reset the russian lever to another default position so Bjorn doesn't drive past it while backing up. The lever is required for him to back into the receiving dock after he pulls up past this junction after coming into the parking lot from off the steet in front of the store. Before, Bjorn was not touching this lever and just backing up right back on to the street from where he came in. He will have to move the lever when he drives forward to pull up. He can work the lever forward but not backward. The lever just goes back to its new default setting after he drives his truck to the pullup point. Thanks to invisible track for guidance, my Trainz trailer truck drivers back up perfectly to the dock the first try. No multiple pullups needed to get it right. To mitigate failures to load or unload cars (or even one of my drivable semitrailers), I have had to change out car/trailer content altogther. My German logging trailer was failing to load logs at Holt Logging Camp in the woods but an MFM flatbed trailer now works fine.

Trainz needs workarounds at times.
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