The DLC-system lets me fall into despair

While the update path from an original asset (e.g. <kuid:1234:56789>) via the Update method in CM is through the kuid2 system (e.g. to <kuid2:1234:56789:1>) there is no such automatic update (and overwrite) path to any future kuid3 system. This would have to be a manual process either by the asset creator or N3V. So the original kuid: or kuid2: assets would not be obsoleted.

My theories anyway.

If this is true then stagecoach's method is the abvious method to adopt it has all of the benefits of keeping payware separate from normal DLS items. In fact this is a perfect solution and I'm suprised that something this simple has not been adopted other than N3V preferring a lazy option.

I guess its (too) late for such a change but packaged items could just have another kind of identifier like <pkuid: or so.
Now there is so much confusion about it, now with MPS packages, some content will be installed multiple times with multiple versions.

So either DLS-items are allways and on time maintained if updated for DLCs or they must be handled completely different to DLS assets also by CM.

Sometimes i wish that asset versions are simply not referenced - on the other hand this could cause errors in MPS or MP-Driver...
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It is never too late to change a system if its flawed or can be improved
Auran did that in 2004 introducing kuid2, why?
They somehow forgot that if someone uploads something to the DLS he/she cannot change/repair it and reupload
I never understood why the standard kuid:, could not simply have :X (version) added

Currently when you download an item it could easy be on your PC 3 times
-check the directory "local/cache/internet/ here you will find .CDP with random names
these are assets you selected in CM and downloaded from the DLS (these can be deleted if you want)
-The data gets added in one of the 256 ? local/local/Hash-00 till Hash-FF (in tzarc format)
-then they get cached, probably in huge files like assets.tdx and asset-cache.tdx

When you open a route/session, it gets copied/opened to the local/editing dir
with an extra dir to temp. store the edits you made

Then it is also stored in the local/backups/todays date
If you edit 1 asset a lot this can easy grow (every edit generates a new backup)

The new Packs used for Payware DLC are a bit like the old .JA files we had in the past
probably a bit more efficient cause all config's are cached in config.chump
and for me unclear manifest.chump (maybe another form of caching)
extra inefficiency is introduced if some items are packed in many DLC's (hard to avoid)
or when you get forced to install a complete DLC just to get a few kuids.

Trainz efficient NO, still fun YES !
Currently when you download an item it could easy be on your PC 3 times

Trainz efficient NO, still fun YES !

Like many things digital (and in real life) it is always a trade-off between efficiency and convenience. The multiple copies (and will 3 copies ever really be enough?) means that the originals can be restored (reverted) after we (the users) have been "poking around" in the data files, perhaps where we should not have been "poking around".
As someone that's digging into session creation to share with everyone, I have something to say.

I have Trainz+, so anything I'd build will be restricted to a likely small part of the community, but I could download T:ANE or TRS19 or TRS22 and start from there. All is good.
Other than jumping from CM and Surveyor windows, how can you make sure the content you're using is DLS only or else?
That's a big stopping moment for me.
Right now, other than very old stuff, every single route I've donwloaded required one DLC or 12.

All the filters and replace content commands in this world won't change the fact that the average user just wants to download something and play, and maybe doesn't even have the knowledge to understand the difference between DLC and DLS.
For example, even being a TRS+ user I must go to the Content Store and download the required payware routes by hand, as the CM won't do that for me if a DLS route requires a payware package, and unless the creator gives hints in the description you won't even know what DLC you need too.
So you're stuck to download E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G from the store, or you're SOL.

The simplest solution is: everyone on TRS+, download everything Store related, and who cares about the poor souls who still use TRS12 or even T:ANE.....
That's what I see coming from N3V, I'm not buying the "users complaining about slow speed" trick; I use other simulators and there is a big site that caps downloads to non-paying members at 50 kb/s.....FIFTY KILOBITS/SECOND!!!!!! And very few complain, if at all.

I can understand this stance from N3V, people need to eat someway, but that's creating a lot of gripes for many others.
At this point, I would just remove all the versioning and mantain the TRS+ stream only at a slightly lower price, and everyone willing to play Trainz will need to pay the subscription fee and forget about buying a new version every X years.
Everyone will be able to use everything, MP will always work (unless locally modified stuff...but that's on the user and local versions can be disabled in MP if N3V wants) and creators won't have all these headaches.

After all, we have a lot of perks: old stuff works, 600.000 assets to use on DLS only, interactive industries, very easy to use build tools etc, comparing this to other simulators is a lost battle for them sometimes.
As it is now, it's just a mess for everyone, either simple users or advanced creators.

Yes, pay-for-play isn't really ethical, but when it's coupled with a great offer there's nothing against it; N3V just needs to market that offer the right way.

Just my 0,02 euros :)

Hi Luca,

I suspect that MPS will ultimately lead to something similar to what you are describing. A totally online version of Trainz available for a monthly fee. All DLC included and the repaired items from the DLS available. That seems to be the direction that software publishing is heading. Nothing to install, just log in and have at it.

Hi William.

After having witnessed the downfall of online services like Stadia et al, I'm not so sure that's the right direction to take.
Oh well, if the global internet infrastructure and server backend develop tenfold, then maybe....juuuuuuust maybe....
End OT :)