Current Issues with TRS22 [solved]


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Hi all,

As I am well aware that TRS22 will finally launch sometime this week, I've just wanted to share some issues that I have been currently having with the game that I hope are resolved either in the final release or future SP updates. So, without further ado...

Deleted Assets
When I updated from the Beta to Early Access (my current build is 116493), every single piece of DLC that I owned and installed (which was everything I own) had some of its dependencies deleted somehow. The version of KSCII that came with the game and the Content Sample Route also got deleted, though the assets that they used did not get deleted. I still have no idea how these assets got deleted, and I tried to delete and reinstall the SnC package just to see if it works, but it did not work. I have no idea how, with an update, the DLC packages lost access to some assets, but there ya go.

Faulty Assets
Alongside the update, a lot of assets that I already had installed became faulty. I understand that, with TRS22 updates, some assets may become faulty - it makes more sense than assets being deleted - but some of the assets do not appear as faulty in CM. They will show up as being perfectly fine, and they don't show and errors o rwarning when I check them. However, when I try to preview the asset in CM, or use them in Surveyor, they do not work at all. I'm not sure if it's something wrong with the directory or anything, but I cannot use these assets at all. Plus, assets that did not give me any errors in the Beta gave me a huge list of errors with the update, which caused me to delete everything but the DLC packages.

I truly hope that both of these things get fixed in the Final Release of TRS22. I do currently own TRS19 Platinum as well, but I'm not sure if I should try to download it, what with the "horror stories" that I've heard from some people with SP4 and SP5. I might reinstall old reliable, TANE, but I'm not sure if it woudl run well, as I currently own an M1 Mac, so... Rosetta.

The issues I had with the Beta were fixed with the Early Access, but then much bigger issues showed up. Again, I truly hope that N3V has already fixed these errors with the Final Release, or can fix these by the SP1/SP2 patch of TRS22 (if it does come out). Other than these issues, the game is incredible - it runs great, it looks great, and the included routes are incredible.

Even with these issues, I am still very much looking forward to the official release of TRS22! Take care, everyone.
With TRS22 beta and RC, you need to repoint your application to the original database. You do this by going into Trainz Settings on the Launcher. You then click on the Install tab and then the ... in the right corner of the line. You can then browse and select the folder where your content is located.

Once this folder is selected, you will need to restart. If all goes well, your user information and all your content will be there and a DBR will run to build the assets.tdx file.
I already have the database selected by TRS22 as the one that was originally installed by the disk file. Everything is working fine, but some dependencies that were already installed from these DLC packages randomly got deleted, and as some of these assets are unavailable on the DLS, they cannot be fixed. I'm trying to update Trainz to the RC to see if this fixes the issue, but I can't update at all. I'm getting an error message that reads:

Patch not viable.

Checksum mismatch on: /Applications/Trainz Railroad Simulator (expected c86ebce0bac60938552961c36438ccc2, found 879243ae710abda967b80bffe1e25ce4)
Can you try reinstalling the game? Sometimes that helps out with fixing these interesting issues.

I've recently had where my game decided to play 'I'm not going to detect your GPU' in the evening yet it worked perfectly in the morning of the same day. I've uninstalled the game and reinstalled the same development version I've backed up and now it works as expected. Trainz can act really stupid sometimes that requires some interesting fixes:D

I deleted and reinstalled the game, which didn't take long as I have the disk on my system. Patched from the Beta to the Early Access through the TRS22 Stream, then tried to patch to the RC via the Beta Stream... and it somehow gave me another error, this time finding a completely different files. I guess I'm gonna have to constantly delete and reinstall the app until it finds the right file. I can already tell this is gonna be hell...

EDIT: ...nope. Tried multiple times, and it has not worked once. Should I just wait for the official release and then install the disk from the Trainz Portal, or continue trying?
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In that case it might be worth waiting until the full release when the installers at the My Trainz account are updated with the first release version.

Hey SRKing783,

Installers on the My Trainz accounts have been updated to the current RC version so if you are up to it you can try reinstalling the game again and see if it fixes everything (117654 for Mac).
Hopefully this will be the last time you have to do it :)


Just saw your message, and I'm currently installing the retail disk image. I haven't deleted my database yet, so I won't have to install any of my DLC hopefully. I am really excited that TRS22 finally got released. Thank you for your help!
Its good. Hope everything went smooth this time unlike the other times during the beta ;)
Me too! Its nice to see that TRS22 finally got released and isn't in a beta anymore. I was going to say soon N3V should just rename it to TRS23 since it'll be getting closer to 2023 before it exit the beta :hehe:

I got the retail version of TRS22 to work just fine, and thankfully, the two issues I created this thread for got resolved. It's good to see an official release of the game, even though it didn't release early enough to still be counted in the 20th anniversary of the series. I still enjoy TRS22, and am excited for the many, many hours I will enjoy with it!
Awesome! Glad to hear the problems have been resolved! :D
I've been working on a route since TRS22 came into beta (they been that stable) which should be released sometime next year hopefully (provided we're still around that is). I've been sticking to an old build at 116492 lol
Hope you have fun!