Problem With Some Class 101's :-(


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Hi everyone. I downloaded PikkaBird's Blue Grey Class 101's but i cant use the DMBS or the DMCL units? I have two items missing that they need in order to run.

They are: Unknown Location: <kuid:2512:50011> & Unknown Location: <kuid:2512:51101>

If any one knows anything about these units and how i can fix them let me know because i would love to use them to run on a new branch line im working on :)

Cheers, djelzy.
hi djelzy

all you have to do is copy and paste the kuid numbers in your post in auran download station text search, then tick were it says kuid then click search hopfully you will find the missing assets.

happy christmas

trackplate i have just tried searching the dls for them both and i cannot find them on there. i had already tried this when i first found them missing. i made this thread because i thought they might have been removed from the dls or something?
djelzy send me your e-mail address through my e-mail and i'l send you
the missing assets for your 101s

They are on the DLS.

I just copied and pasted the kuids from your first post and they both showed up.

It also tells you there are updates to them.
colin55 when i am searching for kuid's on the dls what format should i put them in? when i tried just typing them in like this "2512:51101" for example it never comes up? i thought that was how you put them in to search for them though?
Yes, that's right. You did click on the button for kuid, not title or usename and tick the Trainz version boxes?
Youll be pleased to know guys that i have now fixed this issue with the help of my trusty buddy Lost_Soul. i was in the irc chat room and told him the trouble i was having and he helped me fix it instantly :) thanks for the help guys :)