A problem with Interlocking Towers and Track circuits


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Hi all,
I am having problems with a passing loop on my route

I am using mission codes and Interlocking Towers to control trains, but seem to have a problem, below is a diagram of Goonbarrow junction loop on the Newquay Branch.

I have 4 paths in total to control passengers trains, 2 at the North end and 2 at the South end.

The paths are as follows:

PAR to NQY South - From G25 to G12 (Back of).
PAR to NQY North - From G24 to G1 (Back of)
NQY to PAR North - From G1 to Invisible signal.
NQY to PAR South - From G2 to G25.

So In real life when two trains are the branch the 1st train is normally the Newquay bound one so runs in from Par and stops at signal G24, just before the signal box. The 2nd train then runs down the line from Par passing signal G1, and my invisible signal to stop opposite the signal box where drivers exchange tokens for each single line section, The Par bound train then carries on it's journey down the loop clearing the North crossover so that the Newquay one can then carry on, use the crossover and head towards Newquay.

However my problem is the Newquay bound one activates the South path fine and runs into the loop, however it then activates the 2nd trigger setting the North path, however I need this be set once the Par bound train has cleared the single section and moved down the loop. I have tried to set up Circuit blocks, the positions shown in yellow on my map however they are greyed out in my tower, and on the demo route, I notice there are white ones, I presume it's not working due to them being grey, how can I fix this?

This is my first time using Track circuits so don't know much about setting them up correctly.

My map also has two sets of path triggers (green) to activate the North and South ends.

Any help would be great.

The circuit brake also needs the circuit block between them, the cross and tee. If you set up the T before the junctions you will stop a second train from entering the loop. You don't need them in this situation. Start your paths much further along the single track, place a C+Note (trackside objects) and give it a different name or code on both sides of the approaching track. In the tower path select exclusive sets and enter the name of the north note into both north paths, likewise the south. Once a train enters the path it stops others from using it.
I seem to have sorted it now, just needed an extra invisible signal at the end of each path going onto the single sections.
Well it seems I spoke too soon, It worked until I added the South invisible signal and now no paths get activated.

Fixed it by restarting the game.
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