Its been Awhile


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I started with Trains 2006, 2009, 2012, and then TANE.
I built a pc just for TANE, 8 cores, great video card 128 gb, so much memory, ssd. God I loved that pc.
to say it ran OK for Tane was passable.

I love this platform of creating lvls, that you could then drive in.

My issues were always with the dependancies and database.
having to save a backup ALL the time, because then windows would screw up
and you would then need reload your lvl, and guess what
those depenancies are now unknown only by a kuid number.

You cant just delete them from your lvl, so if you didnt find them your left with a fault.
sad face.

I tried even saving the cpd's.

Anyways, Windows and pc's have progressed where my old pc was put out to pasture.
I stopped playing and creating over a year and a half ago.

I got an e-mail about the new Trains+, so checked into it.

I gota say KUDO's to NV3, looks great.

I even installed TANE on my low grade win 11 machine, and it runs better than my old pc.

I installed my virtual trainset, lotsa missing UNKNOWN kuids, lol.

Today they e-mailed me a welcome back discount for T22 platinum. Its a great deal and a TY to NV3

BUT, are the saving of database cpd's dependencies, all the above any better than TANE was.
Seeing how I would need start from scratch Again, Is it worth listening to my wife saying, your on that again.

or I can just play another senario on Nintendo Switch, which I cant beat.

If I did go to Trains+, will the HD terrain even be able to run on this pc.
NV3 hasnt updated what performace specs a pc should have to this new game,

Can I justify a $1300 expense on a maybe?

Ya got me again.

could not resist a $35 game, so downloaded and installed it.

Runs great on a low end machine, Driver is awesome, and I m back designing a new route. :)