Cumberland and Eastern Railway and Transportation Company

Yard transfer is seen in 2010 here with the last SD35 on the C&E roster. number 6008 was bought from Conrail in 1986 and was used out of Rutherford, PA until the early 2000s when it would spend its life running yard transfers between Chambersburg and Greencastle until 2012 when it was in a small wreck on a short bridge. due to the way it hit, the carbody was destroyed, even though the train was only going 33 MPH. The unit was scrapped after salvaged for parts and a few things were saved for museums.
We've come a long way over the past 8 months. i cant believe its been that long since the initial idea for the C&E started. Here is the newest addition to the Cumberland and Eastern system. A once branch line revitalized in the 90s to get to the midsouth US.
Here we see A103 steadily coming up the 1.75 percent grade over Pile Pike Viaduct

Later train DH993 heads over Lego Creek, named after *the man who fell into the river* while taking a picture of a train