Driver Alan or kuid2:75805:70011:2

The moment Auran/N3v takes a freeware driver from the DLS and adds it to Built-in in ANY released version of the game
then the driver becomes what I call Official.

Here you see my driver list of TRS19 build 100240
both Alan and Nicolaas are clearly built-in and not on the DLS.
<kuid2:9000:38001:2> is another problem one.
Included in "Packaged" routes:

Centrella Sub Division - TRS19
Cornish Mainline and Branches - TRS19
ECML Kings Cross - Edinburgh
Rostov uzel 2018

This one isn't faulty in TRS22, but doesn't display correctly (white line showing). Replaced by another one.
I'm considering the 60 drivers in TANE which has Auran as the author to be official.

For some reason, N3V decided to not include some assets that were part of TANE in TRS19. Some of these assets are available on the content store in the package called Additional TANE Assets for TRS19. It doesn't include Alan though.
Just to verify what I suggested earlier, I installed Kickerstarter County into TRS22 PE and Alan did come along.
Apparently one solution is to create a new version or clone the session then change the driver to one that is available.

Cheerio John
This driver character was originally part of the Railwaves "Train Driver" WSR addon for TRS2004/2006.

How he ended up (without permission) in T:ANE and a JR pack is anyone's guess :)
I noticed that I had Alan and was wondering where I got him from (as I've never had Coal County thingymebob). But I did have WSR way back in TC3 days. So he must have come with me through each of the succeeding iterations of the game. He's almost like an old friend! ☺️