BART Screenshots

You do know the MacArthur station is above ground, right? No criticism intended. Maybe I got the earlier post wrong. Just trying to be helpful as a local resident. :)


Thank you! I was upgrading to Win10, so I haven't been on here as much. The C-line has been built to Lafayette station--the terrain has been fun but challenging to work with. My contact has confirmed that BART is going back to the dual/tri aspect signals but with LED lights, as the unilens signals were causing much more trouble than they were worth. Right now, only the C-line is equipped with them at certain interlockings, while the rest of the system is still in unilens. I might be correct in assuming that the subway portions of the SFO extension will be getting these new signals. BART is known for being one of the few systems that doesn't have signals at every switch, so it'll be interesting to see if this overhaul includes finally signaling the entire system properly. I will have updated pictures once I reach Concord!

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Yo A

Nice to see you still on the job. :) I guess you've heard BART is buying a bunch of new wagons. Apparently, there was also power spiking recently on the East Bay lines.


BART project is now 75% completed with only two half-lines left (the rest of the A/S line to Fremont and Warm Springs, and the L to Dublin/Pleasanton), and the Hayward Yard. I'm really excited that a project started five years ago, and then picked back up last year is almost finished--track wise. I didn't want to release a beta with only partial lines. Once this is complete, the list of five beta testers will have free reign over the entire system!

Here are shots from the C-line (including the under construction BART-to-eBART station and tracks), and some of the A and L lines.


Progress Map

Orinda Station

C-line tracks in the median of CA-24

Oakland Coliseum station with passageway to the OAK AirTrain

North Concord/Martinez shots:

Castro Valley

New BART to eBART transfer platform, currently under construction

A55/57 Interlocking south of Bay Fair where the Dublin trains diverge from the Fremont line.

Your work on BART is amazing! I grew up in the east bay and know all these places well. Was wondering if you have or are planning to build the El Curtola Bridge near Walnut Creek. It was a favorite of mine as a kid. BART passes beneath the up side down V just as it goes into the tunnel towards Walnut Creek. Love seeing your progress.

I probably won't model the bridge itself, since the YARNish and Treadway packages have bridges I could use. However, I would be able to model the upside-down-V support and throw that in there. I have all of Hwy 24 from Orinda to the I-680 interchange built. Google Earth & Street View are going to help me model that interchange, since the C-line parallels the 680 until about Pleasant Hill. Getting the highways down is going to be a challenge since the C & L lines run in the median, so that means tons of scenery to keep it realistic. I'm glad that you're liking the progress. If you'd like, I can add you to the list of beta testers; I need a few from the Bay Area who have ridden (or currently ride) BART to help with things Google Earth can't (subway portions). I don't live in the Bay anymore and don't have the resources to travel there on a holiday to ride BART for a week (though I'd love to!).

Oh, and here is another shot of the Pittsburg eBART transfer platform, and a diagram my friend sent over of the new layout. Google Earth is a few months behind, but they do have the tracks going all the way to MP 29.2 with a wide area for the eBART trains to parallel. It'll be a wide-gauge/standard crossover platform, and when the BART line's 2nd layup track ends, the eBART side will expand from one to two tracks. I can't name him for confidentiality purposes, but big props to my BART contact for all the help he's given! He's a fellow Trainzer as well!

Bay Point station

C-85 interlocking past Bay Point

New eBART transfer platform; eBART will be on the right, using DMUs and standard-gauge track. The decision was made to go with standard & DMUs because it'd cost less to construct than using conventional BART. Future extensions into Antioch/Brentwood/Tracy will use this, as well as talks to extend BART into Livermore and further east (tentatively dubbed "L-BART"). However, the extension past Warm Springs into Downtown San Jose, and Santa Clara will be conventional BART

And (shhh!) official maps from my contact showing the S-line extension, opening in the Fall, and the eBART alignment past Bay Point (no official track maps of eBART yet)


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Very nice progress with the route. Though I can help you with the station structure if you like.

PS. If you get the chance acelejade, contact me on Skype whenever possible.
Awesome work on your BART project Acelejalde. This route is looking great. I like how you have the progress map showing the lines in the BART route and lines to be constructed along with a track and signal map. Can't wait to see more screenshots.
Oh.....I think we do.

For those of you knowing, As I am a contributor of this project, I am officially in the works for a BART C and B cars for the route.





Though BEFORE you ask like "Where are the doors? Where are the lights? Where is all the decal in the interior?" This is WIP. I need to make sure some critical parts work inside and outside of Trainz FIRST before I add anything (like animated doors, lights, and additional settings using AJS Superscript). I think at this time, I'll also keep on the update on the progress on the B & C cars. I may be just a DeviantART user nowadays, but it doesn't mean as a novice Trainz User & Content Creator for 10+ consecutive years, i couldn't stop making THESE cars. I think from a distance, it looks so perfect (almost as far as progress goes). Oh and about the platforms (as the trains 'eat in'), acelejade will do the workaround, and I'll see what I can do (just so you know).
Hayward Yard

We are almost to the (current) end of the line @ Fremont! :D

North leads via A75

Center of the yard, known as the throat

Yard Tower and Employee buildings

4-car train sitting on Relay Track 92

Employee loading platform, and Transfer Tracks 3-8

Southern end of TF 03-08, heading south towards Fremont

Southern end of the yard, entrance/exit via A77

Overhead of what's done so far (only storage tracks 10-18 completed). Shop tracks, other storage tracks, pit/inspection tracks and turntable to come soon!

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Entire system finished!

I am pleased to announce that the entire BART system has been completed! All 46 stations and 4 yards have been laid out and are fully functional. Right now the next phase of development includes full runs, both directions, on all lines to test the tracks, signs, signals and stations. I will be customizing the stations and laying scenery on the outdoor portions that run in the median of the freeways. Thank you to EVERYONE for their continued patience and support.

Right now, I'd like to announce that there are FIVE open slots for non-developers to be BETA testers for the V0.1 of the route. You need to have some knowledge of the BART system, preferably living in the Bay Area. If you're not in the Bay Area, the only exemption you'll get is if you have studied the system from afar and know it in and out. I don't have a release date yet, but it will be before the end of the summer. Right now, I am working on the eBART extension, as well as laying the tracks, signs, stations and signals to San Jose.

Please enjoy this video of some action @ Warm Springs, subscribe to my channel for updates, sign up @ BDC Projects, and find us on the United Transportation Modeling & Simulation FB page, and the BDC FB page (We're undergoing a rebranding, and will be known as "The Framework" from here on out).

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P.S. I am looking for scripters to join the development team--there is a possibility you will be monetarily compensated for your time and efforts. There are some interesting projects/scenarios I'd like to incorporate into the BART project, but I do not have a scripter at this time. Also, anyone who can get pictures and videos of the various stations to help with the modeling process are greatly appreciated. If you know anything about freight and UP in the Bay Area, hit me up as well! This is not a one-man project, and every person who helps will be mentioned, given credit, and you'll be glad that you helped on this project!

Cheers guys! :D
Very nice, is this to include the latest extention past the Great Mall?

Yes, San Jose Phase I will be included. My contact has provided a wealth of information on the SJ extension, and I got track maps for the extension way back in November, believe it or not. Google Earth has FINALLY updated their imagery, so the entire line for Phase I is showing up, as well as the eBART to Antioch (which will also be included). I haven't decided what DMUs to use for that portion yet. I have the VTA's plans for Phase II, and it does have track maps, but until I know more about that, it'll remain left out of the final project. Realistically, since scenery could take until January to produce and fine tune, a first version beta won't be released until sometime next Spring, maybe summer. By that time both eBART and San Jose will be open, so it's better to keep everything up to date for the future, rather than leave it out and add it in later.

By the way, if anyone lives in the Bay Area near the UP freight lines along the A/S-lines (Fruitvale to Warm Springs), and could help out with that, it'd be greatly appreciated. I know that Freight > Mass Transit for 98% of Trainzers who post on these forums, so I know the knowledge and expertise is out there! :D

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Is the Fruitvale to Warm Springs the part where I have seen the tracks do 90 degree and perpendicular to the freeway?
Is the Fruitvale to Warm Springs the part where I have seen the tracks do 90 degree and perpendicular to the freeway?

Do you mean parallel to the freeway, in the median? Fruitvale to Warm Springs runs along an old Union-Pacific ROW, which I think is somewhat still in active service. It's elevated for the entire portion except for the Bay Fair interlocking, where the line to Dublin/Pleasanton splits, and the area around the Hayward Yard.

I think you're referring to the Oakland Wye--the center of the system. Coming from San Francisco, BART runs parallel to I-980 for a bit after West Oakland, and then in the tunnels there is a sharp turn to get underneath Broadway. When it comes back above ground after 22nd St/Broadway, the line does run in the median of CA-24 until Walnut Creek; then again from North Concord to Pittsburg/Bay Point it runs in the median of CA-4. (This doesn't account for the branch to Richmond, which also runs along an old UP ROW).

Any questions, feel free to ask! Oh, and enjoy the new video below :D