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Finally breaking ground on my BART content pack!

Below are two variations of track used in the Subway portions of the BART system:

With 3rd rail:

Without 3rd rail:

And for anyone wondering why they're so wide--BART uses a 5 foot 6 inch track gauge unlike the standard 4 feet 8 1/2 inches. This is due to the earthquake-sensitive nature of the Bay Area (and all of California for that matter), and the decision was made to widen the gauge to help the trains withstand the force of earthquakes and to more evenly distribute the train's weight in that occurrence. It seems to have worked, as BART survived the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake!

Enjoy! :p
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Thank you for the track it looks nice. Just wondering though, do we have any trains that are set to that gauge?
BART C-car & Mileposts

Here is the WIP of the BART C-car:


BART has three different types of cars, A, B & C. The B-cars are the same as the C-cars except they have no train operator cab and can't be used for the ends of trains. The A cars have a slant-nose end similar to the NYCTA R-40 but more angled, and are only used for the ends of cars. Of course, the C-cars are suited to both purposes; they can be used as lead or trailing cars as well as middle cars. A 10-car BART train might look like: C-B-B-B-C-C-B-B-B-C, and after rush hours, the benefit of C-cars is that the 10-car train can be broken into two 5-car trains and have one in service and the other taken back to the yard.

And, thanks to Retro0064 here on the forums and his awesome scripting abilities, I have a BART Milepost sign (mesh by me, script by Retro00064), that is re-nameable in all fields for use on my route!


The first sign (farthest away) is capable of showing three numbers/letters in each field. It just makes the font smaller. The middle sign is also capable of displaying three characters, but it's wider so the font isn't affected. The third sign, closest to us, is only capable of two characters in each line.

Hope you all enjoy, and MAJOR thanks to Retro0064 again for helping with this project!

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More BART screenies---a test layout of the A55 Interlocking south of Bay Fair station, using mcq's tracks and a 10-car R62 set. Mainly, just to showcase the signs and signals I'm working on.

Not only have I been updating NYC subway stations and objects, but I've been making some headway on my BART stuff as well. Below are several pictures of the signs, signals, and tunnels/tracks.

Signs & Signals first--

Normal BART unilens signal

Interlocking Gate Sign- A 57 M (A 57 Gate Mike)

Station Approach Sign (A 50 is 1,000 feet ahead)

Gate Warning Sign (Gate is one full train length ahead (700 feet))

Clear Switch Sign, same as above, but opposite. At this point a full 10-car train has cleared the switch.

Milepost with interface triangle sign

The following signals are (to my knowledge) only found at M87, M93 and M97 interlockings from Daly City to the Daly City Yard

Dual Signal

Tri Signal

Quad Signal

More below!

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Tunnels & Tracks

I decided to do an update of the tracks--with BStyles' help with textures and helping manipulate some photos for me. You can really tell my progress from the first set I published a month or so ago:

These are the old-style subway tracks used on the original 1970s system (Fremont-Richmond, Rockridge-Concord, and MacArthur to Daly City)

And these are the new-style subway tracks, direct-fixation into concrete blocks, used on all of the extensions to the system. (Stations north of Concord, the entire Dublin line, and south of Daly City)

And now for some of the tunnels--of course divided into old-style and new-style.

Old Style Tube (used in Downtown Oakland, Transbay Tube, Berkeley Hills Tunnel, and in San Francisco). SF's tunnels end after Balboa Park Station.

Old Style Square (used on the original pre-extension system everywhere else not mentioned above)

Open-sided versions of the above tunnels, for interlockings:


New-Style Tunnel (only used in square-cut as far as I know):

New-Style Open-Sided

Now, the next project will be aerial tracks and at-grade trackage!

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Grade-level Tracks

Got some textures and some help from BStyles to create this awesomely awesome---grade-level track, in both third-rail and non-third-rail versions:



And, for those annoying little sections, a BART third rail spline:


Enjoy! I have to tweak the tunnels (textures are showing up on both sides :eek:) and I will be starting the aerial (or el) portions of track tomorrow!

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Amazing O.O

Wow these grade level tracks are amazing! And the tunnels and signals are well done as well. I wish you luck with this BART project. By the way, do you plan on working on El stations first or Underground Stations?
What is the old style? I thought BART always used direct fixation...:eek:

BART uses the direct fixation tracks in its subway and elevated sections only. For the at-grade portion, the tracks are centered and attached to concrete (or wooden) ties with ballast. I am working on the el tracks next, and they are the same as the old tunnel track, just suited for outdoors. Now, the extension portions of the system also have el, there'll be two different types of el track (thanks BART :hehe: :eek:) in the old rusty color and the new concrete color.

And to answer a previous question, I will most likely start on a few underground stations first, just to get started. But seeing as a majority of the system is outdoors, those types of stations might take priority.

Oh, P.S. the three-dimensional clips holding the tracks to the ties was a HUGE frame killer and lag-monster, so they've been modified to have that section showing a photo texture of the clips. I have a pretty able desktop and graphics card and the poly count was way too high to handle.
Aerial Tracks

More updates guys---aerial (or el if you're from NYC) trackways for BART. There are two different types---those with no handrails and those with handrails. Also, they have either depressed walkways or raised walkways. I have a friend who works for BART who has been very helpful with this project. Enjoy below:

Single Track with Raised Walkway

Single Track with Handrail

Single Track with Depressed Walkway

Single Track with Raised Walkway (no 3rd rail)

Single Track with Depressed Walkway (no 3rd rail)

Single Track with Handrail (no 3rd rail)

2T with Raised Walkway

2T with Depressed Walkway

3T with Handrails on both sides

The next set will be at-grade dual tracks with fences on either side (most of the C and L lines run on the medians of major freeways (Hwy 4 and I-580 respectively). I also have to build the retaining walls/tunnels that are between Daly City & Colma Stations. Lastly--re-doing the signals and signs to reflect accurate proportions.

And, as far as rolling stock goes, I have raw models of all three car types done in Sketchup Pro--just have to fit textures around the model and/or vice-versa, so I might have to rebuild some of the cars. Stay posted! It looks like this entire BART content pack will be well over 100 pieces--I've still got stations to start!

Fence tracks

Just wanted to give everyone a tiny update--dual and single track fences are now completed. These are for the sections of track in between freeways or other areas that need to be off-limits to trespassers. Thanks to the responders in my other forum post for their help with alpha textures.

Oh, and I changed the color of the concrete textures for the bridge tracks above to look more realistic. Will post those screens later on.

Single Track Fence:

Double Track Fence:

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Looking good. Might want to check the dimensions of the cyclone fence mesh though, looks a little on the large side. Should be 2"x2" square's.
This all looks nice so far, can't wait to see your interpretation of the layout! I am a Bay Area native myself, and have ran all of these lines at least once. The Blue Line is my regular line though, but I'm excited to see more shots of what you have going on!

Keep up the good work! :wave:
Excellent work! It's amazing the details that have to be conquered to represent the system.

Excellent work! It's amazing the details that have to be conquered to represent the system.

Thanks for the kind words! And you're right about the details! :hehe: Since it's broad gauge you have custom tracks, stations, tunnels, signs, signals, etc. Not to mention the track/signal/yard maps I have and Google earth are proving to be my best friends at this moment.

I'm still having trouble with laying triggers, as BART only uses signals at interlockings--hence Auran's block-signaling defaults are pretty useless. Could anybody help with setting up triggers for a non-block signaled system?

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