UK Screenshots for Pre BR Blue. High resolution warning.

Thanks for that. I'd like to give them a try if that's okay? I currently use the MB brick arch bridges without track which are grand, but they have lengthy abutments which affects approach embankments.

I'll stick to the 5m boards at present and keep my fingers crossed that N3V fix the compatibility issue.

Sure, PM your email address and I'll send over the ones I have - I have brick or stone versions so if you see a version that you like but would prefer it in a different texture let me know and I'll reskin it and send it over.


Bridge 44, known locally as five arch bridge, just outside Radstock on the line towards Midsomer Norton. The S&D crosses over the ex-GWR line to Bristol which curves away to head north west, while the S&D continues curving south. A rather unique construction of five arches with two of them square to the ex-GWR line. Still standing today, this has been made with just 4 simple splines and I'm quite pleased with the result. The last shot shows the S&D heading south, with the gradient quickly changing from level to 1 in 50 at the end of the bridge up to Midsomer Norton - indeed, this was the start of a 7 mile climb at a ruling gradient of 1:55 so the footplate crew would be working hard on southbound trains.





That's good to know Annie.... Plaudits for screenshots always induce a bit of guilt though, on behalf of all the unsung contributors behind them. In this case for example, the first shot's largely down to the skills of evilcrow, whose marvellous ScotlandSomewhere route has contributed to a significant area of Dearnbyshire. The others would be nothing without skipper1945's locos or Paulz Trainz's willingness to create loco classes (the B17) that we otherwise wouldn't have. This is what makes Trainz tick.
Broadstone has been reached; not much to look at yet but the trackwork all the way from Bath Green Park to Poole has now had the gradients applied and the terrain 'earthworks' have been completed to Sturminster Newton. Track does extend to Bournemouth West but hasn't yet been graded so that will take place over this weekend probably. The S&D is coming back to life, albeit virtually.

Broadstone was an interesting station; a mixture of unusual signals, truncated lines from the 1930s and the odd platform shape all lend it to quite an interesting one to drive. The S&D can be seen branching off on the left hand side in the mid distance; the remainder of the track in this view are LSWR metals, the line straight ahead leading to Wimbourne and, behind us, Poole and Bournemouth one way and Hamworthy the other. The general layout of the area can be confusing but it will hopefully fall into place for you the more work I do.



Current progress on the S&D is going well; out of the 71 miles from Bath to Bournemouth, just 8.5 miles remain to be terraformed - the rest is all done, including embankments and cuttings. Once the last stretch is done, I can finish off the trackwork around the stations and then make a start on the scenery. The screenshot below shows the as of yet unterraformed section - just east of Sturminster Newton to just north of Blandford Forum. The second shows the river bridge over the Stour just south of Blandford Forum.




Some great shots on here as of late, well done all.

A few from me from the S&D - the terrain work was completed tonight so it's now possible to drive from Bath down to Poole - just a tiny bit of the mainline between Poole and Bournemouth West to sort out and then I can finish off the trackwork at the stations.

I decided to take BR 5MT 73054 out for a spin and it coped remarkably well with 284 tons, slightly over the limit for a Class 5 but she performed well. At Radstock a 4MT 4-6-0 was coupled up for assistance over the Mendips - the 4MT would come off at Evercreech Junction after which the 5MT would continue on her way solo. These shots take us as far as Shepton Mallet. In practice, the double header would have left Bath but as I wasn't sure how far I was going to go I stuck one on once I arrived at Radstock - an uncommon practice, but not unheard of.

Departing Bath Green Park:

Passing the Twerton Co-Op siding. The gradient briefly changes from 1:50 to level here before continuing at 1:66 and the gradient change is evident:

Approaching Writhlington colliery, here passing the sidings:

Passing Writhlington itself. Writhlington colliery will be on the left and Braysdown colliery on the right:

With the 4MT having been coupled up at Radstock, we see the duo here exiting the 66 yard Chilcompton tunnel:

Crossing Redan bridge with Chilcompton tunnel in the background. This bridge was an unusual one as it had corrugated steel shielding on the parapets (presumably to help with noise reduction?) as well as some odd concrete blocks which, as it turns out, are tank traps, placed there during WWII when invasion was a real possibility. Similar tank traps were found at Moorewood and indeed pillboxes were also found along the length of the line.

Storming across Charlton Road viaduct on the approach to Shepton Mallet. Here the gradient changes from 1:55 down to 1:55 up rather abruptly, shown here to good effect:

And finally powering through Shepton Mallet and diving under the East Somerset Railway. This is another interesting bridge; as built the S&D was single line throughout, and the original line passed under the brick arch. When it was doubled, a girder span was inserted to cross the Up line and a siding, giving the unique look here. The S&D was full of quirks and this has been reflected in the trackplans at various stages - no doubt a future session will help to point them all out!


Thanks Lewisner; it looks like I'm making quick progress but I'm not - this has been 2 months worth so far and I've only got the mainline down as well as about half the station yards. I still have the mainline from Poole to Bournemouth to finish off and then I need to lay Templecombe yard, Radstock yard, Wincanton yard etc. which will take time but the main track is down so I have a suitable foundation to work from. I need to finish off some bridges (I noticed I've missed an entire bridge near Evercreech) and then terraform the countryside in some areas - Evercreech Junction is completely wrong at the moment and needs levelling off somewhat. Templecombe will take quite a bit of time as I also have the SR mainline to take into account and the topography is challenging; steep gradients in very confined spaces make it a challenging one to build.

Your shots look excellent, as always. I often look at your pictures to see how you've done a certain area such as an embankment or level crossing and I've then applied that to my own route. It's nice to see your screenshots again!