UK Screenshots for Pre BR Blue. High resolution warning.


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Right my disclaimer and reasons:

This is for Steam shots from the U.K. because the main UK screenshots thread is becoming overwhelmed by modern 1990's onwards.

So this thread is for mainly steam era pictures, the newest things that I think should be here is BR green late crest diesels, U.K. narrow gauge and Irish trains are also allowed, providing the loco's are powered by steam.

I will start this thread off with some pictures and then regularly post in this thread and hopefully others with th same intreasts can post there work here as well, WIP pictures are very welcome.

Remember guys Steam ran this countries railways for 100+ years and without it modern traction would not exist because without steam there would have been not power source to build the loco's in the first place, or any need for railways.

now all these pictures I have posted before but they will do to start this thread.






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:D:hehe: good point it should read BR Blue Pre Tops onwards rather than 1990's- modern day :eek::hehe:
well the shots will be most welcome here :):).

Additional to the beginning disclaimer this is not intended to compete with the main U.K. Screenshots section just to promote U.K steam.
I think so long as the steam is the main focus of the picture, steam charters are O.K., I have been thinking about this for a while, and so long as the steam is the main focus we should be fine :) because I don't want to offend anyone in the other thread.
If people could avoid quoting pictures please, just use the post number to refer to pictures that would have been quoted. thankyou :):)

9F Evening Star works its train of empties through Rothley

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Evercreech Junction to burnham-on-sea

Great Idea for a thread.

Here some of my screens on my SDJR Branch line route. (Soon to be on the DLS)






Great idea to have a UK steam Screenshot thread, Here's a contribution from me...........

Green BR 2-6-2 Prairie tank 5553 heads a China clay train on a glorious summers day.

Gam :D
Nice phots of the S&DJR - I"d like to build the Stainmore line one day.Meanwhile, here is a J39 passing Grangetown Crossing on the Londonderry lines/All that remains here now is a single rusty track with a wire fence over it...:(
Well here is my contribution!

Now before you all have ago at me! I've asked Chris if this screenie is ok and he says so!:p

A V2 Heads a Charter Bound for Church New Street the 26 purley there for providing Steam Heat!

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I can't see the point of this. People are posting steam shots in the existing UK Hi-Res thread. It would be better if we had separate UK Diesel/Electric and UK Steam threads. However, I'll join in with a few pics.




Best wishes,
Well, the point is that though people are still posting steam there it is lost amongst Diesels and Electrics, this thread is meant to be where like minded people, who prefer steam, yet may like other forms of power can focus their steam creativity here, basically the steam part of what you said about 2 separate Diesel/Electric and Steam Threads you may not see the point in this thread i don't see the point in other threads, but I don't say anything in them about it for example KRS thread all I have said in there is about the S&D representation, no-one is forcing anyone to view/post in threads. Thankyou for your contribution to this thread, look forward to more. :):)
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