Turn-outs (Points) in T:ANE.


Before TANE was launched, we were informed that animated points would be
a feature of the game. Now that I've got T:ANE CE, I find that these animated
points only work on one track (TS15 I think), which is not suitable for British
routes. Will these animated points work on any track in the full release version?
If not, then we've been conned, as this was not pointed out in the pre-release
information, as it gave the impression that it would work on any track.
Anybody know what is going on?
It's always been stated that new track will have to be created to make use of the new features. However I agree that the track used in the built in routes should be updated to make full use of the new capabilities. Is there any word on whether this will happen? Possibly it will be up to the individual track creators rather than N3V to do...
Hi All
Once all of the content 'setup' has finalized in T:ANE, the creators will be given information/examples to upgrade their track to the new procedural tracks.

We do intend on having all tracks in T:ANE using the new procedural tracks, and any 3rd party tracks we will be looking to make contact with the creators to have them upgraded, or to obtain source files to upgrade them. If we are not able to get them upgraded, we may look into replacing the tracks.

I know myself I'm patiently waiting for the track specs to be finalized so that I can upgrade the VR Broad Gauge tracks to the new procedural system as well :)

I think he was saying that edh6 didn't need to respond, but it is kind of funny because I think that the "not needed!" was not needed. :wave:
I know there are several content creators that are currently discussing the issue between themselves. They have some of the issues sorted but not all as yet. I look forward to seeing their results.
Thanks for the replies chaps, it could be worth pointing out that when the prototype
railways use concrete sleepers for their tracks, wood sleepering is still used for points,
so you would need both sets to be matching to be accurate, but as far as I know, no-one
is producing these.
I have a T:ANE procedural track mostly working, as does at least one or two others. Attached is a pic of my track. The turnout sleepers are actually a problem at this time.

The sleepers used in a turnout/wye can be different from the main track sleepers as the sleeper mesh used for turnouts is different. It's actually a single sleeper mesh. i.e. you can have a texture for the majority of the sleepers and a different one for the turnout sleepers which is what you want I guess.

I think that most of us working on this are more concerned with understanding the structure of the assets rather than the aesthetics. It's a bit complicated. For any given track there are currently six supporting assets.

Today while running CE I noticed the points ( the rails that move ) had disappeared. A few minutes latter they returned.