Possible Bugs in CPC and MCM with Trainz 2022


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I have built an experimental route with a small network of stations and portals to get acquainted with the mechanics of interlocking towers. My ultimate goal is a prototypical build of a fairly large region, so as a newbie to Trainz I thought it would be better to practice a bit before tackling the bigger project.

There is a 5 track junction station where two train lines A and B converge into a single main line. Later it splits up again into two branches C and D. All of these four branches are two way tracks going into portals, so for each branch there is an "in" and an "out" portal. Along the way there are a few simple stops without any switches. As a first step, trains from the converging branches A and B are led to platform 1 and 2 of the junction station respectively by an enhanced interlocking tower. The two inbound paths do not collide, so it is possible that two trains arrive simultaneously.

I have defined mission codes for the two lines with the MCM rule. The outbound paths ("follow paths" in MCM terminology) are activated on entering the inbound path. The trains generated in the portals set their mission code and get orders to navigate to the stations along the way and load passengers. Their final order is to navigate to the exit portal.

This is what I have noticed:

1. When there is just a single train of either line, the path routing works as it should.

2. When both entry portals generate trains, the first train is processed as it should. But if train #2 arrives at the junction before train #1 has cleared all of its paths, things don't work as planned. Train #2 will complete its inbound path to the plaform, but it will be stuck at the red exit signal of the platform even after the train #1 has long left the station. When monitoring the state of the paths by clicking on the EIT, everything looks correct for both trains at any given moment from train #1 entering to it clearing its exit path. And finally the exit path of train #2 is marked "active", just the signal on the platform won't switch to "go".

3. I deleted a "load" order in the CPC section of the line for train #2 to have it arrive at the junction a little earlier. After saving and restarting the session, this consist, which has portal index 0, was copied to the consist at portal index 1, serving the other line. So the train generated by the second portal had the same mission code and orders as the first one.

#3 is clearly a bug. I can't imagine this happening as a feature.

I am not sure about #2. It may be a bug but I also might have missed a setting. Or there is an incompatibility with the signals. But when running the session without the MCM, the signals were operated correctly. So the issue appears to be with the MCM or its configuration. Any insights?