Timetable Trainz Content Screenshot Thread


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Hello everyone! Today marks the beginning of when you all can post your screenshots with Timetable Trainz content in them in hopes to be featured on the site's new gallery page! Anything that is on our site (routes, locomotives, rolling stock, etc.) that is featured in this thread will be considered for a place on the gallery page. This gallery page will be rotated hopefully every month as to let others get a chance to get their shots on the site. You can also just post your shots for fun.
We hope to bring the site closer to the community, and hopefully this will help us out. Thank you for downloading, and happy Trainzing!
[FONT=&quot]CD&N circus train approaches grade crossing.[/FONT]
Just so everyone knows, I’ll put the shots up at the start of most months, so don’t be concerned if your shot isn’t on the site yet, I’m waiting to accumulate more.
cv, you might want to take that shot again, the tracks are missing!

...of course they are. This is not the first time i've had this issue when using Print Screen to take screenshots. Looks like it's back to OBS for now....sure, there will be a black line on either side, but hey, at least the tracks don't disappear.

Side note, i made my account when i was 9...don't even know what made me choose the username i did, but if it's possible, i look to get it changed to something more fitting soon.

An evening at Saskatoon, Missouri in 1995

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Look for posts from ATSF854 and the Tumbler division project he'd been working on from about May 18. He released all his files for the project, including the engine, at about that time, with links to the files. No idea if the links still work.
The GF6C is a bit broken (lights and engine sound doesn't function). Replace the enginespec with the AC6000CW one.