Does the Steam version of TRS19 connect to the Trainz Content Store?

I forgot to mention that if you buy a game in Steam, you can buy or receive free DLCs in both STEAM and Trainz Content Store.

Also in Steam, you can see the game and any DLC price history for any country and plan in advance your future purchase of the game or DLC:
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Hi All
Any DLCs from the Trainz Store and Steam store are the same downloads (same for the Mac AppStore). In the case of the Tidewater DLC, an update was released in June 2022 which resolved the issues reported in most reviews on Steam from memory; it certainly resolved the issues being reported to us directly.

DLCs purchased through the Steam store, for the selected version of Trainz, will be shown under their name in the Content Store tool in Trainz.

For DLCs purchased through another version of Trainz, or through the Trainz Store, these will be shown under their ID numbers instead of their name. This is due to the way that Steam requires DLC packs to be handled unfortunately.

No, the DLC that is in TS22 will not be added to TS19 if you buy TRS22.
And if I install both. At 22 I will install all paid embedded DLC and from previous versions TS, and at 19 I will not install paid DLC, but only third-party ones with DLS.
Will it work?