WOODS.....let's see what you've got


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I'm hoping people will share shots they have of tracks in wooded areas. I'll post a few of woods up in the north east part of the US from a route I'm working on and feel free to comment, whether it looks right to you or not, what could be better, etc. The route I'm doing is supposed to be from the late 1800's but that doesn't matter much in this case.....other that the ballasting wasn't high like it is in modern times.
This is mainly to share ideas. If you like something , I'll be glad to tell you what assets I use and hope others will do the same with there's. Thanks for looking.


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I think it looks great. Not entirely sure of all the trees but I can see that you have pines and firs (or spruces) intermingled, which is natural, and then clumps of aspen or birch, which is also natural. Overall, very realistic! It looks like the kind of scenery I could walk along and enjoy.
Thanks.......what I did was go into the regional websites that have the particular trees listed for each county along the route and then tried to match them up with pictures taken from the roads and rail crossings....same with ground vegetation . From there, check the TRAINZ assets to see what would work. Trees in the higher elevations , around the Adirondack mountain foothills are generally taller and have more pines, which you'd expect. There's some trails and roads around there too that has invisible track set for taking a horse & buggy ride on through the woods, leading to the passenger stations, since this was before cars were around. Haven't done too much of that for horse and walking trails, but it's in the plans........also stage coaches. I always have to make sure the assets aren't too hard on the frame rate as I have a low end system by today's standards. If the frames start slowing down then it's time to back off and accommodate. If the trains don't run smoothly then it defeats the purpose.
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Pics look great ! thanks

The tree that's on the left......which one is that? I like the smaller leaves and lots of bare branches showing. Trees like that work well for being closest to the track, so you can also see the vegetation behind them.