Content Suggestions: The Huntington Shops


Greetings everyone!
I hope everyone is pleased with the previous release from THS! With that said, I want to open the suggestions for content onto the forum. I must state that a suggestion does not mean it will be done at any point, this is simply for me (popcorn) to have an idea what content the community wants. I'd prefer this thread remain strictly to suggestions. If you need assistance with content from The Huntington Shops please visit the link below!

-Sincerely, Popcorn

THS Freeware Forum Thread-
Brand new bright paint does not fit my routes. As an example the orange bridge would stand-out like the "sore-thumb". Same goes for pure white. Only modern scenes can accommodate pure white objects. The available paint of the 1950's, and earlier, would certainly look dull after a few years.
Exactly. In real-life, white tends to become dirty anyway once the rain and snow start hitting it then rust will appear at the welded joints that'll produce streaks and corroded places. In areas with salt, the pure white bridge will be pitted and rusty sooner than later as the moisture and salt work their way under the paint as it finds little voids in the surface. This is true even with reinforced concrete. Pits and voids appear soon as the water finds its way into them and then the holes expand and crack especially during the cold, and rust will show up quickly where the rebar is located on the concrete.

Pure white doesn't look right anyway in game due to the lighting no matter how much the lighting is adjusted.
Well, somebody could be out painting bridges.... :p
Yeah, but... that doesn't happen soon. The DPW will wait until the bridge is ready to fall down before doing maintenance on it, and that usually occurs after chunks of concrete have fallen to the road below.
I remember when I was a kid the state of Washington painting the highway bridges. They used some type of orange primer, then finished with forest green. So maybe if the bridge was half orange and half green....:unsure: