the great mystery of Trainz DLC: Treez/Treesdemo


Trainz DLC: Treez is available for purchase in content store so my TRS22 launcher tells me ... I click on it and I am taken to the Trainz webstore where it appears not to exist.

It's entitled Treedemo in-game, but clicking on that brings up the same result.

Is it just me?
Nope and if you could download it, it won't work. The content is really, really old and broken.

I had purchased this package ages ago and downloaded it when it was shown in the store. The assets installed and were missing textures. Instead of having leaves they were covered with magenta and green squares. I notified N3V via the help desk and they said not to download it. Apparently, N3V must have killed the download link for it until it can be updated.

This is the same with Zec's Christmas 2012 trainset. That too has missing textures and most likely has been pulled as well even though it's still listed in the Content Store.
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You're not missing much. We beta tested them for TS10 I think and they were really bad looking. Some were grossly oversized with bases that dwarfed locomotives running by them but were short and stubby. Others were just puny. They didn't even have names, just treez01, treez02 so on and on.

I might still have the .ja file archived somewhere. I'll have a look for them.