Question about the new forums


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I am just curious if these new forums are supposed to have a certain behavior. In some threads it appears if I just click on the title, it will go to the last point I had read that thread, which is very handy. But lately I am noticing more often it is taking me either to the top of the last page or the top of the first page. Whatever, it doesn't seem to be consistent. Normally clicking on the last page number will take me to the top of the last page and I scroll down to the new posts. But I was really liking going straight to where I left off. Now I am wondering if that is an actual feature or if things are just hit or miss. Has anyone else noticed this type of behavior?
Yes, I have seen that behavior as well. I'm not sure if it varies as to hitting the thread title or hitting the last page number instead. I do both. If I land at the top then I hit the Jump to new button to get to the new posts.
Thank you for the confirmation, WReeder. If I hit the thread title, I really have to pay attention to whether it takes me to the end or the beginning, or I find myself reading some pretty old posts!
Thanks Mr. Den. I wonder if it has to do with the browser. I usually use Edge, but I may have to try Chrome and Firefox for a while and see if it behaves differently.
The issue seems to arise on very old bumped topics. Topics that were started (or already had a new post) since the new version of the forum don't have this behavior.
Or am I mixing up things?
Could you check if this might be it?

Image that load after you opened the topic might also make it look like you start at older posts because the loading of the images in old posts push the newer posts down.
I should have clarified I use chrome at work when I visit the forum, and firefox at home. Both give the same result.
Thanks Oknotsen. I will try to notice what types of threads are getting which behavior. And thanks again Mr. Den, I will spend some time with those browsers to see if they work better than edge.
Here's an odd.... I just went to the Freeware Announcements, and clicked on the title. It went to page 1, and the posts were from 2006. So I went to the last page, and whoah, the posts were from 2006. So I tried the next to last page and same thing. Now I am trying to figure out how to get the new posts. I think I will go try Chrom or Firefox....
It sounds like you're describing a feature called "thread bookmarking" or "remembering last read position," where a forum keeps track of where you left off in a thread and takes you back to that point when you revisit it. This feature can indeed vary from platform to platform and might not always behave consistently due to updates or technical issues.