Questions about Gold Membership


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After a long time thinking about it, I am considering going for the Gold membership, but as I looked in the Trainz store, I have some questions. Here are some of the bullet points at the store (I hope this current forum does not mash them all together!):

All DLC Access
Enjoy the full suite of Trainz DLC items, now available in-game

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Preview Pass
Explore new DLC items before retail release

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Trainz Store Discount
25% off all DLC items in the Trainz Store

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Trainz Rewards Bonus
3x Rewards points in the Trainz Store

My questions are about the DLC access. On the one hand, it says all Trainz DLC items now available in-game. On the other hand, it says 25% off all DLC items, and 3x rewards points. Now, if it said "all N3V items now available", I would think maybe the JR and other third-party assets in the store were for purchase, but it says all Trainz items. But if all Items in the DLC are available in-game, then what is there to get 25% off of, or what would I need 3x rewards points for? Can someone clarify what in the Trainz Store are NOT Trainz DLC items? Thank you!
With your gold membership you'll have access to all DLCs as long as you keep paying your rent (aka renewling) until you cancel it then you'll lose access.

then what is there to get 25% off of
During your membership you can purchase the DLC as you would normally do with taking 25% off from the purchase total so when you cancel your membership you'll still have access to your DLC purchased. This can only be used for DLC purchases unless they changed from the last time I was a gold member back in 2020.

what would I need 3x rewards points for
You'll receive x3 times the amount for your Trainz Points (36 points per dollar) instead of x1 (12 points per dollar). Once you saved up enough points you can then turn them into discounts. These discounts can be used for pretty much anything (bought TRS22 for only $23.80 with the 66% discount).

Of course if you don't care for either one then can simply be ignored ;)