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I placed this thread so that anyone with PRR screenshots, or PRR products could group the photos here. The Horseshoe Curve route is hugely extensive, and is an ongoing WIP. Also welcome here are any photos and information about other nearby roads such as Reading, Lehigh Valley, Delaware & Hudson, NYC, B&O, C&O, NW, Southern, or any other Eastern US railroads.
PRR-TGV lineup at 30th St Station Philthydelphia PA...

High Speed action at Wilmington DE...Dhohhh...this is NYC territory...back to Trainz paintshed to re-skin some NYC-TGV power !

Trainz Railwayz TRS2006-Build 3337-Vista OS

image "thumbnail.jpg"
width 240
height 180

thumbnails {
thumb {
image "thumbnail.jpg"
width 240
height 180
preview {
image "splash.jpg"

The "thumbnail.jpg" may be named as you choose and must be a 240x180 jpg file.

The "splash.jpg" may also be named as you choose and should be a 512x512 jpg file.

The game should come with a warning label: "Caution, Highly Addictive ! Once you play, your entire life will be consumed in Trainz ! Your night time (and daytime) dreams will be in surveyor laying track, and driving in Trainz, and you will no longer have any pleasent dreams of being on a sunny vacation beach in the Carribean, Your family will be having fun at the Casino, but you will be down at the railtard (where you purposely booked your 3rd rate motel room) in Las Vegas, your wife will leave you, or go on vacation without you, and you will not even miss her for 3 months, the kids will be left unattended in the playpen crying, and you won't even hear them, the dogs water bowl will go dry for 3 days straight, your school grades will plummet and you will get kicked out of college, you will get fired from your job for not showing up for work and callling out sick (when you are not even sick at all), your neighbors will hate you, and will call the cops on you for (multiple) excessive noise complaint(s), as they will think that a train station has moved in right next door to them, you will sit in a chair for 18 hours straight, and get carpal tunnel syndrome, you will sit in front of a blinding PC monitor so long that you will go out and buy "Blue Blocker" gold tinted oudoor sunglasses, and will instead wear them indoors while playing with Trainz, Do not use medications, nor drink alcoholic beverages while operating Trainz (as you will most likely spill your drink, and forget to take your medication), If you are pregnant, do not smoke while playing Trainz, as your ciggarette will totaly ash, and you will have wasted your money on cigarettes, and your baby will grow up to be a RR engineer, and his first words instead of being: "Da Da", will be: "Wooo Wooo", do not cook or barbeque while operating Trainz, unless you really like totally incinerated burnt up foodz, everyone you know will look at you in wonder if you are crazy, when you say outloud: "WoW ... That beautiful sunset sky looks just like Pomme13 ! If you can not afford to buy Trainz, DLC content, or a 1 year FCT (costs @ 0.06 cents per day), N3V may be able to help you, by once again having their "Sooper Dooper 75% Off Sale" on TS12" !

Conemaugh Tower:

See: Sine CFR v 2.0:

Animated Kran:

This animated KDE crane "Crane KDE161-1169" with a clamshell should keep you occupied for a week straight


Cheapest DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) 4Gb (2 x 2Gb) RAM i could [URL=""]find on Newegg[/URL] is ~$36 per 4Gb kits, so about $72 for 8Gb.

RE: upgrading your system, your CPU is going to be a bottleneck. [URL=""]Here's where it scores[/URL] on the Passmark CPU benchmark, which I've always found to be a good (general) indicator of CPU performance for TS12 and earlier. It scores about 1500. To give you a comparison, the [URL=""]recommended CPU for T:ANE[/URL] (Intel quad-core i5 3330) [URL=""]scores about 5800[/URL].

Even if you beefed up your power supply and bought a $300 GTX 970 video card, your CPU wouldn't have enough "CPU juice" to drive the GTX 970 to its full potential. It might not even be able to drive a $100 GTX 750 to its max.








I tell everyone that working offline, by either disconnecting your Ethernet cable, turning off your wireless, or temporarily disabling your Network Connection (easily fixed by Network and Sharing Center - Troubleshoot) ... or using Task manager (Ctrl Alt Del) and turning off Java Update, and any other un-needed program, cleaner update program, or antivirus ... This keeps all the intrusions from getting inside your PC, and cuts down on processes that are pinging your PC many times per second ... it really works

Restarting your PC restarts the turned off process's

September 2015 Windows updates KB3086255 breaks many games
Latest Windows Update causes TRS2004 not to load

PRR GP9's Try this link: [U][URL][/URL][/U]

[U]PRR GP7/GP9 [URL][/URL][/U]











I found all this by typing in actual wurdz on GOOGLE

(The "kinder, and gentler, nice, warm, fuzzy, cozy, side" of Cascaderailroad)

USLW Wayback:
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Alot of people are so young that they are not aware of the great roads that are now long gone, (PRR, NYC, B&O, C&O, N&W, Southern etc...). All we see is a mass of NS black locos and CR Blue Locos, with a slew of other modern day roads brand new modern behemoth locos. My favorite era is from 1810 to 1980. from the Canal period, through the demise of the Reading, PRR and NYC into the PC RR. There were some big bad loco's back in the wayback days Sherman ! GE U50CG, UP Gas/Steam Turbines, DD40X, Alco 640's, Baldwin Centipedes, H, J, K, M, Q, S, T steam locos. Lest we forget our history and RR herritage ! But on the other hand, a SD90 and an Acella, in PRR or NYC paint would delight me to no end !:cool:
Just for fun:

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Cambria & Blair county PRR lines


Topo Horseshoe Curve

Topo Muleshoe Curve



Altoona Northern (Wopsy RR) Google Earth "path" 1km x 1km square grid

Altoona Trolly system lines in Google earth "path" 1km x 1km square

Merged 2 DEM's o DLS DC Fox & Fishlipsatwork

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I placed this thread so that anyone with PRR screenshots, or PRR products could group the photos here. The PRR flat cars are on USLW. The Horseshoe Curve route is hugely extensive, and is an ongoing WIP. Also welcome here are any photos and information about other nearby roads such as Reading, Lehigh Valley, Delaware & Hudson, NYC, B&O, C&O, NW, Southern, or any other Eastern US railroads.
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TRAINZ iz really taking off !!!


Trainz aerial flyways


A plane, looking down on another plane, looking down on a train ...

Desert Storm textures

Now I have too many trees...can't see the Trainz for the forest

The Wopsy RR (Altoona & Wopsononock, aka; Altoona Northern, Altoona Beach Creek, Altoona Ebensburg Johnstown)
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My previous thread: "PRR Horseshoe Curve (in the works) 1920's" is missing in action, and seems to have vanished into thin air, as if being on an airplane flying over the South Pacific, somewhere betwen Austrailia and the US, and has crash landed into the ocean, and is hoplessly "'LOST", and is presumably residing on some deserted island presently, with little hope of any rescue. Auran Helpdesk gives me no clue to it's whereabouts. So I am re-doing my thread over again from scratch.

I placed this thread so that anyone with PRR screenshots, or PRR products could group the photos here. The PRR flat cars are on USLW. The Horseshoe Curve route is hugely extensive, and is an ongoing WIP. Also welcome here are any photos and information about other nearby roads such as Reading, Lehigh Valley, Delaware & Hudson, NYC, B&O, C&O, NW, Southern, or any other Eastern US railroads.






A bad day at Rockville Bridge 1997-After Almost 100 Years of Neglect the Mortar Deteriorized from Water Freezing and Thawing, Causing a Pier to Partialy Collapse



To be completely honest your work takes my breath away;)
PRR Horseshoe Curve

The above (old) sceeenshot now has the MG tower interlocking plant installed. And the Rockville Bridge now has an interlocking plant on the span. The route is the biggest chore to do, acurately, as the trackwork in the 1920's was MOST complex. And replicating the 17 Altoona freight yards are the biggest undertaking. Still a WIP, but its comming along nicely. I have all the trackwork diagrams from Spruce Creek tunnels, to Bolvair. Someday hope to offer a 3 part set: Harrisburg(Enola Yard) to Altoona, Altoona to Johnstown, Johnstown to Pittsburgh.
New screens comming soon...I feel another road trip to Altoona comming...any photo requests from any one ?:cool:
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just curious

how much have you completed so far, you are doing very detailed and amazing work, must be tacking forever, im guessing this is something you are at least a year or so away from completing, but thats just a guess..... nice work!

The faster I go...the behinder I get...just when I think I'm done...I do a little more research and find that a whole area needs to be re-done, for accuracy. It's a fun, tedious route...and my head is swimming in thousands, and thousands of trackcharts, photos, Google Earth images and topo maps. If my brain was a PC, I would need 2tb of hard drive for all the information that I have collected. It's been a little more than a year WIP...and I hope to have alot done by December this's a whopper of a route...attempted by many...but never finished by anyone...yet. If anyone were to do this route from scratch it would take at least 6 months get everything right. I could cut corners, and wip it up quick...but I am detailing 17 freight yards in Altoona alone !:cool: Era: 1920.
When I start posting new updated will know that I am close to finishing...Grasshopper (What was that TV Show ? ) Kung Fu
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