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Where did you get that F30-a flat?

It's my most recent WIP (that's in trainz) only thing left is a little weathering and finishing up the attachment points for the loads. I'm also working on a F30-d.

i can't take all credit for that F30 tho it was originally started by lilb and i just added even more detail and fixed a few mapping problems.
Here is a few from Me.....










Note to self: Bring pruning shears and cut down that danged sticker bush branch, obstructing my photo !!!!
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Do you have the rest of the required code in the config, like this?

image "screenshot.jpg"
width 240
height 180
Who'd have thought you'd see TGVs working for the PRR??:p They don't look too bad.

I like it when people do fictional or "what if" schemes, I do it myself, look in the Aussie thread. I find it interesting.
More screenshots to come...soon

Spruce Creek PA-Shown, Looking <----E ---- W---->


West Portal-Spruce Creek Tunnels:
I used "Old Stone Tunnel" as it is easy for future downloaders of my route, for them to find it on DLS, and I believe it is built in content. One important thing, You will have to "Open it for Edit in Explorer", and go to the tunnel config file and change the height which is default at "8", and instead alter it to show -2 (negitive one). This makes it go straight right through the mountain and makes the tunnel not snap to the grid. This altering of the tunnel height also makes the built in dighole to not show up.

I may change out the tunnel and replace it with "Tunnel3_1voie", but this also requires config file changes to replace the track that is missing, unknown, and can not be found. I edited it out and replaced the unknown kuid with the "Tunneltrack Dark" kuid.

In honor of the Altoona & Wopsononock RR, aka Altoona Northern RR, aka Altoona Beech Creek RR, aka Pittsburgh Johnstown Ebensburg Eastern RR: #1897 is the date their predicessor, the Wopsononock RR was formed in 1897-1920 last train

Finding out that the Spruce Creek tunnels had both bores double tracked up until the 1960's, I had to add the double tracks to each bore (they were later on made single tracked in order to allow TTX Truck Trains more clearance).

Aussie Nightcrawlers PRR F7 A-B-B-A at Spruce Creek Pa-East Portal on the Old Alignment trackage. Tunnel3_1voie by Fred24.


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