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The Horseshoe Curve is BORING !!!

Work has commenced at tearing up the Horseshoe Curve original trackage, in leu of the new quad tracked 5.5 mile bore through the mountain. The Tunnel Boring Machine has just broken through the mountain at Kittanning Point. An overhead electrical cantenary system will be installed, making high speed PRR-TGV passenger service from Philadelphia to Chicago a reality ! Tracks 2 & 3 have already been removed, and the ties will torn up next, and the roadbed will be re-graded as the Horseshoe Curve will eventually be replaced by a Rails to Trails bicycle path, suffering the same fate as the Muleshoe Curve.





Not to worry...I will be doing three versions of the "Curve" 1854 single tracked, later doulble tracked, another in it's hayday1920, and lastly the future of rail traffic through the Allegheny-Mountain Division.

Hi CT...The "PRR Marion Steam Shovel" is on is all the rest of the assets
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I have forgotten which slows down framerates...cut and paste of trees...or cut and paste of textures. Please advise me.

Also if you use more than half a dozen different types of trees it will make your route lag, and possibly make you run out of the allowable textures and scenery on your route ? Please advise me.

I have 8,000-10,000 baseboards to cover with trees, concentrating them within 200' of the trackage. I will also be splitting up my route into many, many smaller more uploadable merging segments. I am seriously concerned about framerates and lag.
cascaderailroad--What a great story is your depiction with the tunnel boring machine! Didn't know a tunnel boring machine existed in Trainz but have downloaded same as I need it for a route.
Wow...the Gallitzin Tunnel, and the Portage Tunnel, sure must have been one busy place when there were two tracks out of service for tunnel crown mining reconstruction of the Allegheny Tunnel.:cool: The proper way to couple up helpers Barbeque Gone Terribly Wrong


1000mm_cnNGRusty (36' NG track)

Whick track do you think looks authentic enough for the PRR mainline ?
I am using MP Wood, MP Rusty, and am experimenting with several other chunky mesh low poly tracks, particularly for use in industrial areas, where the ties are practically submerged in cinders.






When trains and trees collide

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Spruce Creek Interlocking

The following 25 screenshots may look so similar...but they are all taken from slightly different angles.
Thanks to all the members of the Altoona Model Railroad Club for their extensive assistance with trackcharts, and on my reasearch on the PRR trackage. I feel that the west portal of Spruce Creek interlocking & tunnels trackage arraingement has been prototypically portrayed era 1930.

Vote: What photo looks best in your own opinion ?










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I hope this spurs an idea...I like heavily smoking locomotives, especially ALCO's which were notorious for smoking (always leaking coolant & oil). I like to see a slight plume of smoke even idling diesels in a loco shop. I guess I will have to continue adding and sinking a "campfire" asset under each locomotive exhaust stack, set at a height of +4.00'.

I created this screenshot by adding 24 "campfire" assets, set at a height of +4.00', and setting them slightly off to the left hand side of the locomotives, adjacent to the exhaust stack.

How can an locomotive at idle be made to smoke eternally ?

If someone were to create an invisible "car that smokes" that would join between 2 locomotives and set it under the exhaust stack...but I guess this is impossible, as locomotives are all different lengths. It's a shame that a "campfire" or "smoking unit" can't be attached to, and ride along with a locomotive. I think all idling locos should matter what the EPA says ! I have my particle effects set at maximum, and still can't get enough of the smoke. I love the smell of diesel, wood or coal smoke on a crisp cool frosty morning.
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I found my absolute favorite choice to test framerates on "WRRW track 2A dark ballast"-By Slavedriver

The "Turnout Frog Left/Right" and the "WRRW_HD_Joint1", are all laid and postioned meticulously individually by hand.





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I used "Iportal Tunnel" and it worked great...I sent a train from one of my other routes into the tunnel, and closed that route. When I opened up my "New Route" one minute later the same train now emerged from the new route "Iportal".

This means that I can now divide my Massive PRR Horseshoe Curve DEM route into many, many seperate routes...and for example: Send trains up the East Slope into the Tunnehill Tunnels...close that route...and open up the West Slope route and the same train now emerges from the West Slope-Galitzin Tunnels.

This opens up the possibility that one person could be the the PRR-East Slope dispatcher, and the other person could be the PRR-West Slope dispatcher, and send trainz to one another, either in the same household, or distant countries far away, using Iportal.

IM me if you need information how to do this: Iportal thing
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WRRW Chunky Track-by Slavedriver

Experimenting with a lower end 1Gb laptop PC, the framerates of "WRRW Track 2A dark ballast" proved itself better for wide open spaces, like mainlines. In complex 30 track freight yards the framerates were somewhat choppy.

So on most complex tracked urban areas I will be using "WRRW Chunky Track". But most of my mainline will be the "WRRW Track 2A Dark Ballast".

The "WRRW High Detail Track" will be ideal for single or double track branchlines, out in the boonies, as it slays framerates in complex trackage areas with lots of switches. But it looks so good ! ! ! !

The "Frog Right/Left" and the "HD Joint 1 bars" are working very well with the "WRRW Chunky Track".

The PRR MOW trackgang is busy replacing track at Spruce Creek Tunnels:





Cresson Flyover

Philadelphia to Chicago High Speed Action on the Horseshoe Curve



Trainz VS Aircraft video on YouTube:
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What causes track, roads and all splines to suddenly turn BLACK ?

I ever so often, have to go into the CMP ad hunt down an asset that has corrupted it self, all on its own. It has changed its own name.

Once I find it...I open it and re-commit it, and the name changes back to its normal filename. It is frustrating...TRS2006 build3337 Gaurc Software

This Trainz Tuner totaly RULES !:cool: I have TRS2006 build 3337 and this makes the most dramatic dfference !

Try setting the miles/ at 1.1 miles...if you max out the maximum settings your video card can't deal with it, and almost set it at a litte over 1 mile at first, until you get he hang of it.

I presently have mine set at a hair over 2 3-4-5 miles the framerates get really progessively 10-15-20 they are almost locking up the video card.

I suggest that you use it primarily for FINISHING screenshots, first aim and setup your screenshots at minimum mile the session...exit...THEN increase the view to 5-10-15-20 or the game, then hit print screen for final screenshot capture.

I am presently using a 1 Gb laptop with a factory video that very well might be the problem...perhaps on my 3 Gb desktop PC the framerates wiould be better ?

Edit: Thanks Motorbreath...The F7 A-B are by AusieNightcrawler...the N5 & N5C are by Magicland. I added a third round window, car number, and a door handle, on the rear of the caboose's, and changed he cupolas to yellow...all by using MS Paint program, or Irfanview Paint Dialog Box. Gimp & work too for reskin, recoloring, and cut and paste of details. Of course this is for my own use, and for displaying screenshots of what can be done with MS Paint and such.

The Tunnel3_1 Vioe asset has also been altered, height set at -1 (so it goes straight at any angle), and the Rear (end) tunnel portal image has been disabled, and I copied and pasted the Front (start) tunnel image file, so the 2 portal images are both Front & Rear (start) portal images.

The trackwork is changed throughout daily, and is improving greatly, day by day, over my old screenshots...I am learning more and more, each and every day, about how to lay track, curves, and gradients on a DEM.

Anyone needing help laying track and with DEM's ... IM me.

I still think we need a tracklaying club or tracklaying thread started in "surveyors, operators & engineers" thread. Were we all can show our tracklaying techniques.
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While I haven't reskinned any of Jointed Rail's F-units yet, I have swapped out the default trucks on many older models and that alone is a significant improvement. Just a suggestion. They would look awesome on those PRR units.

Edit: And the track work you have done looks great.
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Railfan N5C Camper

The East Broad Top RR in Western Pa is still operating trains the weekend of the 24-25th October. The peak fall folliage is NOW...the 17th-18th, but a cold rain this weekend and predicted snow may have a toll on the leaves. The fall folliage should still be quite spectacular trough the 24-25th of Oct.

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My DEM places the track gradients a bit steeper than on the actual prototype. A 0.35% from "Juniata" to "Alto", there after 0.45% to "Slope", 1.02%, increasing to 1.38% to "Brickyard", increasing to 1.56%, and lastly with an average 1.75% most of the way up the East Slope and through the "Curve" and on to the summit at "Tunnelhill", finishing with a 1% grade through the tunnel at "Galitzin". A train starting up from a standstill at "Works", just in order to get a 100 car empty coal train up to a speed of 30mph at "Alto" mp237, in Run-8 with sanders on, I had to put two SD45 helpers shoving on the rear, and 6 more on the head end, in order to keep the train from stalling on the "Horseshoe" at 12mph ! If your train stalls out on the 12 mile long "East Slope" grade on this route...your a gonner !

I tried 4 locomotives on the head end, with 2 helpers shoving on the rear, and the train slowed from 30mph, and the locomotives were on their knees, struggling at 2mph by the time they reached "Wilke's Curve" mp239.


The electrification is an experiment (Phila to Chicago).

Still planning a release of at least the "East Slope" Warrior Ridge to Cresson, before December.
Hopefully the West Slope will also be have finished gradients, from Cresson to Johnstown.


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The following screenshots will be moved from this thread and edited to another tracklaying thread ASAP.

The use of "Radius Gauge 100m-600m" & "45 Degree Triangle" are proving to be valuable tools when making adjacent spline points a standard center to center placement using "MB Quad 4m" track as a preliminary track placement guide. I later on edit out one section at a time of "MB Quad 4m", and replace it with the track of my choice. I have modified the Red Radius Guage to Black using Irfanview-Paint Dialog Box. and I have added spline point track center placement lines at the 3mm, 7mm, 11mm and 15mm markings on the 45 Degree Triangle, and have also modified it's color to be less hard on the eyes.











The GFisher-"PRR Track Spacing Guide" can also assist with putting tracks closer together, as the PRR specs.
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