New Trainz Online Store "Soft Opening"


Trainz Plus - enjoy Trainz from just 20 cents a da
Hi to all our forum visitors. Today we have opened our new online store located at

We would love to hear what you think. The old store remains open (for now) and we will have an official opening a little later on.

Please note that the new store processes all transactions in USD$ while our old store remains in AUD$.

If you haven't already got a copy of Niddertalbahn then you can "purchase" it for free at
this link.

We've also created a Special Offer for those wanting to try out the new store without spending a ton of money. The Flying Scotsman session for ECML is available for just $0.99

Of course, you can purchase any other items as well if you like, although TMR17 is not yet available for pre-order (but will be very soon).

UPDATE: TMR17 is now available for purchase and early access download.
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G'day Tony, why US dollars? Does this now mean that us Aussies will now pay more for the content there at the whim of the currency rates? It is an Aussie company and we Aussie users don't want to be ripped off.
I noted that the First Class Ticket is more on the Trainz Portal Store..

this is the price on simulator central:

and the new store:

While not much it still is more.
Gremlin, you could also argue the reverse that US (and other) customers have had the same disadvantage since Trainz first went online.
Did that still want me to pay 31.99 to use the route

Niddertalbahn is free - are you seeing a price somewhere?

Prices will obviously fluctuate day by day, just as have done on the old store. Some days you will win on the exchange rate and others you will lose. We will not be changing prices frequently but we will be monitoring exchange rates over time.

The USA is our largest market (and Australia #3,4 or 5 depending on certain factors), and the USD$ is the best known and most used currency in the world. ALso, an amazing number of people had no idea they were paying in AUD previously.
Hi Tony,
I like the overall look of the new store, but I noticed a price discrepancy.

A 'First Class Ticket' shows on the Home page as being US$4.99,... BUT when you click on that, the real price comes up as US$26.99.

No doubt an 'editing' problem.


PS: I like the option to swap US currency to AU currency or other countries at the top of the page.
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Hi Roy. There are five duration options to choose from. We've re-ordered those and updated the name to avoid confusion.
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Regardless of whether it's US$ or AUS$, the current state of the GBP£ following the EU Brexit vote and the governments' subsequent dithering makes any overseas purchase an expensive proposition. However I think the exchange rate against the AUS$ was marginally better so this will make it slightly more expensive for UK purchasers...
I must agree with Vern - the current USD exchange rate is quite a bit worse than the AUD exchange rate over here in the UK.


Just been looking at the new store. I selected GBP as the currency and it changed the item prices ok. However when I changed to a different page the item prices reverted to USD although it still showed GBP at the top of the page. The only way to get it to show GBP again was to change to a different currency and then change it back to GBP.


'tis OK.

Where is your mobile (ios, android, whatever) test drive screen?

That's your market of the future, give them something to play with so they can buy it.
Think about a truncated version of trainz trouble or something.
Where is your mobile (ios, android, whatever) test drive screen?

My first viewing of the new store was on my Windows 10 mobile phone - and it worked very well. Scrolling, both vertically and horizontally (through the image galleries) was a single thumb operation.

This is good news, now I can make easier purchases now using USA currency and now I can use master gift cards now while on the older store I could not thanks tony.
I like the new store, easy to use, clear & simple.
I liked it so much, I bought the 1920's Flying Scotsman for my ECML ................ (then I found out why it was so cheap) .............
............. Who is Nigel Greezlee ??????????????