MyTrains and Simulator Central...?


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This probably isn't the correct place to post this, but it may be a good place to start.

I'm having problems recovering and changing passwords. Do these forums, Simulator Central, and MyTrainz (Planet Auran) all require separate, distinct passwords? They seem to be interconnected, or at least they imply that way, but that's now what I'm encountering over here!

Has anyone else had problems with these disparate, dysfunctional co-dependent web sites?

Thanks in advance.
Ive come back after mostly an absence, for Tane, and noticed the same thing. Not being able to access the download station, poor integration with their different web sites. Ive entered a ticket, ill see if they have an answer.
You need to set your password on Simulator Central then use the same password on MyTrainz (Planet Auran).

I found this out the hard way.

Is there a lag for this? I tried using the same password/userid on both, but MyTrainz wasn't listening. I'm wondering if the data train is late...

Still, I'll give it a try. And jbanetman, let us know what your ticket results in. If anything.
Well, seems to be a run-around thing. Simulator Central says resetting pswrd there will get you into mytrainz and forums. Got onto Forums obviously, but still didnt work for mytrainz. Keeps insisting its the wrong pswrd. Jcitron, does it just take awhile, like several days? Ive been at this around 24 hours now. Havnt heard back from help desk yet.
You won't hear from the helpdesk until Monday, 9:00 Australia time, which is about 11:30 pm US Eastern Time Sunday. This shouldn't take 24 hours. Mine only took a few minutes.

Make sure you're not using symbols. The passwords have to be all alpha-numeric. I found this out the hard way.

Ok, Ill try again. I at first tried a good pswrd with a ? symbol. Do you think that messed it up at first? anyway, ill enter a simple password and try.
Just tried again, changing to a simple password. Still can only access the forums, simulator central does bring up my store account tho. Hmm, guess I just have to wait for Monday, unless anyone has other suggestions. Thanks anyway, Jcitron.
just reporting back, kept trying resetting my pswrd, still no luck. Each time, simulatorcentral lets me into my account there, but not onto mytrainz. Since this is relatively new(mytrainz), and i was inactive, do I need to re-register?
just reporting back, kept trying resetting my pswrd, still no luck. Each time, simulatorcentral lets me into my account there, but not onto mytrainz. Since this is relatively new(mytrainz), and i was inactive, do I need to re-register?
My Trainz is the same username and password as you use for Trainz and the forum.
Tried deleting cookies? or even clearing the DNS Cache?

Not got any odd non alpha numeric characters in your password? longshot but I believe one of the sites doesn't accept them.
I did have a ? in pswrd first time, but have reset many multiple times now. I tried the suggestion to set the pswrd on forum first, still no luck on mytrainz. Ill try clearing cookies.
I figured out the problem, and its not what all who tried to help, thought. MyTrainz didn't work right with Chrome, which is what I like to use. I remembered that before I left trainz for awhile, I had to use Internet Explorer to access the downloads.
Was annoying then, and still is. I don't LIKE IE, and many people don't. So if having trouble with their sites, try Internet Explorer for N3Vs websites. Thank you guys for trying to help.
Ah Browsers, I use Firefox, that works OK with everything. Don't / won't use IE for anything if I can help it.
Never thought it could be a browser issue in all this either!

But now that you mentioned it, it has given me a flashback. While at my last job at Oracle just before I retired, we had to use IE for specific applications but could use Firefox for others. This was due to ActiveX support which was required for the Siebel application engine in the CRM On Demand interface. Even though Firefox worked fine for all other applications, Chrome and Opera would have hissy fits and crash when attempting access to certain applications as well. This made supporting people difficult because they'd install their browser of choice and we'd have to undo their mess.

Yep, probably why companies will standardize on specific desktop configuration on a rollout. "No unauthorized changes". Ive done IT support too, and visited users desks.
thanks clam, for mentioning firefox should work too, I might download it and see. (pardon a little net speak) IE FTW!! , er, no, no, and again no.
Firefox is my browser of choice, at least on a desktop machine. I can access Simulator Central and the forums, but not MyTrains (or by extension the download station). But are you folks saying that if I wait until 11:30 my time (about 45 minutes from this writing), someone at the help desk can help me untangle this mess?

This has been a puzzlement.