Help needed wit strange download problem


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The problem is related to a Godaddy site which is one of the two sites used for hosting Trainzone.

I find that if I try to download any CDP hosted on the Godaddy site '", the file is delivered to me as a text file. Mike Sutton whose site it is, can download the same files correctly from NZ. Builderbob, like me an Aussi, found the same problem that I did.

I found that I could download CDP files successfully from the Trainzone alternate site It appears that in some way this may be 'country' related. To add to the puzzle, I could download the file correctly with direct access via Mike's account.

I have checked this on two machines so it is unlikely to be computer related and as Builderbob found the same problem it is not modem related.

I ask for people to trial download a CDP via Trainzone. Select any one from the 42" Narrow Gauge Locomotive section and report the result. Hopefully this will determine where the problem lies. If anyone has suggestions where I should look I would be most grateful. This address will show the problem if it exists.

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The last link (queensland_railways_b12.cdp) is ok apart from a couple of missing dependencies.

I should elaborate. I just clicked the link you provided and Chrome instantly asked for a download location. The download only took about a second or two. I then checked the file with PEV's ArchiveIndex tool which said it had six assets so I then committed into TS12 with no problems.
Hi Peter,
Tried the links for you in Explorer12 not working get the mumbo jumbo - it may be a Microsoft explorer issue!! Seeing as how pcas1986 says it works with Google Chrome.

The fact that you had a CDP file to run shows that the problem we are trying to solve is not affecting downloaders in Australia.

You just reminded me, it could be Internet Explorer, I can't remember which one it is but I updated it a couple of days ago. I still have Firefox, I will try that, but not tonight, too tired.

Thanks for checking.

Call off the hounds.

There is very strong evidence that the problem is caused by Explorer, possibly my settings, which I will dig into tomorrow. For the moment please ignore my request.

Thanks, Paul, you pushed me onto the right path.

The curious thing is that a couple of months back it was Chrome that was giving me grief with downloads. I do have a Chrome addon (paid) that usually handles large downloads but in this instance it appeared to be handled by the normal Chrome downloader.

When Chrome was playing up I used to switch to IE.
It is definitely IE11 that is causing this problem. I have been through the settings but found nothing that seemed as if it could be the cause.

I'll stick with IE for normal use and fire up Firefox if I want to do any CDP downloading. I had no problems downloading CE 1.2.

Nice to get that sorted. Thanks for posting.

Hi Peter,

You need to tell IE what to do with CDPs. I had to do the same previously with Firefox and Chrome. If you don't do this, it will assume that it's a text file and try to open it up in the browse which will give you smiley faces and stuff that's unreadable.

If you want to use IE for CDPs, you need to tell the system to open them with Content Manager instead.

Since IE is so integrated (yuck) with Windows, you can do this outside the browser.

press Shift and Right-mouse button click on a CDP and choose Open With..

Choose the application to open a CDP with. You will need to browse where your Trainz TS12 is installed and go to the /bin folder. Content Manager is located there.

Now when you download a CDP via IE, it will know not to open the file, but instead download it.


Thanks for this. It appears that IE11 is ignoring the OpenWith setting. I followed the sequence you suggested and found that the OpenWith setting was already set for Auran which it has been for many years. Firefox will behave itself and use OpenWith but not IE.

There is still one thing I need to check so more later.

To anyone who is interested, IE11 does not appear to be aware of any 'OpenWith" settings. This may be related to the web site you are visiting. If you have difficulty downloading CDP files, load Firefox and use that.