Asset removed from the Download Station

As to why route builders add payware in their route, well aside from the obvious because the item looks good or is better than other options, the route creator might have it installed in their version of Trainz and not remember it was payware when they included it in their route. So it's not always malicious intent to make things difficult, it just happens, like when previous freeware becomes payware for whatever reason. It's all part of the game
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Don't worry too much about Avery Drexel. Post the assets because they may be in Season Town or something else TUME worked on. You might buy A&D and find you are still missing assets.
That happened to me. RoysTrainz is another one. He took his site down and now his routes are only available through N3V, so you can't merge them together. The payware routes on his old site you probably could merge them, but his site is gone. I have download free routes that have RoysTrainz assets in them that can't be found anywhere, even kuid index can't find them. They are probably in his payware routes by N3V. I guess you would have to buy them all to know which route has the assets. Or, you could do a delete missing assets to get rid of the missing assets warning.
It is possible, but not necessarily easy, to create routes without using any payware - just DLS and built-in assets.

My method is to run two installs of Trainz, one install is without any DLC or Payware assets. I do my development work on the main install which has a smallish selection of installed DLC. As a strict policy I do not have any assets on any of my Trainz installs from third party sites, and that includes assets from RoysTrainz and JR.

My current project has around 1,000 different assets - a mixture of Built-in, Installed from DLS, Modified (assets of my own creation) and Packaged. Packaged normally means that the asset has been installed from DLC payware but an earlier version may also be on the DLS as Freeware. I check each packaged assets to make sure that another version listed as "Installed from DLS, Obsolete" is also in my CM. The "Obsolete" simply means that the Packaged version has replaced it.

When I load the route into the DLC-free Trainz install it will list the "missing assets", the ones that are "Packaged", as "Available for Download". CM can then be directed to download and install all the DLS versions and use them instead of the Packaged versions. For example:-
  1. My development Trainz uses a Packaged asset <kuid2:63971:26000:1> VR goods shed. An earlier version, <kuid:63971:26000> VR goods shed, is also listed as available from the DLS.
  2. When I install the route on the DLC-free version of Trainz, and download and install the missing assets, in this case it will download and install <kuid:63971:26000> VR goods shed, it will show the route as having no missing dependencies.
But sometimes I slip up and use an asset that is Packaged but does not have a version available from the DLS. This will shows up in the DLC-free version as an "<unknown asset"> . Usually I get only one or two of these after making major additions to the route. In these cases I go back to the route on the development version of Trainz and identify what the asset is and where it is used. In all cases, so far at least, the solution has been as simple as swapping the miscreant assets for other assets that can be found on the DLS.

My "method in my madness" at least.
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Yeah, here are the deps:
This isnt all of them cuz I cant copy them all
Those assets with "82412" in the kuid codes (which is most of them) are from user tume and, in my system at least, are mostly packaged which means they are part of payware or DLC.
Everything on your list that I have looked at is in both Avery Drexel and Season Town Routes. That doesn't guarantee they all are, and not in one or the other. Best bet may be to get Avery Drexel and then see if you still need Season Town, but it looks like those who recommended Avery Drexel were spot on.
EDIT: I do notice that at least the last one, <kuid2:82412:8030142:1>, is only in Season Town, but it is also (as many are) in Eagle County V6. So you pays your money and takes your choice, or as I recall you are short on space and may just want to forego the route you are trying to get these for and look for other routes with fewer issues.
Those all came with TANE, just not with the base version. So they are not removed from the DLS but were never on the DLS to begin with.
That can happen when you have a basic Trainz version instead of Platinum. Thus, you will have missing assets that aren't available anywhere else. Same if you don't have all routes installed from previous Trainz versions, like when you move from TANE to 19 you have to manually download some routes from TANE that didn't move over to 19. And, some missing assets could be from N3V payware routes, like tume and RoysTrainz assets.