Slow download speeds from Content store

Has anyone else noticed an issue with download speeds from the Trainz Content Store recently? I'm not talking about downloading via "Manage Content" but the Content Store from the main menu.

I've done tones of reinstalls over the years and they always run at full pelt (240Mbps) but over the last couple of weeks they are sometimes really slow.

I've done all the usual (router and PC reboot, speedtests etc.) and everything else internet related is working absolutely fine.

Sometimes I click to install one route and it starts downloading at half a meg a second. While that's plodding along slowly I click on another to download then that runs at full steam. That will download and install and the first one is still running slowly. Then after 10 minutes it will suddenly pick up speed again, then after a minute it will slow right back down.

If I continue to download others, sometimes they are fast and sometimes they are slow - so I'm convinced it's nothing to do with either my internet connection or ISP because the results are so random. Also doesn't matter about time of day.

This issue has only surfaced in the last couple of weeks.
I also have not been able to d/l anything. Receive messages of speed 0 d/l interupted. Have ran programme for over an hour. Must be Election Year:confused:
There are many causes of this. It was mentioned that N3V was planning on doing some server maintenance but backed out of it. This could be one of the issues they were going to address but haven't.

When I downloaded from the Content Store the other day, the speed was fine here.