Trying to download Trainz Content but I'm "restricted"


New member
Trying to download "" via every download option (for T:ANE/TRS22) but I'm met with "" why does it say restricted?
I've tried Chrome, Edge, and Opera GX, but none allow me to download any content and import it to either game.

Side note: I have an old .cdp folder from 04/04/2022 and every KUID file lost its original red and white .cdp file icon - it's just a blank icon now (if that matters).
Download it through the in-game Content Manager. Almost all browsers theses days no longer support the ftp protocol natively. If you want the cdp file for record/archival reasons, then you'll need a browser plug-in for the ftp to work.
Restricted is just a directory on the ftp directory tree. It has nothing to do with your account status. But follow PerRock's advice, it really is easier.