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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Lightbulb Overheated CPU / E/W Route in a Foggy evening/ Iceland Heated Pool

    Good Evening all,

    Summer is here, and its mighty hot. Fortunately only a few fires from Idiot folks launching Fireworks where they shouldn't have, on the good side, Police caught and arrested them for said crime. Going cost them some money for damages, and possibly time in Jail........

    Now for me, I was a bad Blue again, not on purpose,

    SO my confession to my friends goes like this, Mr's Blue was in our kitchen making some delightful Soup for Supper. and I was busy working on a Route. All of a sudden, I smelled a burning odor coming from what I thought was the kitchen, but in fact was coming from my Laptop. I checked my temps real quick and found my CPU was overheating.

    So I shut down my Laptop post haste, and did some real Computer Detective work?

    And the results, I had my battery power recharging settings improperly done for the amount of CPU Overclocking needed and GPU workload.. In addition, I also found out, that too much Turf and Clutter, more on the Turf density in some particular Routes, caused the Rendering to overwhelm the Fans.

    So how do we get thru this issue.

    !st thing I did, was take an air hose and blow out what I also suspected was 1.5 years of Dust in the Fan and CPU airways! And there was a bit of Dust......

    Next thing, and I have known about this for a while, I have used the same ole Cooling Pad for 3 sets of Laptop's it is probably north of 10 years old, and I should be ashamed of myself for not getting a more powerful model with enhanced cooling characteristics. And I found one on Amazon and ordered said item, I happily await it's arrival.

    I figure I did some damage to the CPU in overheating it, and probably shortening the Mean Time Between Failure Hours........So now it becomes incumbent upon me to take better care of my Laptop, and more aware of the operating temps when running Trainz. I believe I have heard other Trainz members having overheating and Crash to desktops with the newer Versions of Trainz running Graphically heavy loaded Routes. So in retrospect here, I have learned some valuable experience. And hope not to repeat an overheating problem again....I also did one quick thing, I dropped my CPU from Overclock Setting to Normal Mode, and that made a 10 Degree difference of Operating Temperature.

    Now that we got thru this quagmire, lets goto Trainz pics for tonight. We are on the E/West Route and have some Passenger Traffic in the early evening. And we are checking our gauges to make sure Speed and Operating Pressures are proper.

    Town is coming up soon, and our Stop is nearby, we'll drop our speed from 50 to 25MPH.

    It's dusk as we pass thru the power station area.

    Headed out into to Rural area with Toolie Fog fast approaching from the Marshlands.

    Fog is getting so thick, you can hardly see the Lone Train Light in thick fogginess. Werewolf's anyone.....LOL

    Some Espee Power coming thru slightly earlier in the evening to move some Car's to our Shippers.

    And now for the Finale, take a look at a most unusual Pound, heated by Geothermal Forces I believe in Iceland, If I could create this Pond scene that would be so Cool.......Well time will only tell, and maybe I will try, as for the Colors, hmmm, not sure about that.

    Hope you enjoyed my story and pics for tonight, and yes, it is truth be told.....Thanks all, take care, be as well as you can be during these difficult times.......God Bless......Peace..

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    A blessed Sunday day to all,

    Well it's been a very hot week here in California, now that we are Summertime, and it looks to be extra hot for maybe a couple of weeks, from East Coast to the West.......

    https://www.cnn.com/us/live-news/hea...019/index.html So beware of the Heat Wave, hydrate.....

    Me and Mr's Blue have been busy like crazy trying to mulch all our Plant Beds to reduce our Water Usage and get everything ship shape. And my foot is improving with help of Icing treatment and KT Tape.......I am also learning I need to be careful how much I stretch my Ankle in awkward positions when doing Gardening Chores.

    Now over to Trains:Watched some really good Videos

    https://youtu.be/7TJPmkcPer8 The Gettysburg railroad explosion 25 years later.

    https://youtu.be/vCYUDECyzAQ Switching with a Santa Fe Geep in 2020.

    When you see Videos like this one, about Abandoned Trains left around the world, it hard to fathom there is this much left to Rust in who knows where........The bright side, some of them get reserected to live a second life.

    https://youtu.be/OhvitW6kUSU 15 Most Incredible Abandoned Trains In The World!

    This week I bought new Coal Country Route upgrade for Trainz TRS-19. Didn't get a chance to play with it yet, hope maybe in a day to two I get a chance. Remembering the first Coal Country Route for TANE New Era, I had a great time with it. Scratchy know hows to build them........Thank you sir, for the upgrade.

    I forgot to mention, I got my new Cooling Pad for Laptop

    TopMate C5 12-15.6 inch Gaming Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad, 5 Quiet Fans and LCD Screen, 5 Heights Adjustment, 2 USB Port and Blue LED Light.

    It has made a huge difference, however even with this new Cooling Fan, Routes with heavy amounts of Turfx do not bode well for, get this, not my GPU, but my CPU starts to overheat.......So now I have to be careful of when I come across Routes like this.....

    Now lets see what we have for Pictures:

    Tonight will follow Amtrak on early morning run thru my Potash Plant area Etc.

    Decided to try putting some Communications Antennas up on the hill top.

    Just outside downtown we pass by the New Roundhouse facility with Machine shop too. Keep our locomotives well serviced, except for major repairs which get handled much, much further distance from here.

    Coming around Storage Lake Property about 25 MPH, we are in a large turnaround loop, which will takes return trip back thru downtown.

    When I was creating this part of the Route, it took me while figure what kind of bridge would work for me. This one did the trick.

    And over here, we have overflow area where Storm Water can fill this large storage area and not flood out our lower elevation downtown area.

    Another view of Dwontown at a distance as morning Sunlight approaches.

    We've completed the outside loop and headed to our next station Stop ahead.

    Later in the day, if you look in upper right corner, you'll see the Potash Buildings in the distance and a few Skyscrapers in Downtown area, as another Amtrak comes thru to pick up the morning Travelers headed to work........Cup of Coffee or a Donut anyone........

    I think it is time to go, thanks for dropping in..........

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    Exclamation One of my friends needs a hand........

    Hello Folks,

    If there is anyone that can help the Bob out with this, please lend a hand if you can.......?

    This is way above my pay grade of things I can do.............

    Thanks and stay safe and healthy out there...............Peace be with you all.......

    Quote Originally Posted by MSGSapper View Post
    If any scripting gurus are monitoring this thread please see my post asking for help at:




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    Good Friday to all,

    Looks like our Covid-19 numbers are in a very bad way here in California, and I truly hope it turns around? Will see in 2-3 weeks.

    Now for my heating problems with Laptop, in doing thorough research on why it appears my Laptop is running warmer than it ever has. It appears, I could have a Fan going bad, or it is partially clogged, or something else going on....

    A teardown is in order here, and I was able to find some good I Fix it and other Videos detailing known cooling issus and other things with Game Laptops. Found out I could drop my Battery Threshold in response to CPU performance by about 2-5% by using advance power options settings. That is helping me some, along with a much better Cooling Pad. I'm not overheating like I did @ 76-90 Celsius.

    So within the next couple of weeks an entervention and Teardown will hopefully give me a clearer picture. I'll report my findings once I open up the case and see what is going on.

    Youtube items I watched:


    The BIGGEST *private* 5” Gauge railway in the UK!

    I thought I had seen it all? Tracks coming across Airport landing area.


    15 Most Amazing Railway Tracks In The World

    And I would enjoy having this RR's Paint Scheme........Lake State Railway


    Tonight will go over New England merge:

    This area is the last of the Merge parts, we are checking the new connection points and Signaling, and a couple more track changes and we should be good for this section. Added a long spur on the mainline between to heavy Industrial areas, one is Mining, the other Farm support with lots of Grain
    shipments Etc.

    Picking up a Rake of Empties to Shunt into Farm Silo areas today.

    Couple up to the back of our Train and Caboose will be off the Flour and Grain Facilities just a few miles and mins away from where this point.

    I have a pretty wide open area here for now, thinking about adding some Trees, not to much, and maybe some small Shrubs or Splines......Some of other areas on this Route have some heavily forested areas, so I don't want to over do it for Graphic loads......

    Side view as we head out with F Units, ABBA Lash-up.......And they work well for our needs. Yes they are old, and they are paid for, and they well maintained......But someday, will need to trade them in for larger and higher Horsepower Units, in either 4 or 6 Axle arrangement. But for today these will do.

    Other area will service tomorrow is lots of Raw Ore Gons from our sizable Mine operation.

    Beyond that we have large Flour Mill on the other side of these Hills we need to service too, takes 3-4 Train crews to handle the volume, and I hear our Mining area is going to expand more too....All good business for the Railroad.

    Down further South, this our local Yard plus a Logging Terminal for our Forestry services....

    Overhead shot of our Lumber and Logging areas......

    It's getting late, bewitching midnight hour soon approaches as Tomorrow there is lots more Gardening to accomplish. We almost got everything weeded out, replaced etc as we try to catch up on some neglected areas of property.....Never a dull moment.......

    Take care all, have a great weekend....Thanks for coming by.......Peace

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    Glad to read you old friend ; very careful with the covid.


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    Lightbulb Milwaukee Beer and some Video Links to share.

    Good Morning all,

    I have been busy trying to fix some items around the house that needed my attention, as well, trying to finish our yard project with Mr's Blue.

    And I decided I needed to clear out all my old Computer stuff, consolidate a host of old parts, I should be ashamed of myself for holding for a decade. (Actually I was working a job that kept me busy for 8-12 hrs some days......The funny thing is, now that I am retired, I think I am busier some days than when I was working.....LOL.......The honey do list has only gotten longer, or have I slowed down?

    Here are some Video links:


    LEGO 10277 Crocodile Locomotive revealed https://www.brickfanatics.com/lego-1...tive-revealed/



    ================================================== ===================
    Tonight's picks are in reference to the
    https://www.american-rails.com/milw.html and this for the Beer Route.



    So I downloaded some small Beer Line Routes and merged them into another group of Routes. This is an overhead of the Beer line Route and 2 smaller routes We'll take parts of each which are different author's creations. And will see how it all ends up......For the moment I working on other Routes, to complete some changes I wanted..Time will tell when I get over to this one.....WIP delayed for now.


    This is the largest section of the Three Beer Line Routes and where I will add the other 2 small Routes when I figure how the second and third jigsaw parts will fit. Mystery of how I will accomplish this awaits.

    Just a open portion of new Mainline Connections from Beer line into my Merge with small Hills to separate the 2 Routes for effect.

    I lone switcher is going through a large switching puzzle to check our Signals and Switch operations....

    Track Overhead Map, of larger Beer Line, with limited Buildings in place.....

    Smaller 3 Tile Layout style Beer line Route

    And the smallest Route of 3 is 2 Tile....

    And that'll do for now, tomorrow I have lots to do. So I am off and running.

    Stay safe out there........Can't wait till things get back to a little bit more normal....
    Thanks for dropping by.

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    Lightbulb You Tube and some Routes downloaded this week.

    Good Friday Evening all,

    Mercy me it has been hot this week, and a couple of Forest Fires or more to go with it. Fortunately our Firefighters were able to put out the Fires.

    You all recall I had some overheating problems with my laptop, and even though I took a can of air and cleared out the dust as best I could. After looking at the Video below, I will need to take my cover off carefully and remove 2 Fans, and check the Dust Vents, they are probably not quite clear. This is the only way to make 100% sure, all those little Dust Bunnies are gone......


    How To Clean Your Laptop (Solve Overheating Issues)ASUS ROG GL502VM | ROG - Republic Of Gamers

    The one thing I did do, was throttle my CPU down about 4%, cut back my Trainz settings slightly on Performance and it's not overheating at all.......So there's that for the moment.

    On to some Routes I downloaded earlier this week......

    <kuid:844571:100741> BNSF Seligman Sub
    <kuid:92924:100339> Datsun Junction
    <kuid:455032:106848> Effingham Electric RR
    <kuid2:63015:100019:1> Industrial Wasteland
    <kuid2:55290:100128:1> JPKWyomingCoal Tane SP2 v1
    <kuid2:55290:100618:1> NS SUB V3.0 TRS 2019 Update 1
    <kuid:515942:100324> NSWGR Semaphore Creek Branchline
    <kuid:515942:1567> NSWGR Humula to Melaney
    <kuid2:515942:100053:1> Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad
    <kuid:515942:100275> TRS 19 - Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad
    <kuid2:57443:20004:3> Oyster Bay Railroad v 1.2
    <kuid:64038:42008484> Pillsbury
    <kuid2:55290:180536:1> Southern Hills

    ================================================== ===========================================
    Here are some You Tube Videos I watched this week:

    Model Trains Layout with Thousands of Funny Details in HO Scale


    Effingham Railroad Unloading Vulcans 5-6-2011

    Decide to clear out some of my older Routes, and ran into these, some of which are Modules.

    One of these Routes, Oyster Bay is marvelous it so many nooks and cranny's to find. The most amazing is the small space it is made in.......Please check out this Route......Shows what Creativity in the right hands can accomplish.

    Here are some pictures I took of the Route.

    This is Track plan, some of the lines are not Track, but are Boat Paths in the Waterway:

    Make sure you check all the walls, there is a Multitude of items hanging up for display.....And there is even a Map too, if I recall correctly......Take a look at all the different Boats in the Harbor area.......

    Over here they had a bad Storm, and wild waters beat up the pilings holding the Rails, looks like we have a Pile Driver coming in for repairs. Might take a a while, but then quality work takes time? Right?

    Nice to see they Cones blocking the line so trains don't drive too far....Wouldn't be pretty if Freight or Cars ended up in the River.....

    Take a look at the wall on the other side, some very interesting items up on the wall, curious what some of them are, go into Surveyor Mode and use your Mouse Cursor to identify the Item of Curosity.

    Overhead shot here, watching your speed and the curves is a must on this Route, and there is lots of places to Shunt. From up here the view is spectacular to say the least.......

    What's this? A model train Control Board, wow the Author thought of everything!

    Long view here, can you see Light House on the other side.......

    I just heard a knock on the Closed Doors across the other side, wonder whose coming into the room to play with Oyster Model Train layout.

    I think that will do it........Have a good weekend, and stay safe, looks like we are in one heck of Battle with Covid-19.........Time will tell I guess if we get better and our numbers come down in California.

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    Good Wednesday all,

    Hope everyone is OK, as we continue the Covid-19 Battle. For me, I still working in healing my foot, and is improving, I just need to be careful how much ladder Climbing and digging, and all those other things you do to keep a Garden in good order.

    Now mentioned a while back, I was working on getting rid of legacy Computer Parts and cleaning up large collection of this and that Components etc, I'm proud to say the pile of nearly 27 year old antiques including an Old Apple Computer is on there way to the recycle yards. Their time has come, and I need to simplify all this stuff. Ironically, I had two older Desktops systems, one which kept giving me Bios issues. That I merged some parts and made one older Desktop Computer which is now working great. I do have one hard drive that is sketchy with errors, so it will get cloned and be on it's way to the Electronics Recycle.

    It has been a good week I think with said accomplishments.

    For You Tube:

    Railfan Rowan NS Pittsburgh Line Rail-fanning - Day 1 - Exploring Johnstown, PA - Altoona, PA


    Day 2 - NS Pittsburgh Line Rail-fanning - Gallitzin, Altoona, Juniata, Horseshoe Curve, PA

    This next Video was very hard to watch, when you do, listen to what Rail fan Danny Harmon has to say about another Large Rail Yard Closure in the name of Precision Railroading.....Grrrrrr!!I let you be the judge in how the Railroad Industry is changing for various reasons. Of which are great concern to me........

    https://www.youtube.com/results?sear...distant+signal https://www.youtube.com/user/distantsignal

    Jaw Tooth meets a new and upcoming Rail Fan

    Michigan Steam Trains At Dearborn Michigan, Riding Trains At Greenfield Village, Weiser Railroad

    Indiana & Ohio Railway, Lima & Deshler Trains Crossing Railroad Diamonds

    And a shout out goes to Member BTVFD for "Some ERSX stuff" he does outstanding Repaints, Re-skins and all kind of cool creative Assets for us.....Thank you Sir........We appreciate it!!

    And now over to Oyster Bay I downloaded a Dime a Dozen new Motive Power to replace our very aging Units who can break down anytime due to there old age, of which no one can fault. I didn't get a chance for Pics, but when I do, I will show the Power.

    Over at New England Merge, a little fun with the Sun.

    Looking just pass our Potash Plant, City Scape awaits the Passengers on Amtrak runs through this colorful back country area....Still a WIP more items to be added.

    And a view looking the other way out where our River ends for now.....I might add more tiles and Scenery later on this end! Just thinking out loud......Did a small Dam here to control Water flow when it rains hard in the Spring Time or we have lots of Snow Melt.

    Our Creamery Operation is ready for Supplies now, every is fresh, there'll be a lot of Carloads coming a going when this gets into full Swing. Dedicated Spur tracks act as feed points for this big Milk Plant Operation.

    And in the hills above the Creamery Plant, a couple of small Mines for Iron, Lime, and whole bunch of different Ores. Pretty sweet deal for the RR......Trains will come once or more a day to shunt loads as needed.

    On right side of Mining operation, Trains can top off their Full Tanks, they need too, Train Consists from Ore and Creamery will be heavy, and there are some canyons to climb between here and the larger City and Industrial areas of this Route.

    Just brought in a Rake of Empty Ore Cars for the Mine Stipples. Got our fuel, now will check with Yard manager too see what else we need to haul back up East end of this Route.

    Just past the Creamery Plant before our Mainline, we hit Y here, allowing us easy access to either Direction for Rail Car Yard......Dwarf signal is spot on here showing us Diverging Route. 10 MPH speed limit for safety..

    Here you see the small Yard and we can really pack in those Rail Cars too......Look to the tallest Building to the left, there is Y coming into the Yard area. Green Building just past the Y is Creamery operation. Over to lower left is Power Plant and to right heavy industrial area....Lots and Lots of Industry in this area....A lone C&O Loco is getting the last set of Cars lined up and ready to spot in nearby Industries on the Right here.....

    I had planned to get this out early this morning, but a little Honey Do List took priority , so now, I can't believe it, it is almost midnight.......Wow time flies when your having fun.......

    Take care all, and please stay safe out there.......Peace

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    657 New US deaths on 9/18/20, 0.01% rate is bad, 1% is atrocious, a death rate of 5-6% is catastrophically failing, wear a mask

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    Quote Originally Posted by MP242 View Post
    What did you do to your foot ? I myself am having the darnedest time getting a small diabetic leg blister to heal. Please take care, and get professional medical attention.

    Thanks for all the video links
    Thank you for your concern,

    I have what is called Plantar Faciitis, it is extreme inflammation of the Foot Tendons from Achilles Heal point, back of the heal up too and extending into the Toes at times.........



    Plantar fasciitis (PLAN-tur fas-e-I-tis) is one of the most common causes of heel pain. It involves inflammation of a thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot and connects your heel bone to your toes (plantar fascia).
    Plantar fasciitis commonly causes stabbing pain that usually occurs with your first steps in the morning. As you get up and move, the pain normally decreases, but it might return after long periods of standing or when you stand up after sitting.

    Plantar fasciitis is more common in runners. People who are overweight and those who wear shoes with inadequate support also have an increased risk of plantar fasciitis.

    Your plantar fascia is in the shape of a bowstring, supporting the arch of your foot and absorbing shock when you walk. If tension and stress on this bowstring become too great, small tears can occur in the fascia. Repeated stretching and tearing can irritate or inflame the fascia, although the cause remains unclear in many cases of plantar fasciitis

    ================================================== =============
    Now what I need to allude too, this started about 5 years ago, when I was working in Arizona, doing some very hard physical work. I had some serious pain in my Toes and part of my Heal. I thought it was just too much Week End Warrior, cleaning up a large plot of Land, that need digging out Trees, and various other Shrubs etc in very hard Desert Soil conditions. I of course just kept putting up the pain for weeks, and pushing on, taking some pain pills....What I did not know, was??? This was the beginning of Plantar Faciitis in the Foot Ligaments......And this happened a few more times over the years, however this year, it was the worst ever, with pain so bad, I couldn't hardly walk, so I spoke with a Doctor, and after exams, they confirmed it was Plantar Faciitus, I of course didn't come to the realization that what had occurred in the past when I was about 5 years younger was the beginnings of this painful almost Chronic issue.

    There is an old saying in the streets, what you don't know can hurt you.....In this case, I didn't know, and had never come across anyone with this issue. Other than some folks saying they had sore feet, which can just about mean anything........

    Use Cold Packs to relieve inflammation, and something Called KT Tape, like athletes use. This is just one of those things, I have to get thru, and I do watch what I do, and my foot is much better.....Problem is, I am close to 70, and the Body doesn't heal like it did in my 20's 30's etc..........

    Hope you can get your Ulcer healed up.........God Bless and look over you Sir......

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    Lightbulb Weddin Rte / Merging of NSW fictional Routes this week.

    Good Monday all,

    It has been a busy week, fixing and repairing some old items around the house. Now will start the week anew, and try and build a Wooden Garden Bench in an unused area of our yard. The problem here in lies, which type do I pick to build, and what type of wood for out door use? Plan on Staining it, not painting the wood, using some Marine Spar Varnish or similar.....Will see how it goes.

    As for the foot, it is coming around. I just have to be patient and respectful otherwise Pain will return......

    You Tube Videos I watched:


    THE PERFECT TRIPLE TRAIN MEET!! - Three NS Freight Trains Meet in Portage, PA


    Meeting of Two Giants


    DERAILMENT CAUGHT ON CAMERA!!! Railfaning Around Aylth, Calgary AB Summer 2018
    This has to be one expexsive Derailment for sure.......
    All Locomotives, and on a Puzzle of Switches.......


    World's Worst Railroad Track (2020)
    "This newly reformed railroad known as the Rock Island Railroad located in the Mississippi Delta has brought new life to this little short line railroad. Since the acquisition of the railroad in 2018 the line has gone through much needed maintenance although some bad areas can still be seen and operated."

    And this may be the same Rail Line 7 years earlier.....Makes one wonder how they keep these Tracks open........

    Over to Trainz: Downloaded some NSW Routes, merged them together and will see how it works out. The Routes are well done and very interesting, if you like NSW Routes take a look at these.

    <kuid:515942:1567> NSWGR Humula to Melaney
    This route is based on Jake's NSWGR Humula. It is a fictional NSW country branch line as found in many parts of NSW until the early 1970's. I have depicted the branch running off the main Sydney to Melbourne line running light passenger and freight to the mythical township of Melaney.

    <kuid:515942:100324> NSWGR Semaphore Creek Branch-line
    A mythical branch line leading off the main Sydney / Melbourne line, Semaphore Creek Branch-line runs through typical Southern NSW countryside.

    Tonight's pictures come from the famous Weddin Route, we have a little action at the Coal Side Loading Stipple arrangement......

    Picking up some Tender Load of Coal today.

    Now will head out and pick up a waiting freight of Empty Coal units headed back to the Mines for Reload.

    Loaded up and headed to the mines with Rake of Cars, as evening is approaching...

    Switch engine is giving a good push to some full Coal Cars going up the load our Bins.

    Good animation here as we unload the Ore Cars.

    Headed out to country now, Signals are clear sailing ahead for us....

    City and Rail Yards are behind us now.....

    A look from afar as we head into the night, hopefully before Midnight hour, will arrive at the mines....

    To now I close, and head to slumber, a good week to all, as I pray for us to get a handle on this Pandemic we face.........Peace.

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    Lightbulb E/W rte/ Misc items for discussion

    Good Day all,

    Looks like Summer is going on Broil for the next 3-4 days, and as we heat up to 110 Degrees, today a Forest Fire broke out in the deep Mountain Canyons, from our window, and 20 miles across, we can see the Bright Flames of the Fire as it burns up the Hill Side. Last week we had a fire in this same area and out in San Bernardino Forest area too.......

    You Tube Videos of interest I watched this last week:


    AWESOME Crew Brings DOUBLE HERITAGE Leaders Up the B Line!!
    Norfolk Southern 777 empty coal hoppers are led by the Nickle Plate Road and Lehigh Valley Heritage Units. Also aboard are some great crew members who make the most of their day by blowing and waving to us railfans!


    For the Garden RR enthusiasts.


    NS Office Car Special Train led by Penn Central Heritage Unit #1073


    And last but not least for the Steam Locomotives.....Check this out......Hope you enjoy.
    The debut of Rio Grande Southern, 4-6-0, #20! Freight and passenger runs.

    This is the first official revenue train, for the recently restored, Rio Grande Southern, #20. The locomotive is a coal burning, three foot gauge, 4-6-0 type locomotive built by Schenectady Locomotive Works in 1899 for the Florence and Cripple Creek. It was last run in 1951. This is one of Americas longest and most costly steam locomotive restorations taking over 14 years and costing over $1.5 million dollars. The locomotive is now home at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, Colorado where it will be steamed up on special occasions, and run on about 1/3 of a mile of circle track.

    The locomotive looked like it just came out of the factory this day. The locomotive performed very well with no issues to be seen or heard. Passenger trains were pulled first followed by some freight runs. Despite the steep 4% grade near the station, I did not see the locomotive slip wheels which is a real rarity for that location. For more information including photos click link here http://cs.trains.com/trn/b/staff/arch...

    For hours and location of the Colorado Railroad Museum click link here https://coloradorailroadmuseum.org

    ================================================== ======================================
    Will take a look at the E/W Line:

    We are grabbing some Diesel Fuel before we load up some heavy Ore Cars today.

    Got a reverse move into the Mining Camp up the hill. That little Sandwich shop across from the Tracks looks real tasty for Lunch....Need to call our Order in and pick it up later this afternoon...Num, Num!

    About a 2% grade here as we back up into the Fueling area

    It's a hot dry day in the Midwest Desert.

    Don't laugh, its paid for and these little Santa Fe's are old reliable's to us......Even the Engineer's seats still look decent from all the years of work these Loco's have done for us.

    This is our way out of the Canyon, and we better have good air and brakes otherwise will shoot across the Mainlines and into some buildings. However we have well qualified Enginners working these parts of the Line. I see a Clear Dwarf Light ahead.,,,,,,Dispatch has us lined up.

    Looks like the weather is in our favor today, as we look out our Window, and doing some Shunting moves.

    Do to weight and Grade here, we need 3 Engines to handle the weight and braking needs going downhill from the Mine Stipple.

    Here is the multi Ore Load, Red Iron, Sulfer and Silica....We have some good diversity here in Mining products.

    Good animation here as we load our Ore Cars up and get ready to head North to the processing plants.

    And that's a rap for today......Watch out for the heat in your area, Desert South West areas are going to cook this weekend.......

    Above all, prayers for the Covid-19 folks afflicted........Peace
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    Good day all,

    Well hope everyone is getting along OK with this awful Heat, looks like at least another 2 weeks of it. Our Friend, Mr High Pressure is parked nicely on 4 Corner State, Ca, Nev, AZ, UT. So we don't get a lot of breeze our way much.

    And our State, California just went into emergency too. Governor Newsom addresses California wildfires, West Coast heat wave affecting other States too.


    I have watched this week, our San Gabriel and other Mountain Ranges get fires, almost come under control, then the Heat index take off, and the Fires just explode into new areas.....Very sad....Pray for all Fire Fighters as this is ongoing in other parts of the US as well........

    And for the Stats conscious folk: This is a sobering recount of Fires, names of States, area coverage.........


    Now lets go over and have some fun on You Tube stuff I watched this week:

    LINDE The "Southern" on the Southern Railway Bridge - Norfolk Southern Heritage Unit #8099

    BNSF freight train on jointed rail with cream and green SD70 MAC's Deer Lodge.

    BNSF coal train at sunset Sedalia, Colorado

    Stobe The Hobo Freight Car! CSX Train Dedicated To Stobie & Continuous Welded Rail Train, Hamilton!

    Special Steam Engine & Caboose Move! Louisville Kentucky Train & Midway Kentucky Train On L&N Branch


    Trains Crossing Huge Trestle Over River! Chillicothe Ohio Trains, Norfolk Southern Mixed Freights
    Remember what I said about Tracks being removed, look at this once double mainline Branch Bridge a shadow of it's former self.....!

    ================================================== ===================================
    Over at the Merge Route, using some old SP power to shove a few rakes of Box Cars to our valuable Shipping Clients.

    C&O trio Power pulling in our daily rake of cars.......Another few miles and they'll be in our Sort Yard downtown.

    And here we are coming in strong, better slow down or will pass right on thru.....LOL

    This is huge Storage and Transfer Building, takes about 50 cars every other day, sometimes daily when Markets demand.

    And here is one of those days we are switching some 75 carloads in/out of this facility. Originally I had single mainline with 2 Spurs leading into each side of the building. Later on, I needed to move Mainline over and add siding to handle all the shunting.

    My little Steam Loco is putting a strong foot on the Rail as it pulls a very heavy rake of Carloads.

    On the other end, we have our Caboose to protect the rear, I use Fred's, but I will also have my Caboose whenever, and wherever possible.

    Over here is a Cold Frozen Foods operation one of many on our line.....

    Yes that is correct, we still believe in keeping some Steam Power around.


    Behind The Scenes on a Steam Locomotive [4K]

    Time to say good night, stay well, be safe out there. And thank you for dropping in today.

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    Lightbulb Time to think/ You Tube/ 1950's Glory Years Valley Run

    Good Wednesday Evening all,

    I'm going to share a little life story that occurred these last two weeks. It all started when one of my in-laws has reached the age of 80 and diagnosed with Dementia and few other life threatening diseases.

    So the process began too find an assisted living place; once completed my in-law would have the appropriate care for them. Never easy when something like this develops, and the family has to deal with difficult job of helping a family member in need due to aging and health issues.

    Unfortunately another one of my in-laws who has been fighting Lung issue, possibly Cancer, ended up in the hospital with breathing issues, only to pass the next day. They had received some bad news about their lungs late last year, but we didn't expect them to pass so soon, and so unexpectedly.

    When these types of things occur over a short period of time, one tends to look at their own life, have I got all my papers in order so to speak. Reason being, when one of your family passes, do you know what their final burial wishes are? In the one who passed, not all the burial issues and other items were known. And it made it very uncomfortable for remaining family members to deal with.

    Definitely gives pause for serious thought.

    You Tube Views for this week:

    Train On Rusty East End! Not Many Trains Run This Far Out, Short Line Action, Ex N&W Coal Branch


    Ever like to have a close up view of your favorite train.....

    Train Passes Through Crowded Neighborhood! Houses Face Tracks Like Main Street, USA, Kentucky Trains


    And for those who like to build a layout in their backyard to Ride on, well this surely proves what can be done, when a well placed plan over a long time is well executed.

    The World's Largest Backyard Railroad?


    BNSF stack train Steilacoom, Washington 2008

    The old signals seen at the beginning of the video are quite rare. These were originally semaphore signals (which is why they are so high) and later converted to search light signals. The small silver box near the switch stand at 0:54 is a safety device and is also uncommon. It has a lever than when activated, locks the switch for a certain amount of time before it can be thrown. Filmed in 2008


    The last few days, I played with 1950's Route:

    <kuid:515942:101320> 1950's Glory Years USA - Valley Run Redux.1

    Author's Notes:This is a remake of 1950's Glory Years Valley Run previously released in TANE. The route has been completely revised and enhanced to take advantage of the features of TRS 19. I have also added a logging tramway and its associated industries and two sessions to further enhance the route. I would like to thank all of the content creators who kindly share their assets on the DLS for us to use. Please enjoy this freeware.

    Blues Notes: It is a grand Route, plenty of things to do, steep Grades in some places, you might need some Helpers here and there.......By all means, check it out. Some pictures to share tonight.

    Picking up some Steel Ore Loads here as we head out for delivery stops.

    Heading up to Freight Yards for sorting and shunting with a good head of Steam.

    What a nice looking old time car.

    One is resting, the other is pulling a heavy load of cars up the next hill ahead.

    Had to switch out to heavier duty Steam Engine here, grade is 3 to 4% here.

    The hour is late, so time now to say good night.

    We've arrived to drop off some Cars here, then continue on.

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    Lightbulb 1950;s Steam Run/ You Tube Pics

    Good evening all,

    IT has been a good week for me, my foot, particularly the heal portion, has finally after 3 months, healed now, with only minor discomfort of the Plantar Tendon. I have to say, I now really understand why Athletes and others wear KT Tape for Sports and other related injuries. Like a bad Sprain or fractured bone, etc, that is splinted too reduce extended movement of the injured area. KT Tape when applied correctly for the last month or so, made all the difference in the healing process, as well, I not a young pup, so I'm sure the resiliency of healing is much slower and more pronounced with Age Delay.

    So for your viewing pleasure:

    I found those who like Garden Railroad Projects, this would be interesting to do, if you have the area to make one......You'll need to locate the 2 before this one.


    New Junction: Building an 'O' gauge Garden Railway Part Three

    For any Rock Island Fans:

    Rock Island Rail with Ex CVR GP30 running Tutwiler to Clarksdale, MS 6/23/20


    Ever wonder what it is like to be an Engineer with RR

    Life As A Railroad Engineer. What it is like to work for a railroad.


    And seeing is believing, when you hear other members indicating years of Route development, this individual is doing the same, making something amazing to see and appreciate over a 25 yr Span....

    The World's Largest Backyard Railroad?



    ================================================== ===============
    I have been playing on 1950 Route:

    "This is a remake of 1950's Glory Years Valley Run previously released in TANE. The route has been completely revised and enhanced to take advantage of the features of TRS 19. I have also added a logging tramway and its associated industries and two sessions to further enhance the route. I would like to thank all of the content creators who kindly share their assets on the DLS for us to use. Please enjoy this freeware."

    This week I played with the Logging Tramway, the little Climax Loco, can do the job.......

    I found some more PRR period Rolling Stock to add to the Route.

    Will see some action pictures.

    This at the end of the Route, will head East with our loads. Nice looking River goes along next to the Rails.

    On e of our Freights is headed uphill on a large overland "Y" you don't want to derail on this height for sure.

    An inside look at one of our Steam Engines as we head to the county.

    Stop here for Papers, Coffee Restroom break.....It's a long haul till the next relief point.

    As is typical with anyone's Route, this bridge was transparent, and I just did a "Revert to Original" command, we now have solid Concrete to see instead of Ghost Bridge.

    We have our work orders, nice hot coffee, all is well.....

    Dispatch has the Route clear for a while, probably one Passenger train or two, will take the siding for them to pass.

    We make the Grade now, things will level for a bit, then downhill at the next turn and into the Yards for Sorting.

    In Yard Limits now, time to slow up a bit from 45 MPH to 20 MPH and then to 10 once inside the yard.

    Running up a 3.74% grade here with a good head of Steam........Weather is good for now, but I hear some storms will come in tomorrow.......We can use the Rain, pretty dry around here now. Don't need any forest fires to complicate things.....

    We made our trip in good time, were at the end of the line and will back in to break up our trainloads to various drop off points near this yard.

    Thanks for dropping in.........Hope everyone is doing OK with Pandemic......Peace and God Bless all of you.......
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