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Blues Screenshot Thread, occasional Tips & Ideas (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

I've been expanding HarborMaster (Phil Skene's Route) into a semi mountainous and Valley Floor elevation addition, using Dave Snows (thanks Dave) new Distribution Ctr's he released this week and running new Rails up to them, along with New Electrical, Etc, been working hard on Scenery and Plants, Disclaimer, I try to put the trees and Shrubs in,,,, so it looks somewhat natural?

Originally this area had was an Old Abandoned Industrial District, and since the HarborMaster Route has these naturally occuring in other sections of the Route, I thought a transition by razing the area into some Modern Warehouse Facilities might fill the bill. Brought in some landfill and raised the Center above part of the Valley Floor by 30' to give some definition.

Ive added probably about a dozen new Baseboards along different edges of the HarborMaster Route and can't believe how long it takes to Plant Shrubs n Trees in one Baseboard, I'm learning to Copy and Past areas where possible and that's if I don't come back and change it 6 times before I think it looks right to my untrained eye.........I still need to Add other misc Items as I get to it, so it's definitely a WIP, believe it or not I haven't run a test train up the Distr Ctr.....

Suggestions and Ideas are always welcome and thanks to the great Asset and Route builders in the community who have contributed so much, and allows me and others to create something using your ideas.

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Evening all, it was great Father's day, now it's late and tomorrow starts a new week...Hope you all had a nice day as well.

Ok, I tried to cheat on Mountain Scenory depth of feel, by that, I mean, I put very thin tall peaks at the edge of the BaseBoard, to conserve space for larger trackage when you look at it from side views it look's fake, and they look a high curtain very thin at the top, so I added another baseboard(s) behind the range, and stretched the range back using almost 2/3'w of the board......., so it looks more realistic, took quite a while, as it's hard for me to build this type scenery, as you can see it is unpainted where I added. I'll texture it tomorrow probably. I couldn't quite show it on the left here, but the I plan on putting in a small private airport or something larger, haven't quite decided yet. The building on Left is just thrown in there for now....

This shows a different view of the mountains, I might need to do some more modeling on them with a fresh set of eyes tomorrow? I also added a bunch of different Trees I found in my inventory. Also playing with Weed and Grass placement in small sections of track......Lots of you folks are amazing with how you make things looks so real life along the Rails.

Below, I i've added a Water Treatement Plant next to a large Steel Mill, I might move it to another Square if I don't like it here, as Im not quite sold on the idea it fits in ok here in the industrial section of the Harbor, you can see the Y trackage going to the mainline line on the left coming out of the downtown Harbor area, and some town buildings and businesses I added to the area against the mountains.

In this picture I added a Bridge overpass to protect the Dual Industry Rail Team Tracks the set between two large Distr Ctr Buildings (True Value and Sysco), This way the Semis coming and offloading don't interfere with Switch engine shunter moves, and there will be a lot of movement with this Industrial Park, as a dedicated 1-2 crews will handle daily Rail Car positioning to handle the large ctr. I might add more Storage Tracks too, once I start moving the cars around for consist assembly.

This view, you can see the new bridge, for Trucking Delivery's, I might shift it over to left a little more to make it so it doesn't obstruct the Building so much. Have to play with that and see how it looks...Simple to do......

Another view of the mountains here and some depth perception of the Industrail Park as it sits about 30' higher from the Harbor area which is mostly 0-5 feet sea level wise. Also able to see the High Voltage Transmission Towers I put in, and I still need to run them out to other parts of the harbor, but that's another day.
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And the last of Coal move and Lake Pictures, found some Structures I need to change and repostion for proper Clearance.

Rail Loads on the move to Port and other destinations.

Well we've made it thru the village and back side of the mountains, now we heading out over a long River Bridge. Dispatcher was good and held a few trains so our trip back to Ore Port will experience minimal delays.:)

Made it thru River Bridges, now we are stopped at one of small Industry yards awaiting clearance and possibly picking up empty/full loads for other destinations, you see a New Haven Consist stopped too, he's awaiting additional orders?? but it won't interfere with us, since our Coal empties need refilled and back up to the Coal Facilty where we started. But we be off shift by this evening, another Crew will finish our job up yard.

Traveling along the Riverfront

These loads are ready for pickup and headed out to port and other Industries for unloading etc.

Prior to this, Mainline and Switch legs nearby had some minor realignment for better higher rated speed limits from our favorite MOW Team, I got to hand it to them, they know how to straighten the kinks out, since increased freight will coming and going from the new Snow Valley Distribution Facility around the corner, you can't below how many Semi Tracks have been going thru this town with Raw material and parts for the new facility.

Snow Valley Distribution Center got some newly leased 44 Tonners, and nice batch of empties ready to shunt into the different Warehouses on the hill, New Crews have been assigned to the switchers and there job is to learn the most effecient way of getting these cars to right track and in a timely matter, our customers are getting impatient as they have got a lot of Inventory to move out to customers, and Trucking is 24 hrs a day, so this yard will be at least 2 crew shifts, if not 3 depending on volume, we have a lot more cars coming in this week out of main Rail yards upstate.

A lead foreman who is experienced with large Warehouse ops is also part of the new crew here, his job is make sure we don't have bottlenecks with supply and demand.

This is brand new business for the RR so we want to make sure it's a good experience for both Warehouse Owners and the Semi's Truck companies that work here to keep the supply change going.......

Timing is all. We also might find out if we'll need more storage and or team tracks built and possibly a more powerful Yard Switcher, maybe a Genset Tier3 ??? dependant on how much volume and velocity we experience as this new facility gets up to full speed. His job is also to meet with the companies weekly to insure load compliance for each customer.

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Shunting empties in Snow Valley Facility and New Lighting in Small interchange Yard

Well we took 24 empties and Shunted to most of the warehouses, however we still need more, Train Master says I got a bunch on there way from the yards and should have them after midnight tonight. I put an order in for 100 more Boxcars, sounds like a bunch, but we have a lot of product to move with these new Companies on site, and time is money.

Don't want one my Bosses coming to tell me I'm not doing good!

Our MOW Gang did a great job with the Contractor who laid the new rails in, everything works well so far, Building to Train clearances and Grade angles are decent, we do OK with Truck's coming thru, so far no close calls, we have 10MPG for Train and all Vehicle Traffic at this facility, as well we have hundreds of Trucks Daily, so it is one busy Transfer Yard, one accident can ruin everyone's day, including our Safety Record.

We r really pleased with the 44 Tonners, small, yes they are not very big, but they do quite well with first 24 Empty Boxcar String, however will see how it goes when they're loaded up for shipping. But at least these 44Tonner Power is very basic and reliable, I checked the maintenance record and they just got their 90 day service done. So far so good.

em Below is the day shot.....Yardmaster just got a hold of some new orange/yellow, parking lights, and we are trying them out versus the usual high intensity white light, make it easier on the older staff that works grave yard, who knows, but will test the lamps out and see what everyone thinks on 3rd shift?
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Making Mines and Waterways

Its been a while since I added pictures, been away on vacation and Sports stuff with Grand Kids, it's summer and time and you know how it goes. Time flies so fast.

Ok now down to business, Picture below is start of water way, I've made a depression, and raised the edges of this baseboard, so when I do add the rail line, I don't see a dropoff in Horizon view from the cab, I know I add more baseboards, but the problem I face is my laptop has limited Video Strength, due to the fact it's a builtin and can't be changed, however I did add (max out my memory) from 12 to 16Mbs, and changed out the depressingly slow 5200 HD to a fast Samsung SSD 1 Terabyte, OMG what a difference in startup and read/writes, night to day. Best thing I've ever done for a laptop. But in hind-site, and from reading about others purchases here, it seems Alienware Laptops do a better job for Graphics rendering in Games. But you'll spend more money for it too. So next time around, I will probably spend 2000$ or more for a gaming laptop.

Now you can see the adjoining baseboard, and in new area, I painted the water area a dark charcoal for now, can always change the color later if needed. no big deal. This is just ruffing it in, I show more of this area later and comment.

After reading some other msgs on Mines etc, I decided my route needed a mine for Coal and other minerals, so I added 3 more baseboards and dug out the area enough to put in Coal loader and and some single mines along the tracks. This is a partial top view of the mining area. Added a Diesel Fueling Depot next to coal loader, so the mines have plenty of Fuel for Construction and

If you look below on Last picture, you'll see homes above as the mines go underground into the mountain range behind, and won't affect the few houses above. And later on I will put a tunnel thru the back of the Coal loading facility, so after Coal is loaded in Hoppers. it will be able to travel out 2 underground main lines headed to Port Ships, and or other Coal delivery points that need Coal Supply, it will stream line the coal production, from backing in and hauling out, to running a string of empties down into and then out thru to the double track tunnels, circle around some high mountains, and come back into the HarborMaster area.
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New Construction all around on Mountain Division

(disclaimer, some of the mountains you see are not mine, they are from other folks layouts
i've merged together for personal use) Thanks to the many artists in Trainz, you work helps me learn to experiment with Scenary, it is truly art and supreme Talent combined.

I Been busy putting in more Tracks in the mining area, getting ready for lots of Ore and Supply delivery's Etc, Had to realign the tracks several times before I got it the way I wanted, took some time to configure Multi industry yards.

Comments and questions always welcome.

Blue Gondolas will be hauling Mineral Ore out other Green Dumpers will haul normal Coal too, dual operation.

This other mine in southern division has a dual track tunnel in the end Stipple loader, so now I drag my empties in, fill and continue on up through the back of snow capped mountain range, and into the HarborMaster Division, where I set out loads to local Stipples, and rest go to Export for shipping in pier. Very busy and profitable for the RR.

This rough picture unfinished new mountain Range I'm building out of the Mining Tunnels, it surfaces for a mile then goes through a second tunnel , seen below.

I just finished major Rail yard, where I'm using Dave Snow's new Tankers, they are so awesome, and ride perfectly, I had to make some longer storage tracks for the Tankers, and I'll need to make some new industrial leads for all the new products he has made for said Tankers......

Never a dull minute, and I'm loving it, really enjoy route building and modding it, just takes a ton of time, because I not natural with scenery, it never comes out the same, but that's ok, I try to learn something new each day.

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Islands in the Sun WIP (High Resolution Pictures)

Well I've been busy cleaning up Computers, (u know Spring Cleaning in Summer Time) Yard Work when it isn't over 100 Degrees, crazy hot, and now we have an out of control Wild Fire today......

Anyway, here are some new Pics, this is overhead of Snow Valley Distribution Center, adjoining Picture is HarborMaster part of Route merge, Snow Valley sits above and behind the North side of Harbor areas.

The next several pictures are the mountain range outside of the Harbor Master area, with lots of Ocean or Lake area, maybe they would call it a Wetlands area, I want to try out an Idea I had from some pictures I've seen along different Coast Lines.

It still an experiment in progress, as I jump from one to another areas, run test trains, get more perspective n feel, then go back, make small changes to the area. Also in this area, there is only one main line going thru, with passing track out of mining tunnels around behind the mountain range you see in background.

I might, not 100% sure, but might put in a small logging area just to left of the Mainline on Right, however, before I get to industrious, I need to do complete overview of my 5 merged layouts, and all the industries, to see I have a realistic balance of all industries? Speaking of Merging Layouts, I noticed I had several small areas where the tracks are torn or out of vertical alignment, no big deal, just the cost of doing business

In addition, Mountain and lowland areas are colored in for now, but I need Shrubs and Trees added sparingly, I don't want to take to much of Wetland Theme here I trying to portray.

That's it for tonight, wish you all a good weekend, don't forget to Hydrate.

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Lovette Mtn overview and changes

My apologies, I couldn't finish this tonight.

I'll fill the descriptions in tomorrow, hopefully, I had to due some cooking for family coming over tomorrow.

Well it's Sunday, and I wish all a blessed one.

I've learned a lesson about walking away and leaving unfinished work on the Thread, and it's ok, I'm more frustrated than mad, because what you don't know can hurt you! I had written some annotations to explain what is going on in each of the pictures, got called away to do some cooking and had this thread under edit, came back added a ton more story telling, thought all was well? Went to save and it told me I had to Log back in, had been timed out from 3hrs earlier. So I Logged in, but when I did, I went back to save, no go, Pictures everything gone. So now what I plan to do, is have a copy of my Text on Computer Desktop, till I make sure I've save the thread. I'll learn, boy is experience a tuff teacher sometimes for an old Coot like me. All I can do is Laugh......

Bear with me, as I have Family coming in a few hours, so I'll try to work on this a little thru the day, be good to see my Grand Kids, they are growing up so fast!

Picture below is Lovette Mtn (Aurora, Infrared Bobs Route) Recreation (Snow Birds and Mining, Diesel Service, Power Storage Spurs Etc) Our RR has good contracts internationally with Ore Shipping at the HarborMaster (Phil Skene's Route) one of 4-5 master Merges I've made over the last year, so we are ramping up our Mining areas for High Coal demand both up here and in Rail Link, Montana areas of the Route! Lovette Mtn, was single track in several areas with some Double mixed in.

Below is new Tunnel turn around loop, which establishes two things for the RR up here on 2-3% grades, I can turn Power, (Steam on occasion) and Consists direction using the tunnel, also it allows me flexibility to store ready to go Coal Drags out of the mining camp around the other side of the hill, double access tracks, and 2 Power stubs, have been added, for Local Shunter, and extra Power to act as Braking for the Heavy Coal and Ore Drags going down the hill to HarborMaster area loading Docks where large Ore Ships will be. We are contracted with several countries who buy the Ore from us and ship it back, as they do not have enough Natural Resources so they come to us as one of their suppliers.

I can't get this to update, I lost 3 paragraphs again...Sorry

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Building a new Passenger Stop in Lower Lovette Mtn

Recall earlier we had discussed about Mining Camp track extension on the Mountain, and my thoughts about whether to add the stop across from the mine, and make a Passenger Station addition to the existing Diesel and Freight combo???? One of thoughts in this, was the fact a lot of the residents and SnowBirds live down in a steep Canyon, and would have walk more than Drive up the main line way above on the Mountains. The other plan would to come thru a lower access canyon from another point of connection with our Mainline in the Valley area

So what is more prudent, make our resident's climb a steep grade up and down to pick up Passenger Train, and cut down traffic on small mountain Roads, or cut a new line, it's not that long, and make access a whole lot easier for for our residents?

In first picture, you have an overview of whole mountain and how the lines connect to Lovette Mtn area.

This is the upper deck area showing Diesel and Freight access, passenger station would be built at the end, on left side with a small Station end of the Stub Track. I didn't think this was a good solution.

Below you the large inns for Snow Birds and how steep the climb thru switch back trails to make it up to a new Passenger Station if that was the way we chose?

In this picture, you see a deep canyon, but much better situated for Rail access for a new Passenger Line, which come under the Rail Bridge overpass, directly to the Inn's and would be easy gradual access to new passenger station, granted we have some earth terraform and excavation for our new Passenger Station, and maybe a new Restaurant and small store too, this would be done in stages, and of course we would have a Town Meeting with the locals, to make sure they are in agreement with my visions are.

Ok, now you see some track in here at this point, because we did receive approval from Residents, they are enthusiastic about the plans. But more grading and excavation will come as the RR and Residents work together in partnership. This is the way I like to do business!!!

Below you see temp tracks going underneath the Rail Bridge and will terminate near the Inns on other side.

As for the Canyons, I might widen them a bit, as Drainage for Snow Melt, Summer Rain Storms all as to be thought out, we don't want our new line being washed out for lack of Proper Drainage.

We are following the line down into the valley as there are some surprises in store. That's right, we chose to make a Tunnel thru the mountains, rather than charging and doing even more excavation aesthetically ruining the beautiful hills. And the soil had minimum Rock to bore through, it was relatively easy with modern boreing machines, only took a couple of months to get thru, and we've already make our connections to Main on the other side. Job well done, on time and on budget, in addition, we did not charge the Residents for this construction, why you asks, well that huge Coal contract with the Shipping Co's will more than make up for the cost of this little line we put in. Our residents will benefit and so will the Railroad. That's it for tonight........
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Terraforming Techniques I use.

I thought I would discuss a little about how I do the Terra forms Etc as I build a route:

for me, I run lots of test trains, It sounds crazy, but I will actually have my Track floating in the air, or buried deep in the earth to see how my idea will work, I need to feel like my idea works, before I go thru all the Scenery cutting the Grids etc. I need to make sure I can cut the Rail for the correct curves, if it's too tight, and I find the Freights, even more so with Passenger consists, then I make the changes, or I just trash the idea, and move on to something else.

So below is top view of part of the area. The long Rail from left to right (top of picture) going into a Freight Yard from Lovette is the new Passenger Line.

This is closer in shot of the new line, and I didn't realize that Mainline where I connected too, just outside of a main Rail Yard, was the bypass line, so when Passenger Train comes and goes thru lower Valley, We do not go thru the Main Yard, but literately right outside of it, perfect for Passenger Service, and it wont mess with Freight Operations causing unnecessary and costly delays between Passenger and Freight services. The better way to form a partnership

This is new Passenger line (Extreme lower right of Picture) coming into Main Yard. The consist below is on approach to Main Yards ahead, so neither line affects the other, we have a smooth transition, now granted, I just realized I fibbed a little, these two main lines do merge together around the corner, bit with proper signaling and good dispatching, it will work.

Now here as well as Lovette Mtn side, we have a problem, don't we???? Bit of difference in elevation, and that has to do with the 5 merges and extra baseboards too tie scenery and tracks together.

Looking across the lower valley, you can see parts of Lovette Mountain Resorts far away and the problem of elevation changes when have to be mended up. On the right side, I have laid the Tunnel in for the new Passenger Line, and it shows, but this who area will get some Mountains, small streams etc, and widening of the Canyon, for Future Passenger Station, Restaurant, and possibly a small Food Store depending on space etc.

There is a highway on this side of the Valley that was cutoff when I did some Route Merges earlier, so I'll need to figure as to how far I won't to extend out?

You'll also notice some unusual looking Rock Outcasts, Outcroppings upper left of picture, it's a little project I'm tooling around with, and they will be out in bay, or Lake, not sure, I discuss this more later, and what my thoughts were with these Rock Outcroppings.

Here is the narrow canyon going to Lovette Resort area. area before the Blue Rail Bridge over crossing, will need to be dug out, to what extent, I don't know, its WIP, as I have a lot Test trains to run for new Signal and Switch placements.

One thing I need to cover here, which helps me a lot, I will set my track in exactly where I want it first, I don't care if its level, under water, underground, it makes no difference to me, What matters is I can make it point A to B, then I'll look it over, see if it works according to the initial Idea formulated in mind.

Next I set some initial elevation heights, and depths, to see if I can get a reasonable grade, not over 4%, even better, 2%, and great if it's 1%, with that in mind, I'll check my curves, it is important to me, that depending on what size equipment length running, it looks right with the Curves as well as the grades.

Learning to use the different tools in the menu, is plus, I don't know all the items, but I know quit a few, it's a learning curve, and we should never stop learning, I'm in my mid 60's, I know others here are older than me, and continue to produce amazing things for our community!

Once the Track looks right with Continuity, and elevation changes, I'll run several different type test trains, to see what needs changing, like missing a switch stand, needing more or less signals added, deleted, testing the aspects of the signals, no I'm no pro,,I just do my best to get them working reliably, I need to learn more on Signal aspects.

Once I put in hills, mountains etc, and make sure all the Grid is covered, problem if I don't and I've run across this before, when I swath color streaks in, and want them diluted for contrast, if I have base coated all the grid, I find I have problems with colorizing the Grid marks. So it's much easier if I use some blank nondescript color for that baseboard, and then final coloring comes out great.
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Mountain Building and Elevation fixes, matching those rough edges with new baseboards

Now back to Uneven Baseboard elevations do to Merges and other weird stuff Trainz exhibits?

See this msg thread:
Terraforming Techniques I use.

Now looking at these pics, I have added mountains, etc, using the smoothing Tool in Trainz

Example, Edit Route, Topology, Adjust Height button, then I slip down in menu, and alternate from Use Height (H) and smooth further with Plateau (P) what this allows me to say I have a Ridge where I need to raise level baseboard to match up to that hill or mountain, I continue the base heights, with (H) then smooth it out further with (P).

So in this picture, all the rough edges are translated to the new new (Grey colored baseboard) and already the Land Topography is shaping up, doesn't mean we are finished, but it sure looks a lot better?

Now on in this View, remember, we had the huge mountain ridge on the right, just chopped off at the edge, now look,
From picture above, here is the extended view showing the mountain change merging into the Lovette Rail Bridge, and meeting nicely with the next Group of Mountains, believe me, it took a good hour to fool around with the Throat area of the valley, so it looks more natural, I wanted the narrow cyn to open up as you enter Lodge area. I thin I succeeded with what I was envisioning.

Ok now tonight, or later, when I get back in here, I start working the ground level below the bridge and see how far I want to extend the main line in towards the Resort Lodges in the back Canyon?

This is view over canyon and valley, from Lovette Mountain side, and you can see the line way out there going into a Tunnel.

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:wave: Thank you Sir,

I do need to say, not all of this Scenery is mine, part of Merged layouts need thanks to Infrared Bob and Phil Skene's talents, and Montana Rail Link, I can't recall their name. Who have been great inspiration to me in what I'm trying to accomplish as well as Dave Snow's amazing modeling, and there's more, this is why I like this Forum so much, we have great Talent here, I'm forever grateful.

I recall my frustrations 2 yrs back when I started with Ipad Trainz Driver2, and what really helped was all of you and your stories, pictorials on how to, that is what really sold me on Trainz, the learning curve was tough then, I think I must have reinstalled Trainz2 3X times and lost layouts to file corruption, actually I almost gave up on Trainz Driver2 and Ipad Memory and Video issues (thank you Infrared Bob for helping me) as now I feel more confident, and happy to share my ideas.

Have a great day.
Rock Outcrops in Water/ Inaugral Canyon Run to Lovette Resort area

These Pics show first Passenger Run on Canyon Line bottom, and the one below is back corner showing unusual Rock Outcrops.

Reference below, what I have in mind is making a small lake with nice looking Rock outcroppings, the Rub if you will? Can I make them look like piercing pinnacles of Quartz etc, dazzling colors, life like, and surround them in Water, if I can do that, maybe it will look OK, if not???, it's back to the drawing board...

I did some small outcroppings on the HarborMaster side and it looked OK......I'll try and remember to post some pics of them for comparison.

Water Topic and Rock Outcrops here:Back on upper right side, I'll scoop out some more land, bowl like for good reflection of Water effects, and try to make that Rock Cropping look unusual? It's not a large area, nor do I think it needs to be, We see small ponds in different natural settings and it gives a surreal effect to areas nearby the tracks, its all in the Color arrangement. And I was just thinking, I have some large pre-made Granite Rocks I think, I might substitute too?

Below is first passenger Run with BR Duchess in Green Livery, cars are BR Stanier, also a helper Amtrak#398 FP40 Class, an oldy but a very reliable engine, I used to work in one. to protect the rear, and help on Grades, wanted to make sure I had enough power, and this is back in deal here, no turn around. (I do need to realign the Grade from other side of Tunnel to Bypass Track, it's 3-4%, I blew that one, I forget to recheck after setting this alignment side of the main.

Looking to Place Passenger Station (possibly Split into 2 Tracks Boarding??????I don't know what Type, Im open fpor suggestions if anyone has an idea????? to left side of Train, with small Food Store for now. I plan on moving a little bit of Ridge, below large Rail Bridge for clearance issues, small road maybe? out of the way for Foot Traffic and possibly small rail extension back into the Lodge area with Track. I'll play around with this tonight and see what I conjure up.

Discuss weird consist here:Used Leased Equipement, Amtrak Crew with FP40, #398, I'll see how the BR train works with extra power on this Grade?

Discuss Grid lines still showing and other thoughts here: Remember I talked about Grid lines showing up after Coloring in? Look to left over top of Passenger Car, and you can still see telltale Yellow (faint) but visible, and I had beautiful routes by others and found this too, it's easy to miss. So I need to make sure I get more Texture on it to cover it completely.

The Test run went without a hitch other than more signaling, some misc switches and Stub tracks for Storage Etc.
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Rock Outcrops in Water/Canyon releveling and realigment in Resort section

Here is a real life, as far as I know, Rock outcroppings, I like to make something closely resembling these out in the distance on the ocean. I Know It will be more cone shaped because of Grid Line constraints, but if I can pull it off it would be cool? Will see.

Here is the beginning of Spur to Lovette Mtn Resort area, you notice the Track style is different than the main, Im using 132LB Rusty style. i might change it later with Maintenance window?

Continuing, we head into the Tunnel to access Lovette Canyon on other side.

Pop out other side, I put a Signal as this Tunnel might be 1-2 long, now look at the massive Granite Mountain, I think it looks pretty awesome. Size does matter in this case.

Had to relevel the whole canyon floor, due to multi levels at Resort side in steep canyon walls, which is OK I just didn't realize it was to that extreme Snow Colors hide a lot. Now it isn't finished, I need to do a lot of Fill on Left side for Station and other small buildings.. I think I'll leave the right as a deep channel for Snow melt off, and drop some water trees over there?

:eek: I didn't quite take a good enough picture on other side of Rail Bridge, had to dig and fill a lot in the back so folks can jump on the rear cars of the train as well as the Station further down in the Canyon, I had to find the best level for the Track and not extend it too far into the Cyn.

I'm running 2.5% Grade elevation up from Cyn Floor, you can see on the left, It needs a lot of fill in with Soil, as I had to raise the Line up from the floor by 10 feet.:hehe: Before I do this build out, I'll run a few trains in to see if the Grade and Track Curves are ok for Passengers and Crew?

That's it for now, sorry for the mess below, I thought I would get further with it, but Reconstruction, reveling the ground around the houses etc, slowed things up.......Sound Familiar?
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