Trainz Plus Alpha #2 Release

So far so good

Hi there,

I tested and here's my feedback: It loaded more slowly at first and after I created the first board the same - it took an eternity for my board to appear. But after that everything returned to normal, I still play with different implementations of tunnels and elevations and I did not encounter any problems. Being u alpha version of the test of course there are limitations but so far so good. I'll come back if I have something to report, until another congratulations and wait for beta version lol. Many thanks!
Tried a HD conversion of a small route I work on for the last few weeks in Trs19 100240
Original on DLS by tr4me build 3.8, called agotthardipadv7.7
its 96 baseboards, conversion took only a few minutes with 80 errors due to texture limitations
from 10m grid 25.4mb to HD 123.3mb, so roughly 5x the size.

Another thing I found, ALL splines will show as blue lines on the map
I know splines are all kind track now, but its important to only see the "real" track
so only those splines with the tag "istrack 1" should show. (priority 2 = blue)
and preferable the splines with tag "isroad 1" in another color

I filled in the questioner now we have the correct link
but think its best to give an additional review

Very good:
-HD allows more detailed terrain
-Basic conversion works
-Rotate and scale textures are back
-Color overlay allows more variation with a limited set of base textures
-Added precision to put textures is great

Needs work:
-Digholes do work, but its still the 10x10meter
specially near tunnel entrances we need more precise
-Texture limitation potentially is a reason not to use it
a setting where 16 is the default and 64 max per baseboard maybe?
hard-limiting has always proven to be a poor choice in any software.

-New water sadly is not as good as the old
--not transparent
--comes everywhere on/under the baseboard (conversion even makes hidden water mountains)
--ends up in scrapbook assets
--has a user unfriendly "nerdy" effect layer approach
--the combination of coloring is not handy

-Any news on the DEM support?
-Filesize will be a serious handycap for medium and large size routes
both when sharing (cdp limit), and loading time
-Not handy we cannot use our trusted Surveyor 1 tools/interface

Please don't rush things, its a great step up for Trainz
but it needs to be usable for everyone in the end.
greetings GM
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a few things that could be improved/fixed

Smooth ground under selected - it would be nice if the size/width of the area from which we want to level the tern after the track/spline could be changed (for example, to be able to make an embankment under the track with a width of 1m or 5m).

Is it possible to set it somehow so that my spline height does not change? Example: I will stretch the catenary over the track. Then I decide to change the height of the terrain around/under the track and I would like to, ideally somehow bulk adjust to maintain the height of the spline when I put it there. Something like set the height according to the terrain and fix it. As it was in S1.0 "spline height".

For the water effect, how does the "bulk adjust" function work? I thought that if I clicked on the surface of the water with this tool, I would be able to move the whole area up or down, changing the height of, for example, the whole lake.
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after installing the last patch 121380, some of these stripes started making textures for me. They cannot be redrawn and the transition between panels is also visible when zoomed