TRS22 Retail - Release Candidates PC & Steam 122396, 122400 & 122407


### In Progress###
As we prepare the final stages of release for Trainz Plus HD Terrain, we have the TRS22 Retail Release Candidates now available on TRS22 Beta update stream and trs22beta Steam Beta.

Thank you to all those who have helped with Trainz Plus Beta testing. This build has Assertion Errors turned off.

Please report any bugs using this link:

Available Builds:
Trainz Store (PC Only):
TRS22 Retail: 122142 to 122396

For TRS22 Beta via the TRS22 Beta Stream
Requires build 122142 (PC). This is a minor patch 64 MiB to build 122396

Steam (TRS22 Retail)
Steam PC TRS22 Retail: 122400 (This is a 10.35 GB installation)
Steam Mac TRS22 Retail: 122407 (This is a 10.3 GB installation)

For Steam TRS22 Retail beta access, go to properties > Betas > Enter beta code “trs22externalbeta1” and click on Check Code. Then select trs22beta from the dropdown listing to update.

Stream Users: Due to new Shader options, you will be prompted with a fresh Trainz Performance Configuration.

IMPORTANT: Default settings have shifted down, old Ultra now is High, and old High is Medium

Key Features:

  • Increase in Maximum Draw Distance new limit of 22,000m
  • GPU Clutter Enabled (Windows only)
  • New User Interfaces
  • Compatibility Mode for HD Routes
  • Support for latest file format 5.3
  • Water Effect Layers include options for water color

Change log from 122142, 122138 & 122196 to 122396, 122400 & 122407
  • Bulk Replace Fix
  • Dighole improvements for HD Routes
  • Multiple MPS fixes to support HD Terrain
  • Rare Crash Fixes
  • GPU Clutter has been disabled for Mac

Change log from 119451 to 122142

  • Localisation Fixes
  • Paste and Undo Water Effect Layer Fix
  • Shadow Quality tweaks
  • MPS Support

  • TurfFX Effect Layer Fixes - Potential deadlock when exiting
  • Tweaks to Terrain Height draw - Improved updates to terrain in distance when roaming
  • Shader Precache - HD Routes should load correctly on first attempt
  • Fix to Cursor displaying red while in Surveyor

  • Removal of Main Shadow Resolution
    • Now based on Shadow Quality settings
  • Water Effect Layer
    • Option to set Water Effect Layer color can be found in the Advanced Options of the Effect Layer
    • Multiple Water Effect Layers can be used, each with their own assigned colour.
  • Implementation of GPU Clutter (Windows Only
  • New Driver Properties Windows
    • Track Path Display while Properties window open
    • Interface rework for Driver Properties
    • New Driver Mini Map
    • Active Driver now marked by a blue background
  • Support for 5.3 File format
  • Compatibility Mode for HD Routes
    • TRS22 Users will be able to Drive HD Routes
    • TRS22 Users will be able to perform non-ground edits for HD Routes (adding Track/Scenery Assets/Trainz/etc.)
    • TRS22 Users will be unable to perform ground edits on HD Routes (Trainz Plus feature only – Adjusting ground height or texture changes)
    • TRS22 Users will be able to covert HD routes to 5m to perform ground edits.

Effect Layers:

  • Implementation of GPU Clutter for smoother performance. (Windows Only)
  • Water effect layers now support water color changes

User Interface Changes:

  • New Driver Properties Window
  • New Driver Settings, Driver location, Player Assignment, Dispatch Status, Command status, Activity log
  • Active Loco will now appear blue background in Drivers Window
  • Active Driver marked by blue background on Driver Palette
  • Vehicle Properties Window updated with new properties as per Driver
  • Track Path Display when opening Driver Properties & valid destination
  • New Driver MiniMap (found in Driver Properties Window)
  • Industry commodities and processes now editable in Driver
    • Certain Industries only – Script dependant

Important Information:

  • HD Terrain is only editable in S20 (this is a Trainz Plus Only feature)
  • New User Interface Detail windows and logs
  • Due to recent shader and shadow changes, you will be prompted with a Trainz Performance Configuration after update.
  • There has been several changes made to the User Interface & Water Effects Layers and further details can be found here:
  • No TurfFX for Mac

Known Issues:

  • Water Effect layer does not work with colour from skybox, but instead has its own color options, now allowing for different water colors for each individual Water Effect Layer.
  • Legacy Water can not be applied in Surveyor Classic (This has been fixed for release)
  • Missing textures in a HD route may appear as blue
  • Driver Properties window not correctly updating (Work around: Close the properties window, and reopen)

** Please ensure you have a backup of your local data folder before using it with TRS22 Beta **
I find it interesting that no one has responded to this thread. I have updated my TRS22 and it appears to be in very good shape. Maybe since Surveyor 2.0 will never appear in TRS22, no one has any interest in testing it if they have access to Trainz Plus. Oh well, I will report any bugs I stumble on.
This update disabled the water paint feature completely? I cant paint water, only delete water on old routes. Also the game freezes on too many trains running.. I had this in a previous versions in about 2 hours of running sessions, but now it happens in like 30 mins into the session. The drivers are still at wrong end in reversing trains.
I have both Trainz retail and Trainz Plus installed, I have noticed alot of lag in surveyor in trainz 22 retail beta since the update. I also wasn't prompt for Trainz Performance Configuration. I was expecting surveyor 2.0 to be available in trainz 22 retail, Even though it's not my favorite interface, I have been going back and forth between retail and plus, learning the new interface. I can't find bulk asset update in surveyor 2.0. The new interface when clicking on trains and rolling stock is wonderful, with the exception of delay when opening the windows. I checked the build number, And i am in fact on 122396. I hope the RC full builds will become available. From scratch it takes about 5 updates to get to RC, And the first beta update is 9.7 GB. The current Patch installed with no problems, Accept what i have listed above. I have considered buying the steam version for testing, Now that i have 8tb of nvme storage.
The bulk asset update replace doesn't work with selected area, it replaces everything on the baseboard instead of just the selection.
I don't know the name of the widget so I included a picture.


As you can see, I completed the session with a score of 750 and 5 stars as seen in the upper right corner but the widget that opens in the middle of the screen only shows 749 and 4 stars. This happens in any session that uses this widget to show the score at the end.
The widget displayed in the picture that shows the score is called 'Rank session complete'.
The score requires the other rule which is called 'Rank session begin' - this shows the session score the upper left corner of the screen.

Thank you, I believe this is my favorite route of all your creations. It is just so enjoyable to operate on. I bought Midwestern Rail but I'm waiting for Charter to stop throttling my connection before I attempt the download. It appears the Rank session complete doesn't like something in TRS22. I see the same problem with the tutorial sessions.
You're welcome, and glad to hear you are enjoying the Midwestern Branch route.
Ah yes... Charter / Spectrum... they're fun providers to deal with. I had their internet just go out on me whenever it wanted to so I had to reboot the modem and router to get reconnected (sometimes rebooting it 12 times in a row). I was glad to get rid of them and go with Xfinity where I never had troubles with them from the paste 3 years.
Hope you are able to eventually download the route.

Looks like the new HD Update has now gone live for non-beta users. I just started Trainz Plus (non-beta version) and it launched the Online Patch to (I didn't note the build number) a 9.7 GB download. 22 minutes left to go. I will report back when it is completed and loads.

It is build 122411 (for PC Trainz+). ~30 minutes total download/install/DBR on a 50MB/sec connection. So far everything running smoothly. no delay for caching on startup.
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