Trainz Plus Alpha #2 Release

A problem with using the water layer.

One of the issues I have come across with the new water layer is that the layer you create applies to the whole route. Thus I created a river and used HD mode to form the banks of the river. The new small radius worked wonders and the final result was, for a first time go, quite pleasing. The issue I discovered was that if I lowered the ground anywhere on the route to below that for which the water layer is set, it filled with water! Thus it seems as if creating a water layer means you can't reduce the ground height below the water layer level. From Tony's initial notes to Alpha 2, HD mode is incompatible with legacy water. Now this will create a problem for those, like myself, who create some routes as model railways. If you sink the ground level to say -60 to create a floor well, it fills with water if you have created a water layer. This means you have to use large digholes to create an operating well (I have used both methods on different layouts). As I have discovered, importing a layout with the large digholes itself creates a problem when updated to HD mode - strips of ground appear between the digholes. I am not sure if there is a solution. It would be a real pity not to be able to use HD mode with the water level issue.
Water - Currently you need to set the water level below ground level (by selecting the water layer and using height down or set height). We will be improving this, but for now, it's a decent workaround. And note that the effect doesn't cost any extra in terms of performance no matter how much water is used.

Digholes - Currently no change to min size (but it's something on the To Review list). Experimenting with snapmode = 0 and snapgrid = 1 it appears you can move the dighole in much smaller increments, so that may be of benefit.
"strips of ground appear between the digholes." - sounds like a bug. We'll take a look thanks.
Many thanks Tony for this response. Overall I think S20 is a great leap forward, even though it's taking me time to relearn and adjust. Accept that not everything will be able to be done as in the past! Have already sent a picture of the dighole issue to the bug team with description of my experience.

Thanks again
Just a reminder that we're still waiting for more feedback on this build.

We've had 67% read their feedback email, 18% click on the link, and 60% of those few complete the form.

That means less than 10% of testers have completed the form. (Thanks heaps for your feedback - we've sent out a few emails for further clarification on issues you've described).

So, if you're not testing, please let us know. If you are testing, please let us know how you're getting on by completing the feedback form (link in your email).
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That's how it will be released on Steam, and we will test it) There is no access to the original Trainz 22, before it was at least possible to buy it in Steam 19 and then activate it in MyTrainz
Steam testing will come during the beta test phase. Also, this is Trainz Plus not TRS22.
As we discussed, there is no Alpha build for Mac, so I cannot test. I might be able to test under Crossover, but that can introduce other bugs and takes a performance hit.
Thank you for accepting me in the alpha testing program!

I look around and on many peoples' profiles I see the join date being 2006, 2007. Even though I only started playing Trainz in 2016, I would say I have quite of experience and dedication for the game. I would like to bring up the issue that I discovered while testing out the new hd terrain. In my opinion is a great feature but not being compatible with the old water and us being "forced" to use the new water that has no transparency and looks much worse than the previous one is no go. I even tried to get some work around such as using 5m baseboards near water areas, but that does not help at all as the transition from HD baseboards to classic ones is not smooth.

I am asking more people to give feedback on this issue as I consider it to be important and of high importance as most of us would choose to not use the new terrain until there will be a change.

Thank you!
I am asking more people to give feedback on this issue as I consider it to be important and of high importance as most of us would choose to not use the new terrain until there will be a change.

Thank you!

Hi, welcome to the party. Just a suggestion, Your feedback is welcome and valuable to the team at N3V. Keep giving it as much as possible.
Has the Trainz build nunmber changed recently?
Reason for asking is that on my main Trainz 22 Plus I have a route which has no problems with assets. However When I imported a copy of it to the Alpha version, I got a long list of assets which were faulty. So I deleted them and downloaded them again from the DLS. That did not help as they all seemed to show faulty again stating that they were using an obsolete build number. I find that odd since they are perfectly ok in the current main release.

Hello AntonyVW

No the build number did not change for the Trainz 2022+ 119450 that is the main install that I am using for my routes.

The other Build version is different as it is the Trainz 2022 Alpha for the new S2.0 testing and is a separate install.
Hope this answers your question.
It still says Trainz Railroad Simulator 2022 in the Launcher.​

True. Technically it is the "TRS22 launcher" then when you log in using a Trainz Plus account (and restart) it will show the Trainz Plus Logo and run Trainz Plus features.
Trainz Plus will always show as the latest Trainz release (currently TRS22) in the name of its TRSXX.exe file and in the Launcher menu bar but the Launcher graphic will have Trainz+
I have the same problem as AntonyVW. When I try to see what the error is, nothing shows up. I also tried a fresh install and it didn't help. These are mainly ST_RMM trees.

It would also be nice to add a direction indicator when I want to use Grade when creating terrain. I will set the angle, but I can't determine exactly what I need. If I could see the direction on the compass it would help to work with this tool more accurately. And if after using Grade I put it back with Ctrl+Z, the terrain does not return to its previous form.

Another thing, I miss the ability to change textures/objects/tracks all over the map with Bulk asset update/replace like it was in S1 version.
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