TRS22 Retail - PC & Steam (PC & Mac) 12242, 122138 & 121964


TRS22 Retail - PC & Steam (PC & Mac) 122142, 122138 & 121964

We have a new set of Beta builds for you this weekend. Thank you to all those who have currently tested Trainz Plus and TRS22 Beta. We have a series of builds and some will have MPS Support.

*** These builds DO NOT have prebuilt shaders! ***

This will cause the first launching of Trainz Plus/TRS22 will take significantly longer, as will the first viewing of any HD Terrain while the shaders are built on the first run. This is not a bug. Once the shaders have been built, it will no longer need to be rebuilt and Trainz will return to regular loading times.

  • Initial long load times
    • Main Menu
    • First Route loading
  • First HD Baseboards viewed (these will appear white/transparent) for several minutes

As usual, we encourage you to try things out with a fresh install first and then work towards more extensive testing using your unique installed content.

Please report any bugs using this link:

Available Builds:
Trainz Store (PC Only):
TRS22 Retail: 122066 to 122142

For TRS22 Beta via the TRS22 Beta Stream
Requires build 122066 (PC). This is a minor patch 60 MiB to build 122142

Steam (TRS22 Retail)
Steam PC TRS22 Retail: 122138
Steam Mac TRS22 Retail: 121964

For Steam TRS22 Retail beta access, go to properties > Betas > Enter beta code “trs22externalbeta1” and click on Check Code. Then select trs22beta from the dropdown listing to update.

Stream Users: Due to new Shader options, you will be prompted with a fresh Trainz Performance Configuration.

IMPORTANT: Default settings have shifted down, old Ultra now is High, and old High is Medium

Key Features:

  • Increase in Maximum Draw Distance new limit of 22,000m
  • GPU Clutter Enabled
  • New User Interfaces
  • Compatibility Mode for HD Routes
  • Support for latest file format 5.3
  • Water Effect Layers include options for water color

Change log from 122066 to 122142
  • Localisation Fixes
  • Paste and Undo Water Effect Layer Fix
  • Shadow Quality tweaks
  • MPS Support

Change log from 119451 to 122066
  • TurfFX Effect Layer Fixes - Potential deadlock when exiting
  • Tweaks to Terrain Height draw - Improved updates to terrain in distance when roaming
  • Shader Precache - HD Routes should load correctly on first attempt
  • Fix to Cursor displaying red while in Surveyor

  • Removal of Main Shadow Resolution
    • Now based on Shadow Quality settings
  • Water Effect Layer
    • Option to set Water Effect Layer color can be found in the Advanced Options of the Effect Layer
    • Multiple Water Effect Layers can be used, each with their own assigned colour.
  • Implementation of GPU Clutter
  • New Driver Properties Windows
    • Track Path Display while Properties window open
    • Interface rework for Driver Properties
    • New Driver Mini Map
    • Active Driver now marked by a blue background
  • Support for 5.3 File format
  • Compatibility Mode for HD Routes
    • TRS22 Users will be able to Drive HD Routes
    • TRS22 Users will be able to perform non-ground edits for HD Routes (adding Track/Scenery Assets/Trainz/etc.)
    • TRS22 Users will be unable to perform ground edits on HD Routes (Trainz Plus feature only – Adjusting ground height or texture changes)
    • TRS22 Users will be able to covert HD routes to 5m to perform ground edits.

Effect Layers:

  • Implementation of GPU Clutter for smoother performance.
  • Water effect layers now support water color changes

User Interface Changes:

  • New Driver Properties Window
  • New Driver Settings, Driver location, Player Assignment, Dispatch Status, Command status, Activity log
  • Active Loco will now appear blue background in Drivers Window
  • Active Driver marked by blue background on Driver Palette
  • Vehicle Properties Window updated with new properties as per Driver
  • Track Path Display when opening Driver Properties & valid destination
  • New Driver MiniMap (found in Driver Properties Window)
  • Industry commodities and processes now editable in Driver
    • Certain Industries only – Script dependant

Important Information:

  • HD Terrain is only editable in S20 (this is a Trainz Plus Only feature)
  • New User Interface Detail windows and logs
  • Due to recent shader and shadow changes, you will be prompted with a Trainz Performance Configuration after update.
  • There has been several changes made to the User Interface & Water Effects Layers and further details can be found here:
  • No TurfFX for Mac

Known Issues:

  • Assertion Errors are enabled for this build. Trainz will pause until Assertion Errors are closed. Users can select Continue and Ignore Errors. (Reporting when these occur with bugs will help with troubleshooting)
  • DLC packages will report a failure to download precache data. Clicking retry will ignore the error and proceed to complete installation
  • DLC Packages will report a precache assertion error during database rebuild. Select Continue and Ignore Errors
  • MPS is unsupported for Steam Mac Build 121964
  • Water Effect layer does not work with colour from skybox, but instead has its own color options, now allowing for different water colors for each individual Water Effect Layer.
  • Missing textures in a HD route may appear as blue
  • Potential Deadlock when using Bulk Replace
  • Driver Properties window not correctly updating
  • A Moiré shadow effect on certain textures at mid range LODs when using High & Ultra Shadow settings
  • Mac: Track Path Display can lead to a crash on exit

** Please ensure you have a backup of your local data folder before using it with TRS22 Beta **

Please follow mps-general-chat on the Trainz discord for MPS Beta status
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There is an issue with the drivers not changing sides when a train changes direction (AI or Manual), the driver stays in the cab of the first direction travelled at game start. While this doesn't really affect the operation its annoying when selecting the driver from the menu and you end up on the wrong side of the train.
Hi. n3v_laurence, That was a nice piece of information for modern PC grade Trainz.

Where could we get a similiar bit of information for TS3 iPad? The locomotives in TS3 seem to be some from TS2 and the remainder from PC grade units. TS2 had a nice start on collecting numerous locomotives. Some like the UP GETLs Veranda series with a proper fuel tanker and the ATSF RSD-15 in blue pinstripe are from Trains Forge and would be perfect for TS3.

Do we have to hope that Trains Forge or N3V or Pro Train or Jointed Rail or some individual would make these two items available to TS3 use. There are numerous “free” locomotives and cars available from several of these businesses. How can any of these be made available to TS3 train people. I am pretty sure that it is not only kids who play TS3. Many people travel and the price of top end iPADs most likely results in adults using TS3 also.

Thanks for any insight and information that you can provide.