Highland Valley Passenger Project: Day #1


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Today I begin the Highland Valley Passenger Project, or HVPP for short. This project serves the purpose of increasing the presence of passenger rail in and around the Highland Valley.

The test train that ran today was numbered Amtrak #6020. The locomotives that will be used for this and all future runs of the train are Amtrak #398 and #399. #398 was involved in a wreck in New York due to some tank cars being parked on the mainline(who even does that?).


Following this, #398 was moved to Greenwood for some light repair work. She was soon joined by 399 as the back engine for the train.

The first test run consisted of us going from Greenwood to Robbins and return. The consist was as follows: Amtrak #398 on the point, followed by 4 Superliners, and #399 bringing up the rear. The passengers were very eager to get on board, as the Highland Valley hadn't had any passenger train service since 1971.

At 10:00 sharp, we departed for Robbins. The pace was slow at first, but we eventually picked up to 30/40 mph, and just a few minutes later, we were at Robbins. So far the test run was proving successful.


But there was one small problem. You see, the Superliners were designed for low-level platforms. The Robbins station had a high-level one. So that meant to board or detrain, the passengers would have to walk over to the last 2 cars on the train. This only posed a small problem.

5 minutes later, the train departed in the other direction bound for Greenwood and arrived a few minutes later. The reception of the train so far had been positive. The first test run had been a success.



A few days later, the second test run commenced. In terms of passenger cars that could fit high as well as low-level platforms, we could've tried the Amfleets. But all of them were either on another train or in the shops being restored or repaired (irl, I didn't have them in the surveyor, and I couldn't download them from the content manager for some reason). Luckily, the railroad that owns the tracks in the region (BNSF) were happy to lend us some of their ex-ATSF cars that they restored beforehand for us.


On this test run, I decided to extend the route to Highland Valley. Robbins would be an intermediate stop on the train. Once 10:00 came, we set off once again to Robbins, stopped there for 5 minutes, and then proceeded towards Highland Valley.


On the way to Highland Valley, we passed Stormont. I was considering adding it to the project, however, it didn't seem to have much going for it, so I passed on it for now. But maybe I might consider adding it as a stop and expanding the little stop into a bustling town. What do you think?

After passing by Stormont we finally arrived in the Highland Valley.


We stopped there for 5 minutes before turning around for Greenwood. Overall, another successful test run.

The HVPP has been a success so far, and I'm considering expanding passenger service to other parts of this route as well. What do you think? I can't wait to hear your responses!
I'm glad you're enjoying this classic route and Trainz. The original author CeeBee would be pleased to see this but sadly he passed away a few years ago.