With Great Sorrow; aardvark1 , Ron Gutowski, has left us.


No Friend requests please
I received this E Mail today, and am very saddened to hear of Ron's passing. As requested, I am posting it here.


This is Chris Gutowski (Ron's son). As the title mentions, my father passed away on 1/28/12 due to infection and complete renal failure. Here is a link to his obituary: http://obits.dignitymemorial.com/di...c=2671&pid=155700530&mid=4976150&locale=en-US

My father spoke all of the time for his passion for Trains and the Trainz software package and forum. He absolutely loved this. I was just recently able to get into his email so I am sending emails to his contacts and put an auto responder for all new message. I'll be checking his account periodically but if you need to contact me for any reason, i can be reached at cgutowski at G mail dot com. I would ask you to post his passing in the forum as I know he would have wanted all his contacts to know. It's also OK to put my email as contact information in your forum post if you choose to do so.

Note that I have emailed a few others from the forum that have had similar concerns since he has not been active.

All of his health complications started on Christmas day. It was a very rough month for him until he passed away. He went peacefully.

I have a passion for trains as well so one day you might just see me in the forums.

-Chris Gutowski

Ron's family will be in my prayers.

The Trainz community has lost a major and longtime contributor. Ron's helpful posts and sense of humor will be missed.

His absence from the forums was indeed strange. Thanks, Ed, for passing on the news.


Zachary. :'(
Oh no that's terrible news, I had a great respect for Ron and his knowledge and help on these forums. Please pass on my condolences to Ron's family, he is going to be greatly missed.
This is saddening news. I had noticed his absence around lately as he was a prolific contributor to the forum and a great asset for the community. My prayers go out to his family. He will be greatly missed.

So sorry to hear about the passing of another known name from Trainz. What a terrible loss to his friends and family.

My heart goes out to them all!

My very best wishes

I have taken the liberty of sending a link to this thread via E Mail to Ron's son Chris, for whatever comfort our words can provide. I admit I am rather grief stricken right now, as I feel that Ron may have been a friend that I shared coffee and conversation with daily. It's difficult to anticipate the bond you'll make with someone, even never having met them in life. I didn't expect to be so profoundly saddened.
:'( Sorry to hear Ron has passed away, he was a great Trainzer.

He will be missed, Myself and famliy send our prays to his Famliy.

I had to pick up my jaw, but not in a good way. This is so sad.
I wish to pass on my condolences.
I had wondered what had become of him; this is truly saddening. He will be missed greatly by all of the members here. I can't say that I knew him very well, but still I hope he is welcomed on board the last train to heaven.
Ron was a good friend and frequent chatter in IRC as well as a friend amongst the testers back in the day. I am sorry to hear of his passing. My he RIP.
In Memory of Ron

It is sad to hear that Ron has left us. But god only takes the best when even if they are our closest friends or family, when death happens to someone dear it leaves our hearts behind with sadness and greif that we can never replace it will always be with us. May you be happy and free of suffering now in heaven, and someday may we all be together again when the time comes for us all. Rest in Peace. And my prayers and condolences go for the family. Ron you were a great man on the forums and a Trainz legend, you leave behind a great legacy on the forums and for your family. I also thank you for your service for our country and our freedoms.
It makes me cry just writing this and thinking about you, I wish I could have known you more.

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Sad news indeed. He shall be missed by all. He was a legend around here. He will be remembered. Prayers to his family. Rest in Peace.

Sorry to hear Ron has passed away, we had a very good time together in the old IRC-Chat time.
He will be missed, my prays to his Family.