White flicker of trees at hi-res/lo-res transition distance

NVIDIA is going to cause confusion for some because they issue "new" same cards by rebranding and rebadging different chipsets with old model numbers. This occurred with the 700-series, so if someone has the original 700-series, then they're left out.
I tried updating my drivers, I have a GeForce 1060 3 gb card, but it says that my drivers are up to date and the trees are still flickering white. Where can I find that newer driver? I tried looking on the official site, no luck. Replacing the trees in bulk takes too long on a 200+ mile route. And there are several different trees used. It might take over a half an hour for each bulk replace. And I can’t find suitable replacement trees. The sparkly trees have those abbreviated file names. And they only flicker white at a certain distance, not real far away and not real close up.
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From some of these posts and from those in other threads, I suspect that some users are checking for driver updates by using the Windows Update option in the Start Menu Settings control.

Or perhaps they are relying on third party software updaters or their computer manufacturers performance scanning and "tweaking" tools. I use the latter tool to keep my system drivers (e.g. Bluetooth, wireless, Intel devices, etc) up to date but for my video card drivers I only ever go straight to the source, Nvidia, for the updates.