Where are the old downloaded contents???


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Hello, I have a big problem. I have a good one year old notebook with 2 hard disks. Yesterday I formated the hard disk C and I installed Windows XP new ... Bevor that I deinstalled TrainZ 2007 from hard disk D (D:\programme\...) but

without deleting the downloadet contents!!!

After I installed windows XP new on hard disk c I installed new too TrainZ2007 on Hard Disk D - as bevor - on D:\programme\... also in the same folder bevor I deinstalled TrainZ.

But after I installed TrainZ 2007 new on D:\programme\... I cant find my old downloaded contents :'(

In the content manager I searched but I cant find the old downloaded contents :'(

And I have had a so beautyful lovly own TrainZ Word with dam and many self-changed industrys ... Where can I find it???

How can I find and integrate my old downloaded contents again in the new installed TrainZ 2007 ????? :sleep:

I`m shure that the old contents are still there on the hard disk D coz it`s many memory occupated. The old downloaded contents are still there and my self-maked lovly wonderful world too but

how can I find and integrate that again??? :sleep:

Pleace help me if you know a way to restore my old contents.

Thanks you very much. I hope that I can get a solution soon. If you speek German pleace answer me in German. But english is okay too.

Thanks you very much :)