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So I got the new K&L PRR K4 anniversary pack recently and I've been looking for routes that would be perfect to run them on. There are, unfortunatly, not a lot of PRR routes in trainz so I decided to try downloading Cape May County, a route that I first learned about back in 2014 after watching a review of it on YouTube. I didn't actually get it at the time since I was playing trainz on my ipad. Anyways, I tried looking the route up on google. Nothing popped up, except the review vid I watched when I was 11, two old discussion threads on the route, and that was it. So I tried the video which had the route linked in the description. Said link lead to one of these dead redirect website things, meaning that the website itself is dead. Shouldn't have been too surprised considering the route is over a decade old. So I tried the Wayback Machine and managed to find the website the route was on. Only problem: you have to be logged in to download and the page that comes after the register account screen seems to have not been achieved. At this point, Im not really sure what to do. I know the route has to exist somewhere out there so if anyone knows a way of obtaining the route, I'd love to know. Thanks!
Try here https://theswitchbacktrainz.com/

I like all the routes here and content is well done .



I actually did stumble upon that route earlier this week, and just started playing it last night (half of the dependences were uninstalled so I had spend a couple of days installing them). Its actually pretty good but I felt that it was too short. I guess I should've looked up how far Wildwood was from Wildwood Junction before playing it because I honestly thought it would be longer. Not that its bad for what it is. Personally I prefer routes that are longer. That's why I was interested in finding Cape May County, since it covers the same area but at a larger scale. Unless that route no longer exists (as in, any websites holding said route are lost to time meaning the route can no longer be downloaded -_-)
George Fisher made a much longer version based on the old TIGER maps and a Micro-DEM terrain. I can't remember if it's on the DLS or not, but I remember seeing it on a now defunct website - USLW. If those were the only source, then sadly the route is no longer.
Actually, it is downloadable from Wayback here: http://uslw.net/content/downloads/files/ I have not installed it to check whether it works or not.

That actually worked! Thank you so much. Even though it has close to 50 missing assets (I dont know if those missing assets are important or just nothing), Im still glad to finally have it. I have a feeling it might be broken as hell but I wouldn't be too surprised since its over 10 years old. Nothing a good old face lift will do XD

It just hit me that the link is the same one that a user posted to one of my ongoing threads on this site. Cape May County was literally within reach this entire time �� Live and learn I guess
Some of the missing assets may be there as well, it's hard to tell just going by KUIDs, but if you Google the KUIDs you may find old posts that lead you to them.