"Upload failed. Not logged in"


19 Years of Trainz
This is a really, really irritating message. It seems as if every time I am ready to upload a batch of content, I'm told this, despite having been "logged in" for hours. I must now completely exit Trainz and come back in, then open CM, then re-select everything I was uploading, and finally, get it up there. How do I keep getting un-logged in?

Is there a cure for this, or is this a bug 'being worked on?"

TS2019: 117009

Save to cdp and use the web uploader at MyTrainz, much more reliable and doesn't require CM to be logged in. Under Download Station, My Content.
Thanks, Malc.

That's a decent work-around, but shouldn't the basic problem be looked at? If a person is in the process of using CM to search, re-arrange, delete, or whatever to the database, shouldn't that require you to be logged in? In fact, the whole time the splash screen is present, you should be logged in to the ID server. Sometimes, not always, I can use the splash screen and log out, then log back in and I can then upload. Most times, however, it simply causes CM to be non-responsive and I have to kill it anyway.

It is annoying, more so when the progress bar nears the end of a meaty download it will then tell you that your upload has failed because 'you are not logged in'.
Why can't it tell you as soon you start that you are not logged in? :n:

You need to be logged in to use CM anyway :eek:

I'll give Malc's method a try, but you have to log in to My Trainz first! :hehe:.