Portals not operational in Trains Plus


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Hi experts!
I‘ve attempted to use a portal in Trains Plus (aka TRS22) on one of my routes. This failed…
So I set up a one board route with one track and one portal.
the consist would navigate to the portal, and enter it, delete the driver, then the program would hang - Ctrl-alt-del to exit.
this was the same for basic portal, portal 1 and portal basic H-P.
using the basic portal short, the consist stops at the entrance x then hangs the program.
Carrying out the same test in TS19 works ok.

Is there a fix - or is this just a new feature of TRS 22?
I’ll see if I can hunt out a bug report form - but given that the help desk doesn’t take anything other than purchase problems, I don’t hold out much hope there.

Portal and Central Portal Control rule work here but when I restart a saved session I have to reset CPC. (Edit Session, select and do the Reset ON THE CPC RULE only, then go to Driver.) Without the reset it doesn't emit when restarting a saved session. A look at all the Portal posts on the forums will show that various portals don't seem to work for some but works fine for others. It's an often discussed topic. Many are moving to InstantMove family of commands.
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Portals are a known problem in Trainz Plus. I'm not sure I've had a problem with them in TRS22. They seem to work fine for me.

I just tested in TRS22 PE and I set up your test scenario and they work fine when I save the session and quit surveyor and start the session in Driver. No crashes. Using the UDS to switch from Surveyor to Driver requires the steps 1611Mac listed to get the portal to work but still no crashes.
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@boleyd (Dick Boley) noticed something that might be related to this.

The short Portal Basic appears to have issues while the long Portal Basic don't have that issue.

Since I use the long Portal Basic assets, I haven't seen the issue but unfortunately, I haven't used the CPC rule in ages and can't comment on that. Even back in the olden days with TS12, I had difficulties getting that to work and it probably hasn't changed much since then.
Use the LONG PORTAL. It works 100% for me. The others are faulty and should be pulled from service. Thay were very unreliable for me as well.
Thanks to all for the comments.
I've re-tested the "tunnel portals" in TS19 - 2 portals, one to consume a train then send it to the second portal after a delay - works as expected. (kuid:-25:1264)
Same route, same portals in Trainz+ (TRS22) - consist enters portal entrance, driver is removed, then everything hangs with the loco still emitting smoke/exhaust...

I'm not using the central portal control - just to try to keep things simple!

If you using Trainz Plus with TLR enabled that might be what is causing the crash. Since TRS22 doesn't have TLR to enable that would explain why no crashes.
Latest update!

Fresh install of Trainz+ imported the CDP (the TS19 route with the 2 x kuid:-25:1264 set up to direct from one portal to another).

Runs as expected - with both TLR on and TLR off.

Obviously there's something different between the two installs.....


I used the database from one install for the other ( and vice versa).
The new data set works with both installs (TLR on/off)
The old data set doesn't

I guess one of the routes/sessions/rules isn't compatible...