UltraTexture Update Grass 04


I did not update this content with normal maps. Whomever did so, I did not give permission.
Also, why just one TBH?

Normal Maps and TS12 Lighting on Ground Textures do not mix and adds little if any positive effect.
All it does is add a skating rink effect depending upon viewing angle and sunrise-sunset.
The only proper way to resolve this is not in the manner the update has been fixed.
This is why thru version updates normal maps were removed.

I am very displeased to find my asset which I use extensively now operates in the manner I despise with TS12 Tile Lighting with Normal Maps.
Do not update UltraTextures with normal maps and I have asked for removal of the update. It has ill effected my routes and very displeased it was updated in a TS12 Version Number.

If someone wants to take the time and update my textures with normal maps and make sure there is no skating rink effect with utilization of variable alpha shading, I will give permission to one very knowledgeable trustworthy person to do so for TANE Version ONLY.
For anyone who downloads the update and experiences this lighting distraction, I apologize that you also do not like this ill effect of ground texture normal in TS12 even though I am not responsible for the update or had any knowledge thereof regarding the update.
mcguirel - just a thought here. Is it worth checking if N3V made the update as part of their uploading of TS12 builtins to the DLS for T:ANE users?

A ticket has been opened and as I mentioned if this was For TANE, then why not be 3.8 Version.
Hopefully you will get a response fairly quickly, although I've seen a few other updates that are not build 3.8/3.9 either.

Not to offend you but simply because I am curious:

If you know how to update them and possibly "fix" them for TANE, why not do so yourself?
People that have older games can still use the older version, but this way you stay in control of the looks of the asset.

Especially if it just is one or a hand full of items, it might be less time consuming than the whole Helpdesk process.
You did not offend. The reason why I have not is the effort to do so on those semi-decent resolution textures is something I do not desire to complete. I have been making my own content and it is not on the DLS anymore for various reasons as a result of community communication towards me. I provided the tutorial samples as a means for those who do want to make seasonal, properly incorporated bump/maps, and high resolution ground textures WITHOUT the "ice rink glare effect" then they now know what the diffuse map, bump map, and bump map alpha should look like. The time involved to do all of this is much more than I desire to invest on my old content and the time invested in the sample of the tutorial is much more than just a five minute read.
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