NEW Update! New versions BNSF Grade Xing's updates and how to use Custom Invisible Roads


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New update. 06/15/24
I am getting them done, still have a lot more to do. Patched a lot of issues- reflections, clean Bell sounds, Train track in the Plate has no more flickering.

I am disappointed do to the fact that the Coronas look really poor shinning through their enclosure Hats.
I have tried everything possible to patch this issue, but to no avail can it be done so far.

All my invisible roads are set at the default for right or left hand drive.
Go into your edit route in your loaded Map settings, and change it to what ever you need for the right hand, or the left hand drive.
I did the UK setting as a test, and all of the Carz started driving on the left hand side,
Of course I want the right hand side for my US map, so I set it back to the US.

These are the correct invisible roads for the 2 Lane Roads.

<kuid2:95230:100745:2> Jons Invisible Road,35mph NT
<kuid:95230:103482> Jons Invisible Spawner 2way TR,35mph
There are many mph options available.

These are the correct invisible roads for the 4 Lane Roads.
<kuid2:95230:101665:1> Jons Oneway Invisible 2L Pass Road 45mph NT
<kuid2:95230:101554:1> Jons Oneway invisible 2L PS Generator TR,45mph
Again there are many mph options available.

I have set up the invisible road Spline points in the CR Type Grade Xings to save you a lot of work in placing them in a tedious manor.
2 Lane Grade Xings Set the Xing height to 0.10, and the roads to -0.10 to see the whole center plate, can be set to a higher setting, but keep the Xing and the road at a matching number.
To get the a realistic bump at the entry, and exit, put a spline point on each side of the Center Plate as close to the center as possible with out bending them, keep the line as straight as possible, and lower them just until the Purple invisible road line disappears, and then raise it just enough to see it again. It may take a few splines to get the effect, but it does work.

Here is an Update to let the Community know that I am still working on the BNSF Grade Xings.
I will be doing New versions again, as I was not satisfied with the Crossing Plates.
I need to remove the reflections on them, and make a road color to match the Maddy'25s Roads better.
Also best to use the Rails Only at the Crossings for a cleaner Track to Road look.
I am still adjusting the Grade Xings invisible roads to help with the Carz not going through the Gates when they open.

I am adding more spline points to the Crossing itself to automatically create the Car hump to lessen the tedious work of placing the invisible roads. The Carz will better clear the Gates when they start to move, there will be a distance Gap from the Gate to do this, but adding a crosswalk will make it look better.

I can not stop the Coronas to stop bleeding through the Lamp Hats, as this is a Trainz 3D issue that has been poor since Trainz 2004.
I wish that the Dev Team would patch this issue.
All in all I am very much into making these assets look and work perfectly as possible.

It will take me several days to get all of the BNSF Grade Xings done and up to the DLS, but it will get done.
A few of them are already on the DLS in less than 24 hours.

I will be uploading many of the BNSF assorted Grade Xings to the DLS in the next few days or so.
A big Thank You to 'Christopher824' for updating the Script files for the proper operations.
And Thank You to many other Trainz members for their help in making these Grade Xings work perfectly!
They are listed in the Description, and readme files. Hopefully the next Trainz Update will not break them again.

Due to the later Trainz environmental Lighting issues, I have also gone through, and updated all of the textures with a bit of slight reflections that helps them to look more Photo Real.

I forgot to add to this that I also set the Xing textures at the Emissive Color of 12 so they are not very dark at night.
They look good with the Street Lamps close to them creating the illusion of point lighting.
No more flickering Track Rail gap in the middle of the Crossing Plate,

I will make a set of one type for the Invisible Custom Roads.
The Username will have a CR listed in them. CR=Custom Invisible Road type grounded
Maddy25's no Traffic Roads NT in the Username.
The CR Type will use my Custom Jons invisible Roads from the DLS for the simulated Car hump over the center Plate.
The Vehicle Tires will not sink into the Pavement.

The second set will be listed with no CR in the Username, standard Grade Xings.
Use these for the Maddy25's Roads TR=Traffic Generating Roads.
If you do them correctly the Center Xing Plates will look good, and the Grade Xings will work realistically.
The none CR Type will use my Maddy25's 2 Lane Roads Jons L2 DL1-Si+Sh,45mph TR from the DLS, no invisible roads will be used in this type. No simulated Car hump over the center Plate. The Vehicle Tires will sink into the center Plate Pavement, I can not fix this due to the 3d file limitations. But I am going to do a alternate 2 Lane type with the CR Options for the simulated Car hump over the center Plate.

This how to is also included in the BNSF Grade Xing's Folder Crossing instructions readmes.
How to for the Invisible Custom Roads

This is only needed for the 2 Lane Grade Xings due to the center spline point attachment.
The 4 lane Grade Xings are not an issue as the Center spline attachment is for the 4 lane Road and the Jons Oneway Invisible 2L Pass Road 35mph NT or whatever mph you need. Works perfectly and you still can create that hump bump effect.


Always draw the invisible road line in the opposite direction of the traffic flow for the correct results.
For the Crossing Plates I needed to adjust the center road attachment to 0 in the Xing .im file so the carz would not sink into the Plate.

You can use my invisible Roads for the 2 lane Crossings. I have several of the Maddy25 assorted mph speeds on the DLS.
Connect a 35mph nt= no traffic to the Grade Xing so the carz will slow down a bit for the crossover of the Crossing.
Then connect a Jons Oneway invisible 2L PS Generator mph of your needs to the Maddy25's 2 lane Roads nt= no traffic to complete the Traffic flow.

Use my Maddy25's - Jons L4 DL2-Si+Sh,45mph NT 2 lane Roads nt= no traffic for the Crossing do not connect to the Crossing just draw the road over it and adjust the road height or the xing height to expose the xing plate as desired.
The no traffic invisible roads will allow the Carz to go through the Xing, and also stop when there is a Train present.
All of the Maddy25's Roads are on the DLS by the name of Jons L1, L2, L3, L4, L6, and also under the name of Jons 2L, 3L, 4L.

You can create a slight hump bump with the invisible road multiple splines close together to create the effect of the Carz hump bump over the Xing Plate. Tedious but looks realistically good when done.
All info is in the Crossing instructions folder.
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You are Welcome.
Thank You for the reply. A lot of work was needed to get the textures to look more photo real. But fun to do.
I also corrected the flashing Lamps with their correct lenses. I am amazed that I have gotten 4,486 downloads just on the <KUID:95230:102179> BNSF50 WCH Red LED Corona and it was just a rough creation to match the default off ones, maybe I will make more of these in Green, Yellow and orange for other uses, and better LED symmetry alignment.

The reason the Grade Xings where a flat white in color is due to the fact the Trainz did not have the environmental quality back in the Trs2006.
Reflection materials where also not available back then.

In my area here in Colorado I looked at the Grade Xings closely and a lot of them are all Chromed Plated.
I am thinking of doing a few of them Chromed Plated, as I did with the Crossing Bell Safetran Hybrid.
Thank you again for all of the replies.
Over the years that I have known Jon; I have known him to be very picky about assets looking very real. He has done all the LLT assets in the “Lewis & Logman” route for me and they look great. There is a total of 332 of his assets on the route and 63 in the session. When he gets into an asset update, they all get updated not just a few, lol. Thanks, Jon, for all your work and great assets.

P.S. I have replaced all the grade crossings with the new ones.